Live with Walkman and Xperia mini pro updating to Android 4.0 ICS

by XB on 5th June 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro

Users are reporting that the Sony (Ericsson) Live with Walkman and Xperia mini pro handsets have started to update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The official Sony Mobile Talk forum threads (LWW and XMP) haven’t been updated for the relevant SI numbers, but given that the forum support staff is based in the UK where it is a bank holiday today then the SI numbers in those threads are likely to be updated tomorrow. So far it looks like that the ICS update is not live for the Xperia mini and Xperia active, but we suspect it must be imminent.

Xperia mini pro

Xperia Live with Walkman

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums (1 & 2).

  • Now, time to fix these problem:

    *Calendar widget is still not showing the next event (so What’s the use of this widget?)*Video recording still lags (playback still lags)*Dialpad is still taking 2-3 seconds to start at first try to open.*NO notification LIGHT when you recieve a message when screen is off.*They are removing the basic features of the phone., Seriously? NO NOTIFICATION on LOCKSCREEN?

  • 29_to_mars

    That means my Arc’s SI number showing up is imminent, I’m in the U.K, if anyone in the U.K has got Arc ICS lemme know! :)

  • SRM

    So now only 2012 phones are left.
    Eagerly waiting for my xperia U update.

  • The ics for 2011 xperias is a big joke

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  • Aashish Verma

    hey can you put ram usage screen shot

  • AlexBurnout

    My sister will have the latest ICS. She’ll be happy <:)!

  • no the 2010 xperia update was a joke , this is what you call a good effort

  • rob

    Switch off video stabilisation which helps with the lag, also if you have pattern, pin or password you cant view notifications as the phone goes straight to the input the password etc. If you specify to not go straight to password input you can swipe down the notification bar to view notifications

  • Still no CDN release of *official* OTA ICS for Sony Arc?

    This is just horrible now. And I know it will be buggy as hell when it does install. Staying away. Loving my Custom 2,3,4 with ROOT and Espier Launcher (looks exactley, behaves exactley like iphone)

  • @amber its a joke cuz no notification on lock screen…wifi and usb tether don’t work..most important dat I use..if they won’t do a finish product y even try..u need to see d ics for xperia s….so sweet UI..tinkin of sellin ma arc soon..2011 xperias need a stable ui I stil recommend GB

  • JamesNCleveland
  • Azz

    Just checked to see if ICS was out for my generic UK arc and it is!!!!
    Downloading now hopefully 4.0.4 will be better than 4.0.3. as it dropped wifi signal and forced closed the browser randomly. I was using lt18i 4.0.3 software on my arc before but too buggy so flashed back to gingerbread. Camera UI in ics is poor though!!!

  • Azz

    I am downloading ics for arc now however my si number 1247 – 0087 is not on the list.

  • 29_to_mars

    Please are you in the UK? And when did you receive the notification?

  • Azz

    Yes in UK just connect to seus or whatever it is called now and check 4 update!

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Looks good on my Xperia mini pro so far… :)

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  • alvin

    No, your brain and your face was a joke…

  • MHE

    are you joking us?? when will mini update??? i think never, go to hell

  • Rash

    if u want a phone that looks exactly and behave exactly like iphone, then simply buy the iphone!

  • Video stabilization switched off still lagging on video recording. (and the first 1-2 seconds of the video SOMETIMES lag even if you watch it on other player, even on a PC, the lagg will remain).. I don’t use any sescurity lock screen and I always have to swipe down the notification and open messages just to see if there is/are new one. I always have the message icon on the notification bar ’cause I don’t always open message if I can read the whole message without opening it.

  • paul4id

    No one should be handing over their hard-earned cash to the crApple rip-off merchants!

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  • sammo

    Wait how did you update i have the xperia mini pro i am in the uk and there is no update!!!!!!!! Help!

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Oh, I live in Germany, maybe the update for the UK hasn’t been released yet.

  • by an active owner -> :(

  • i have a live Walkman I’m still waiting here in middle east for the ICS :-(

  • FMW300i

    I updated my Live last nite. Smoother than before. No reloading of home screen everytime you exit an app plus twice as much ram available than with gingerbread. Loving it!

  • I’m in love with ICS on my Mini Pro! Feels like a whole new phone.

  • Vaibhav

    my phones is not updating.. it gives error in between downloading after starting update: “unable to install or start phone software update components.” I’m from India.. has anyone from india tried to update?

  • Rigo Rakanaya

    same like me.. but I’m from Indonesia. actually what’s wrong?

  • Alvin

    I’m from Indonesia too…
    But A few hours ago I check the update for my Xperia mini pro, but my phone hasn’t got the update, I think they will add more SI numbers tomorrow…

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Yeah, that’s my experience as well. On 2.3 several apps were running jerky sometimes – on 4.0 they don’t.

  • Andang

    You need to update your Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The PC Companion requires latest JRE.

  • Andang

    I just updated my mini pro to ICS.

  • shreyasrocky

    Should I update my Live too? Many say that it’s much lagging than GB??

  • urmom

    Ur mom was joke.

  • abhi

    if we update jre then can we update my phone

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    You live in Germany? Hm, it said that it would take approximately 30 minutes to update – but the update was done in less than 15 minutes here. First I updated my mini pro two days ago quickly, and yesterday i updated the one of my daughter. No lagging, just smooth updating.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Ahh sorry, misunderstanding. I thought “GB” was Great Britain, haha. Then I realized you mean Gingerbread. I’d say it works a lot smoother. When closing larger apps, it doesn’t take a day and forever reloading the icons anymore. To me ICS seems to run much better than GB. The touch screen sensitivity seems to be better as well. And apps that ran jerky before don’t do that anymore (or less than before). The mini pro processore seems to be able to deal with ICS all the way.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Oh, another cool thing is (especially for me who always copies and deletes music from the SDcard) that the phone doesn’t reload the SDcard index after unplugging the usb cable. This means you don’t have to wait 1 or more minutes until apps can be started again.

  • pert

    my live crashed while updating to ics can anyone help??????????

  • rtz4299

    same problem faced by me also. i am from India and have Xperia Mini Pro. It would be available very soon. keep checking in ur phone’s software update menu.

  • rtz4299

    same problem in India also…has not been released yet, but would be available in a day or two.

  • selena

    i have live with walkman i just want to knw..should we remove the sd card before updating or should we just leave it like that only???

  • Alvin

    Your life was a joke….

  • Alvin

    Hey, I’m not talking about amber but I’m talking about tochi’s shitty comment…

  • Mohtashim

    hey are there any complication while updating the phone through PC Campanion software? , I’ve Live with Walkman and I’m thinking not to update by my-self if there are any complication …!!>

  • And when ST15i Xperia mini will be updated? : (((

  • Calvin

    All of you are a joke, can’t u pple have some patience?
    Sony is doing the best it can, stop acting like u ppl paid a million for the update.

  • MyLive

    Where’s screen capture on 4.0.4 live with walkman? On GB when we press and hold lock button it’s there, now it’s gone.. and what dissapoint me is that walkman still with the same equalizer… no manual or clear bass.. no new widget, and music player UI like the one on 2.3.7.. better have that update instead of this if I could choose though.. so I guess that clear bass thing is only available on 2012 xperia’s..

  • Alvin

    Hey, sorry, but you all a misunderstanding, I’m not saying that I’m commenting amber’s comment, but I’m commenting Tochi’s comment, he says ” The update for Xperia 2011 family was a joke “, then, I’m commenting tochi’s comment I says ” your brain and your face was a joke “, because I hate someone hate Sony, I’m not hate amber’s comment…


  • Alvin

    Mee too…!

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Hm, seems like there’s a LED bug? Usually, notifications have been made “visible” with a flashing LED… And also: Am i senile or didn’t the mini pro show the battery status via coloured LED all he time? Now it’s just showing the status when connected to the charging device.

  • FMW300i

    My Live’s box says India on it, though I’m from the Caribbean. It gave no trouble to update with PC Companion. Who is not getting through with the program can try clicking on Update and then connecting the phone afterward, this worked with me. Leave the SD card in, you will not lose any info/apps/data. If your phone is sticking in the couple of days after, try restarting it a couple of times and moving back 1 or 2 heavily used apps back to the phone memory. :)

  • Just updated my SK17 with ICS.. It run smoothly.. My sk17i now looks more eye catching than before.. Very glad.. but still dont know how to take screenshot just like when running GB..

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Check daily, that’s what I did. :)

  • Martin Caballero

    Power and Volume down at the same time. That’s what it’s being said. Some people reported it doesn’t work for them.

  • Martin Caballero

    Screen capture is done by pressing Power and Volume down at the same time.

  • siiiiiii

  • Arghya

    Yes I agree with you .Though it is walkman series sound clarity is not good enough compare to past non touchable walkman series. I have also sound problem but recently i have downloaded audio fx from android market and it gives much better sound than previous..You can try this apps…

  • Aliff Aminuddain

    I got the notifications for the ICS update for my Live but when I’m trying to download it,the PC Companion says that something wrong with my component, help??? :((

  • Aliff Aminuddain

    I updated my Live and my phone is displaying “Safe Mode” and I can’t get rid of it, help anyone????

  • Karthik

    wil our data get affected while updating ?


    where to get update of ICS to my
    Xperia mini pro

  • Bro , How did you get back to gingerbread from ICS ??
    I just got ICS 4.0.4 on my xperia pro .. going smooth till now , but i m worried about future performances and people say that it would eat up my processor ..
    so i want backup plans .. Thank You !

  • anonymous

    It is power and volume down button simultaneously

  • sai

    It only showed the led when in charging or when running out of charge never showed all the time

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Ah okay. But the white notification LED seems to be gone.

  • arshad

    i live in bangladesh. walkman wt19i not update .ice cream sandwich

  • neuron08

    Even i am facing the same problem while updating from PC companion…..i am from India

  • hello Sony i just update my sk17i its awesome tanks ,but ….

    when i use the hard keyboard : the “A” button type “Q” , and the “Q” button type “A”

    pleas help me pleeeeeesssssssssss :(

  • i had the same problem yesterday because i was using proxy , and it work when i use the direct line , u should stop the proxy ; if u were use it

  • by the way how to root my SK17i after the update ???????

  • Vatsal_Shukla

    hi frnd, i’m from india & using live with walkman wt19i. the process of updating is taking too long time at step 2. downloading of update is completed but preparation for updating is taking too long time.. plz help

  • Martin Caballero

    Yes. Quite awkward, if you ask me. I don’t understand why did they remve the screenshot option from the menu.

  • hey do u tell me how to update to android 4.0. I don’t know please tell me my id is

  • eian

    It’s not working for me what what seems to be the problem?

  • Thesmartvenky

    Sir if u know how to take a screenshot In Sony sk17i

    kindly plz tell to me also..


  • Zaedkumon91

    hey do u tell me how to update to android 4.0. I don’t know please tell me my id is

  • Hi
    im using live with walkman wt19i and cant update android 4 my current version is 2.3.4 

  • Been trying to update my xperia mini pro from gingerbread 2.3 for 2 days.It tells me the upgrade to ics has been successful but when the phone reboots it still has gingerbread 2.3.Whats going on?

  • Cuteleoswati

    How to upgrade my live with walkman’s android version?

  • Bhuvi Sweeto

    hi how to sony erricsson live with walkman andriod 4.0 from v2,0

  • Khaled

    its takes about 75 minutes to update.

  • Rodsellan_trick

    u need to reprogram

  • Siddharthsingh 12

    how to update sony live with walkman please tel me d procedure

  • Viveksingh570

    Hey Friend I hv update my live with workman but what I found is some app like 3d bowling n angry bird Rio …were not responding …I mean some after installing I play my game n when again I want to play it didn’t work any one pls explain …

  • nicole

    help me.. i want update my phone live with walkman to 4.0 ice cream sandwich but how? help plsss 

  • Rumesh

    i updated my lww last night, after the installation my phone become slow and it takes few seconds to show short cut u knw what i can do to increase the speed of my phone.

  • rakesh

    When i want to download video they open in media player like buffering, also mp3 start in walkman. it does not download in sd card. Plz help

  • kiyo

    connect phone to the pc then install pc companion,after that open pc companion n search for update

  • while updating new ics on live with walkman, do it affect messages in inbox.means sms.?

  • Dusky

    Change your ‘import language’ to french for azerty,or to english for qwerty.

  • Siddhant Patil

    you have to keep it pressed for about 2-3 seconds..

  • niranjan

    How to updata?

  • zulaaa

    hello. anyone,please help me, i have upgraded my live with walkman to 4.0.4. just 2 hours ago. and this was great. but 30 minutes ago i connect wi fi, there was a answer ” latest software available, do you want to install it?’ i click “install”. and then running some things for 30 seconds, and my phone will turned off automatically, and still won’t turn on, i click turn on button, it is still no turn on. but restore mode is working, i think so, because when i click volume down button and hold then i plug usb, there are lights on the corner, but no turn on, what can i do? please help me

  • Paul

    hi I have sony ericsson live with walkman n i have jus updated it to ice cream sandwich. Everything seems to be fine but the notification light is not working which is supposed to blink after incoming of any posts, messages or call.
    Somebody please help me with this, i will be very thankful.

  • sidd

    no it doesnot !!!!

  • aivan

    could some one help me please, on how to update my wt19i to 4.0 please. appreciate for your help

  • kiran

    same problem im facing.. almost 3 hours over still its going on..

  • vinoth_kumar

    thanx dude,,,,,,,,,,:):):):)

  • vipul dhand

    how to update i dont know please suggest me

  • Chuky

    ive done update my android to 4.0 SE WT19i.. after complete update.. its very smooth and have a cool function… but when i switch off.. and i switch on again..? it keeping restarting.. why??

  • chuky

    hye.. how ur fhone now..?? how u fix it??

  • Haider Abbas

    i updated my xperia mini o 4.0.4 now my phone no play hd games like gta 3 and ducai chellenges e..c

  • Junaid Iqbal

    I live in Pakistan and successfully updated Walkman WT19i from old version of Android to 4.0. While using updated software, almost all applications are working fine but when I on blue tooth mobile stuck and switched off and still I am unable to switch it on again. :(

  • Junaid Iqbal

    AoA, It does not affect your any personal data like your contacts, messages, and even facebook account information if you have already saved in.

  • Junaid Iqbal

    I live in Pakistan and was successfully updated Walkman WT19i from old version of Android to 4.0. While using updated software, almost all applications are working fine but when I turn on blue tooth, mobile stuck and switched off and still I am unable to switch it on again. :( Can someone help me in this regards. I’ll really appreciate anyone’s reply to sort out my problem.

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