Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

by XB on 30th May 2012

in Xperia S

Xperia S versus Galaxy S IIISamsung released its new Android flagship today in the UK, the Galaxy S III. The handset comes with a 4.8-inch display and quad-core processor. If you’re interested in knowing how it stacks up against the Sony Xperia S, then check out the comparison pictures below courtesy of PhoneArena.

In all honesty, we expected the Galaxy S III to be a lot bigger than the Xperia S considering it has a 4.8-inch display versus the 4.3-inch display of the Xperia S. The Galaxy S III also looks thinner than the Xperia S which has a monolithic design. Our vote overall would still for the Xperia S, the Galaxy S III looks too bland in our eyes. Which design do you prefer?

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Xperia S sized up against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Via PhoneArena.

  • abbas

    are u kidding? compare ugly s3 with pretty xperia s?

  • the Xperia S looks better from all angles

  • g109

    I just see xperia display superiority. The sIII form factor is totally anonymous.

  • Ambroos

    The Galaxy S3 just looks like a white blob compared to the Xperia S. It doesn’t stand out. On the software side it’s even worse.

  • SE

    When compared to the Galaxy S III, the Xperia S looks like a boring old brick. I’m really sorry to say that since I’ve been a fan of Sony (Ericsson) designs for a long time, but the Xperia S is one of the worst looking high-end handsets on the market. The Galaxy S III, however, looks like a sleek, futuristic device, especially the blue one.

    Unfortunately, Sony isn’t the king of design anymore.

  • My vote will go to the iconic design of the XS, but with a bigger thin edges screen.

    also get rid of the blacks around the screen.

  • reptile64

    Galaxy… pfff.. OLD refurbished design! It reminds me of:
    1. Galaxy Nexus
    2. Galaxy Mini
    3. Dove Soap
    4. Samsung Corby
    The back of the device is makin me puke!
    Sony is the only company that stands out from the crowd for sure, the design of the latest Xperia series reminds me of the 2012 Bravia TVs “shiny brick monolithic design” which is MODERN and I find it cool!

  • M Usman

    are you blind mate? Xperia S one of the worst looking?? haha you must be kidding. appreciate your opinion but seriously. your wrong

  • The Xperia S is really a piece of art. Doesn’t beat the arc, but it’s still among the best looking android phones ever.
    The S3 is just meh. More slender and feminine than its predecessor, but that’s a con in my book.

  • Rick

    The SIII is not ugly, it’s even worser! The S looks better from each side, even the screen looks sharper…

  • lasttodie


  • You guys are kidding yourselves. Yes the aesthetic of the Xperia is better, but managing to cram a 4.8 screen into the same footprint as the Xperia’s 4.3 inch screen just shows how far behind Sony is.

    Also, the s3’s camera is far superior. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge Sony fan, but they need to start doing a lot better

  • Xperia Mini owner.

    Yes, S3 design is pretty ugly, even compared to S2. S2 had class, this looks like low-end phone like Galaxy Mini or Corby.

    Software-side, Samsung interface is still pretty ugly compared to Xperia.

  • What the Samsung Company see: Galaxy S3 = New phone with Futuristic design.
    What I see: Galaxy s3 = Big Galaxy Y with upgraded specs.

  • Jumpered

    S3 better camera??? U joking?? Ive tryed the s3 in the store today and actualy in details in picture xperia s beats s3 quite easily, and all the hype about htc one x also, ok i love the burst mode but the quality of the pictures is a joke compared to xperia s, just my thoughts:)


    yeap Xperia S is way better looking that the s3, and lets not talk about the GX jajaja, to me ss did a wrong move with this phone

  • 2.5. LG Optimus One. ‘specially the back.

  • S3 Sucks

    Did you guys know….that the S3 can be used as a chopping board? Oh! I thought it was a chopping board!

    XPERIA S! I really really like you! But I’m in love with my xperia mini pro! :)

  • rafi

    When sony xps n galaxy attach together it look like a slide phone…. hhaha .. xps better…

  • The s3 is think only gets away with the same size even with a bigger screen due to a smaller bezel on the screen. But I hate the lines of the s3. Just too curved. Also, why is thinner better. I think there is a point where you can get too thin. I just find the Xperia S is better looking, and the most original. Yeah the strip is a bit of a gimmick but it is at least a break from the norm i.e. black slabs and iphone wannbees.

  • Actually, I find the shape of all the s3 and all the parts to bit a bit childish.

    To make a design analogy;

    The Enterprise from Next Gen series, and the Enterprise in the later Next Gen films. The former was more family friendly, softer curves, while the latter was imposing and sophisticated.

    In some ways the Xperia S builds upon (not rip off) the same design cues as the iphone 4s.

  • razec

    Wake up man, look closely at PhoneArena’s camera comparison, Xperia S’s still image quality clearly outperforms GSIII, I used to share the same opinion with you until I saw those comparison. in fact even Pixon12’s camera quality makes GSIII’s outdated camera looked like it came from stone age.

  • DragonClaw

    Compare the messaging and call icons of the two phones and you know which phone is better.
    In camera XS outperforms.
    In display XS outperforms
    in Design the XS outperforms.

    In processor siii wins. But who cares. The xs never lags. But still, you want a really fast processor? Wait for the gx. It looks even better than the xs. Cool? :-D

  • dude, we’re talking about aesthetics here, okay I get your point about the bigger screen but does Xperia Ion ring the bell?

  • hahaha, SE you must be a corby owner. cause SIII looks like a grown up corby for me

  • daniel

    Samsung s3 more better interm of spec but the design?? Hurmm.. i think samsung need to think outside the box to come out with a fresh design concept..

  • razec

    Believe it or not the white GSIII looks very much like Sony Ericsson txt Pro, That’s what we call a high end phone looking like a cheap low-end phone while Xperia U and Sola are mid range phones that looks top of the line

  • Basharca

    Beauty and the ugly beast and of course we all know which is the ugly beast hahahaha

  • metcarded

    That speaker grill on the galaxy SIII looks so tacky it’s embarrassing.

  • guys! calm down.. they just over-joy-ed with their Galaxy SII’s achievement, for being best phone during that time.. so, they put their overconfident on SIII.. haha.. let see if they can surpass Xperia acro S later.. :S

  • Breaaa

    I concur.. While overall i prefer the Xperia S too, the side view of the S3 does looks better IMHO. Slightly reminds me of the Arc which is still my favorite phone design.

  • Leon

    I ordered my Xperia S (white) the day the SIII was shown.
    I was upgrading from a Nexus One so even though the difference in size is not huge vs the XS, the SIII was waaaay too big vs my N1. The XS size looked much more tolerable on paper.
    On the design front I also found the SIII to be decidedly bland. While the XS isn’t particularly adventurous in its design it is at least reasonably pretty.
    I think having the clear strip only light up white is a missed opportunity, however. It could (should?) have been used for all notification LED functions.

  • Samsung sucks what ever the features may b the quality and looks sucks it cant b compared with SONY XPERIA S WHICH ROCKS :-D

  • dereknobuyuki

    The Galaxy S3 really is thin and feels very thin in a good way.
    It’s just when you open your eyes and realize that it looks like that…

    The Xperia S may not have a lot of new industrial design elements but it looks to be pretty sound industrial design. The Xperia S may be thicker, but I doubt it is too thick. (The Galaxy S3 is not too thin unlike some other devices — looks at NEC)

    The Galaxy S3 has a lot of huge differentiation on the software front some of which is actually pretty good but the overall software package may not be for everyone (i thought it was okay but probably not for me)

    The Xperia S looks like the Xperia NX and has the same points and dimensions+weight according to this website’s comparison page. I’ve played with the Xperia NX and thought it felt very solid, not too heavy, not too thick. I think a lot of users will be pleased with the Galaxy S3 and a lot of other users will be pleased with the Xperia S if it feels like the Xperia NX.

    All that being said, I’m so much more a fan of Sony’s industrial design than the Galaxy S3’s really-we’re-not-designed-by-lawyers-to-avoid-litigation-with-apple-really-come-on-believe-us industrial design. But, I can’t knock Samsung for trying to be more innovative on the software end.

  • Michael Piquet

    Hey everyone don’t forget the Xperia S comes with the painfully obsolete last year whoopsadaisy processor the snapdragon s3. Which burns so much battery you can literally watch the gauge drop. Also the snapdragon s3 was getting outperformed so badly by the Samsung Exynos processors qualcomm had to come up with damage control which they did in a big way with the amazing battery friendly benchmark assaulting s4 chip. The Xperia S is an outdated chipset with an outdated operating system in gingerbread. The design badly let down the fanatic arc users. Now wait until the GX comes out and you will have your cake and eat it too. Arc design, S4 snapdragon, ICS with multitasking + menu button, larger screen. Now that’s a phone folks. Xperia S move out and make way for the real Sony flagship. The GX!!! (now if Sony will just get it out before we’re all ready for the next wave :(

  • 2REP

    It´s interesting to see all comments. I am not surprised that Sony has better comments than the Samsung has. I wounder if a Samsung blogg posted the same comparison test, how the comments would be? I think I know. If to be honest I expected more from Sony after the Sonyericsson ARC which in design beats every smartphone. The new Sony is ok but not super and the display has so small letters. I was really disappointed when it was launched. Now I booked a Samsung G S3 and that design is not super either but the contest and the big display with colour caracters and letters is super! I know many will jump on me now but hey the blogg did ask our opinions and this is mine.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    Xperia S looking awsome apart from yellow tint issue,outdated software and outdated hardware

  • Karan Thakur

    Totally Agreed S3 looks like shit when compared to Xperia S..
    Xperia S and Lumia 800 has the best design and looks at present.

  • Jake

    When compared to xperia s , the galaxy s3 looks like a boring peeble . I m really sorry to say that since i;ve been a fan of samsung copied design for a long time , but the samsung galaxy s3 is the worst looking high end handsets on the market . The xperia s houwever looks like a beautifuly painting , stylish device no matter black or white .

    Unfortunately , samsung never have good design ever .

  • Jake

    The extra space is use for capacitive button while sg3 the space is fill by on screen button with pentile amoled . Well

  • Agreed..Xperia S and Arc s design look awesome

  • 2REP

    Are you censoring this comments? I filled one comment in about one hour ago and it was posted but now it´s gone? Feels not so seriously to have these comments then if you erase comments that not are to your likings. I was a huge SonyEricsson fan before up until the ARC but now I found a much better Samsung Galaxy SII and soon SIII, you guys do not know what you are missing here!

  • zodiac

    Sorry but there is just a lot of fanboy stupidity here.
    I got some hands on time with the S3 yesterday and although I prefer the xperia for personal reasons but I’m not deluded into thinking the S3 is a crap phone.
    The design isn’t bad when you see it person. It actually looks and feels good.
    The fluidity of the software is mind boggling.
    The Sony might have the better presentation but the S3 is a lot better in performance. Lets see what ICS does for the xperia but I doubt it could ever be as smooth as what I experienced yesterday.
    The S3 will once again be the top selling android phone of 2012 and will be voted once again best phone. I’ve had hands on time with all the phones from the leading manufacturers and the S3s fluidity is head and shoulders above the rest. That above all else will carry it over the winning line.

  • 2REP

    The Sony S is wonderful, truly the best!

  • tyrand3

    i’ll pick sgs3 or even iPhone over XS..
    I dont want an underpowered phone anymore like arc !!
    Performances is top priority, design is number two.

    I’m not a troll I have an arc, arc specification is just like 2010 phone but they release it in 2011!
    Xperia S is not really different than arc.

    Even iPhone 4S is more powerful than XS and has better app library..

    I just hoping that GX is good, if not better next year Sony..

    Sorry if i offended someone but that’s how i feel, disapointed..

  • Jenga

    I completely agree!
    This is total fanboy stupidity. I love the Xperia S, but when compared with SGS3, it stands nowhere. Just a speck of dirt on black paper. Touchwiz is so much better.
    Plus, how can you even compare a quad core device with dual core?!

  • Anti-Samsheeeep

    Xperia arc>Xperia S>>>>>>>>>>>>Samsshhh Galaxy S3

  • DragonClaw

    The S3 is fast. That’s it. For day to day use, Xperia S is far better, with the superior display, and the 12MP camera.

    Touch-wiz is shit. That’s known everywhere. Even the hardest Samsung Fanboys make Custom ROMS for Samsung devices which try to duplicate the TimeScape UI or the Sense UI.

  • I’m a tall person for my country’s standard (6 feet 1 inch) but I don’t like big screen smartphones 3.5 to 4.2 inches is the ideal size for the screen for me to let me use with only one hand. I don’t like using both hands especially when I am doing something at the same time. I prefer the Xperia S than Samsung SIII. If I were to use a bigger screen I’d rather use and Ipad or similar devices from Android.

  • RobertM

    I changed my mind and cancelled my Xperia S order and decided to go with the S3. Mainly
    because of Samsungs much quicker time to market, 2012 hardware, hopefully more
    futureproof, bigger but feels smaller than XS due to more ergonomic design, XS got the
    wake screen button on wrong side, S3 got Android 4.0 from launch. SonyEricsson has from
    the beginning been notorius bad on keeping track with Android releases which makes me
    worry about choosing a Sony handset.

  • dmn666

    S3 …lol…..looks like a soap case. Come on, Tej! – it was not even close :D

  • bombay

    dove soap, lol

  • weeeeee8888888888

    and it keep reminds me the maxi pad tat women used….. LOL

  • weeeeee8888888888

    u have bad taste actually in terms in design —

  • Sony Xperia S only.
    Size of the screen doesn’t matter, when Xperia S got the highest pixel density.

  • lovebmw

    that’s what happens when you don’t do cardio, you get round and fat

  • NIks

    as m sony fan m getting jealous of awesome display of SIII….. wow

  • SGS III good phone. SXS with old kernel – bad

  • Son of Sony

    I never liked any other design other than SE and Sony. Also Ive never been tempted to get high end phones other than Sony, yes the 2012 hardwares must be impressive but it never seemed like a giant leap for me.

    Next Samsung phone gonna be round or circular LOL

  • SGS3 looks like a cheap slab of plastic..

  • We’re talking about design.
    We’re talking about design.

    We’re talking about design.

    We’re talking about design. ^_^

    What the Samsung Company see: Galaxy S3 = New phone with Futuristic design.
    What I see: Galaxy s3 = Big Galaxy Y with upgraded specs. and new texture… and new color.

  • You’re in the wrong page. We’re talking about design here. But I have to agree, SGS3 is powerful than XS but still ”
    We’re talking about design here”.

  • AlexBurnout

    In my opinion the S III is pretty nice at design

  • Ethan Lin

    Samsung always have new phone coming out every 2 or 3 months, and the price of old phone plumbs. Buying a phone cost $699 and in 3 months, it becomes less than $199. Not a good feeling for customer. Anyway, number (samsung) still can’t beat quality (sony)

  • rafi

    Finally its reveal that samsung galaxy s3 also used SONY sensor for their camera… hahahhahah….

  • Touchwiz is better ! you gotta be kidding, even Galaxy users them self despite the UI.
    It is no way near the beautiful Xperia’s UI, but it is faster on the S3 than XS i agree
    Lets wait for the ICS to roll out for the XS to be a fear comparison in terms of UI.

  • J

    The Xperia S is a beautiful phone on photo. But once you hold the S3 in your hands, feel the smoothness of it’s design and see the fast response while using it, I think most people will change their opinion. The S3 is designed as an utility, not as a pin-up girl. After a while the design of the S3 will be seen as iconic, as an benchmark I think. And while it’s plastic, it feels very rigid. And the new touchwiz is good, so good you forget about it after a while.

    Only dissapointment for me is the finish of the bezel. On some spots you can see and feel some (assembly?) damage. And I wonder about the durability of the back cover. I’m affraid it will show a few haircracks after a while.

  • Benedict

    I tested the S3, it is fast but the touch wiz interface sucks and complicated. When you check out how much the screen is using the battery, you will be amazed, it is up to 93%. And the Smart Stay is like gimmick, that will also drain more of your battery. They even copy the Siri in iPhone, that is Samsung, good at copying and take the same camera in iPhone 4S.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Even the dual core version of the Galaxy S 3 is mind bogglingly smooth and fluid.
    (Even if I’m not a fan of that device’s industrial design nor gingerbread-esque UX)

    I’m glad Sony can differentiate themselves on design so even if the SGS3 is smoother and has higher performance, Sony can still make devices that are perfectly good products.

    In the end, users can try out a number of phones and decide what they want the most based on a myriad of factors. It would be nice if all phones were as smooth as the SGS3 but many devices are certainly smooth enough to use other factors like ergonomics, colour, design, UI, features, etc determine what device they choose.

  • w-bernt

    iam now in holiday on the phillippines in cebu with my familly and i have both my xperia s and my new galaxy s 3 booth of them i bourth in norway the size does not matter at all a mobil has to function and her on the phillippnes the have to big opperators globe and smart and my galaxy s 3 has globe simcard and the signale is very bad but my xperia s has most of the the better signal with usihg the same simcard is nt that strengh so that means actually if you go abroat take with you your xperia s it does a better jobb


    WHO Is the best ?? and how much is the diffrance of the price bettwin them

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