Sony to launch ‘Reader for Xperia’ e-book app later this month

by XB on 12th June 2012

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Sony Japan will launch the “Reader for Xperia” e-book application for Sony Xperia smartphones later this month. The app will be used to view and manage e-books that were purchased in the Sony Reader Store [Jap/UK/US]. The reader will support XMDF, .book and ePUB3 formats as well as comic books. Like any decent reading app, you will also be able to adjust brightness, font size, highlight text and bookmark pages.

Sony Xperia owners running handsets on at least Android 2.3 will be able to download the app when it launches at the end of June. A wider Android release is expected later in the year. The Japanese-bound Sony Xperia GX and Xperia SX handsets will come pre-loaded with the app when they launch in July and August respectively.

Reader for Xperia

Reader for Xperia

Reader for Xperia

Reader for Xperia

Reader for Xperia

Via Androwire.

  • Does it really have 2 proximity sensors or something happened to my eyes?

  • One is a light sensor. What I want to know is why are there three dots under the software buttons. There’s already what looks like a notification LED. The three dots are highly out of place and do next to nothing in the way of design consistency.

  • Ali Al-Khazal
  • Alvin

    What is the phone in 3rd picture? Is that xperia acro s? but there is no capacitive button in the picture…

  • When will reader become available in europe?

  • Vincent

    will it be availale in indonesia or other south-east asia nation ?

  • DoucheyTuesday

    This is going up against the mighty Kindle and Google Play Books apps not to mention Kobo, Nook and what have you, none of which are outstanding but price-wise are hard to compete against, surely,..what’s the draw apart from the Sony branding?

  • AsadMulla

    Taken straight out of the Tablet S and ported to Xperia’s. Looks exactly the same on Tablet S

  • WE are seriously waiting for this app. Because this educational software help us to find more information on online. Most of the educators must be benefited to use the app. ..

  • Carol D. Angeles

    Sony Ericsson didn`t hear about this in a while, something interesting. But for me – S/E is not a good phone at all, I prefer Samsung. I read a review about S/E and I like it. If you want to read about Sony Ericsson, here ( I hope you like it.

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