Xperia sola: painting by floating touch [Video]

by XB on 7th June 2012

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One of the standout features of the Sony Xperia sola is the use of floating touch technology. This allows users to navigate certain content just by hovering over the screen rather than actually touching it. We came across a video that does a good job of demonstrating this feature.

A woman has an Xperia sola inside a box which is connected to a monitor. She then proceeds to draw on the box using her finger, with her impressions picked up the Xperia sola inside showing the picture that she is drawing on the monitor. It’s an interesting demo although we still struggle to figure out any killer use for this tech in real world use. If any Xperia sola owners believe otherwise, please let us know in the comments below.

  • Wooooooooow , impresive.

  • woah!

  • hamboy

    Still pointless

  • reptile64

    Pointless??? Every time I’m trying to open a link on the browser I hit the wrong spot! Floating touch is an awesome feature IMO!

  • This is great for websites that have drop down menus. You can hover over a menu tab and then a further menu drops down..

    As a web designer I know that this can only be done on a computer by way of mouse but it’s not possible on tablets or phones.

    This will be great on tablets.. It’ll be great also great for mobile optimised website in the future.. By way of adding a bit more creativity…as many mobile optimised sites look similar.

  • ??

    Biggest use for me would be: I don’t need to take off my gloves just to touch the screen during the winter

  • fgqgovzfdbhgj

    you can use your touch screen without smudging the screen. its the best idea in a while actually.

  • razec

    If sony would develop their own digital pen to work on the floating touch tech on this device, it’ll become Sony’s Wacom Bamboo. perfect at least for drawing something with precession be it on a the smartphone itself or at large PC monitor

  • DoucheyTuesday


  • DoucheyTuesday

    Good thing they’re releasing it in the summer then….

  • ??

    Funny thing is, I’m living in tropical country, and I’m moving to Australia next month. I’d love to have this feature, but I’m waiting for GX instead

  • anonymous

    it doesn’t work that great though :(

  • gaurav

    i am using a xperia sola.. n really its useless.. 

  • what cable did she use to connect sola to that monitor?

  • Marios

    I think it is fake because Sony Xperia Sola does not have HDMI port and it can’t be connected to a monitor.

  • Lperia

    It seems fake,because she is writing some (i think) Chinese words but then we see a Dj.The drawing and her hand moves are not same.

    On the other hand I got Sola and its floating touch screen is not fast like this.

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