Sony launches “?” CLOCK for Mobile; see World Heritage photos with “Time-shift UI”

by XB on 1st June 2012

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“?” CLOCK for MobileSony has launched a new Android app called “?” CLOCK for Mobile. The app is basically a collection of World Heritage photos taken by Sony “?” cameras at various times during the day. However there is a twist, the app utilises what Sony calls its proprietary “Time-shift UI”. This allows you to view the same shot at various times of the day by vertically sliding down the time display (see the video below for a demo). Swiping the picture upwards will reveal an options menu to share the photo, read about on Wikipedia and see a map.

The pictures can also be set as the home screen wallpaper and this picture will automatically change according to what time of day it is. This will update around twelve times a day. The photos can also be set to be displayed randomly if you have more than one World Heritage site photo downloaded.

The app comes with a photo of ‘Mont Saint-Michel’ in France preinstalled so you can test it out, whilst four other World Heritage site photos can be downloaded in-app. This includes the historical area in Istanbul, Turkey; Mount Huangshan in China; Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and the Ogasawara Islands in Japan. Sony will be adding new content every fortnight, with more than 40 photos offered in total by the end.

The free app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store right now. You will need to be running at least an Android 2.2 phone as well as having 70MB of spare phone memory. The app will work on devices with display resolutions of 480 x 854 pixels or 720 x 1280 pixels, this should include most Xperia devices apart from the smaller mini and active phones. It’s a neat app and well worth a download.

Via Sony.

  • Cool!!!

  • ankitw

    what phone is that in the video !!!!!

  • Anthony Kelly

    I don’t know too many Xperia owners with >70MB free phone memory ;-)

  • i’m gamer

    F*** you sony.liar

    you made lie on xoeria play

  • aaronrgmer

    Can you give us a link as I cant find it on the play store or google search, thanks! (presume its available in the uk?)

  • looks like Xperia S

  • …but force closes every time I try to open the worldmap.

  • I believe it’s the Xperia S

  • Very cool! Hope it works on every resolution in-between the ones mentioned as well.

  • Looks nice, but what’s the use of this app? Who needs this ans why?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Nice application, and having Istanbul as one of the initial locations is nicer :)
    I don’t know if it is by design, but on my Xperia S, turning off the wallpaper feature from the app settings did not restore the default theme and wallpaper stayed on. I had to go to Settings->Display and re-apply the theme.

  • ankitw

    figured out..its the new acro S

  • XperiaBlog

    The Play Store link is in the post!

  • weeeeee8888888888

    no its Japannese Acro HD

  • Mojtaba

    work on x10?

  • SOny:)

    Can Anyone tell me The name of this App ><? please

  • Emab

    there is mini , mini pro , active and mine live with walkman . So why you exclude such a nice neat app to be installed on the previous devices !? WHY … WHY …. WHY ……WHY

  • amol khedkar

    Works on my xperia mini pro as well!!!!!!!!!

  • pixlas

    Mobile-review has a review on the xperia go!

  • Emab

    Ubdate : it works om my live with walkman but because of the small screen resolution [ 480 * 320 ] i can not get the whole view which is ruined the experiences :( . so i hope you guys makes this app compatible with the small devices .

  • litoni

    nice no lag on xperia S.

  • litoni

    its the arco no the xperia s -.-

  • x102x96x

    Installed ;)

  • lasttodie

    Works great on Arc

  • M Usman

    great app but why are the wallpapers locked? How do you unlock them? I can download and set around 5 wallpapers but all the other ones in the other menu have a lock sign on them are aren’t selectable. any ideas?

  • loms

    its not xperia s. the color of the phone is white but the bottom part which has the name XPERIA is black.

  • Yes working …

  • it will be nice if we can upload photos to application ….

  • doraemonboi

    works very well. All the functions work on my Xperia S and my Galaxy Tab 10.1. good job.

  • exiss

    works really well on xperia play. but how do i dwonload new pictures?

  • What a stupid app to put time into…

    Like really, are Sony users that boring that they can sit in front of their DOCKED phone and swipe to see some stupid time-lapse photos?


  • You can’t unless Sony pushes them out for you.

    Completely useless App.

  • Cheng

    really cool app. though u might have to restart ur phone if u see problems like the switching back to a blue sea wallpaper (and not changing anymore). a restart helped. I wish for updates soon. need more locations and more time frames to behonest..cant see much different during evening till midnight.

  • Tony MArtin

    same problem bro….. did u get the answer to unlock them or atleast the procedure to get the album images unlocked?

  • Pablo

    Does anyone know if I can use this app with the Xperia E?

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