SmartDock for Xperia P cancelled?

by XB on 31st May 2012

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We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but there is mounting evidence suggesting that the SmartDock destined for the Sony Xperia P has been shelved. The docking station included a HDMI and two USB ports that would have been used to connect an Xperia P to a TV or a keyboard/mouse to the phone.

The listing for the Xperia P SmartDock has disappeared across all Sony Mobile language websites (a UK cache listing remains here). In addition to this, one user over at the Sony Mobile Talk forums reproduced some text with an online chat representative who had said the SmartDock had been cancelled. This would be a shame if true. We have asked Sony Mobile for a comment on this story but have not heard anything back so far. We’ll update this post if we have any confirmation one way or the other.

  • Oh Sony Why.?

  • WTF!

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  • This is the problem with the design this year, nothing is universal. The thinking went out the window. Too many phones with too many different sizes with ports that don’t match. There simply shouldn’t have been more than two docks, with adapters to fit different phones.

  • meta96

    … this is the difference to apple. no false promises.
    … a small but unique part, which made the P special, and sony cool/er again, killed? WTF sony

  • no, thats bad,,, but matbe they thinking about something els? People with Xperia S wanted one aswell, so maybe they went back to the drawingboard to make a new version.

  • goldenblls

    Sad. My XPlay doubles as a brilliant mini TV and alarm clock on my bedside cabinet when it’s docked. Why are they doing away with this extra functionality?

  • weeeeee8888888888

    aww that too bad ..but they sell sperately..??

  • Meek Mill

    Sony dissapointing a lot lately they need to stop with al these broken promises

  • Cp2020

    The smartdock for XP is such a great idea and i really can’t think of any possible reason for that kind of decision. Unwise and utterly dissapointing on your behalf Sony. I have a HUGE respect for the company yet i feel cheated by this unexpected move. Why on earth would u do that after releasing the phone that has been advertised with the smartdock as a very usefull and stylish add-on. Come on…don’t do this. It will badly affect XP’s sales and harm your reputation that u seem to be trying to rebuild so desperately. But…you already know this don’t You? Very sorry about this news.

  • Walkalone

    Still shows up on the Australian Sony Website….mind u it forever says “currently out of stock”, probably cos the P still hasnt been released here either.

  • TWO fails in 24 hours?? Phones announced in site and then wipe out. Now a dock that maybe we’ll not even see… Oh Sony.. its’ hard!

  • rafi

    Its not being comfirm yet either the dock being cencel or not… hope the changes bring more better result..

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  • AlexBurnout

    Whyyy :((?…

  • Chris

    The smart dock was one of the mayor reasons for me to buy the xp. If they really cancel it I will return mine because it loses functionality that I expected when I bought it.
    Come on Sony, I want my smart dock ;-)

  • I am so disappointed with with Sony. I’ve been looking forward to get both the Xperia P phone and its smartdock but now I have given up. Time to consider other brands like Samsung or Apple. I hope people working for Sony are reading our comments and feedbacks!

  • Rash

    I dont think that has been cancelled as it has been listed in SONY Australia web site

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