[Rumour] Xperia Z flagship to launch in August 2012

by XB on 13th June 2012

in Rumours

Ok, before we get into the detail, treat all of the following firmly as a rumour. It is based on a comment left in a previous post but some of the detail ties in with what we’ve heard from our own sources. We’ll just put this out there and you can decide whether you believe it or not.

Apparently, Sony Mobile will be launching four new Xperia smartphones in the second half 2012. I know what you’re thinking, how big is their 2012 portfolio going to be?! These phones will be the second generation NXT series and will be named the Xperia Z, Xperia C, Xperia E and Xperia Y. The Xperia Z will be the flagship and launch in August 2012, whilst the other handsets will launch in July 2012.

All of the phones will have a S4 Snapdragon chipset, sport an OLED display and will come with Cyber-shot camera lenses from the T camera series. All handsets will also be PlayStation Certified and feature the Walkman music player. All of these details could be completely off the mark, but we guess we’ll find out for sure in a week!

Thanks XperiaTM!

  • BlaZe TK

    I just cant wait for new xperias !! It has postponed my buying of Xperia P !

  • Nine

    Sounds to good to be true … Lets all hope so.


    are you sure…

    if that is the case, sony should name their phones..

    A , B ,C , then C,D,E,F,G….

    What start with S, T, U, P, I D ???

  • Toosty

    a cybershot Android ! YES!!!

  • Max


  • weeeeee8888888888

    wow ,xperia z is REALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weeeeee8888888888

    ermm xperia

  • Great..anyway, i am happy with my Xperia S and its yellow spot..It really has a colorful personality :)..

  • Domino

    Cyber-Shot !!! big comeback:) (i like K800i :) ) This would not have been rumors

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Cyber-Shot making a comeback sounds nice. Honestly, I’m quite frustrated with my arc’s camera (I’m into photography) & I’d like my phone to have a camera that can take decent photographs.
    Good job on this one, Sony!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    what is the difference between the current cameras and those rumored new ones

  • Surprise us, Sony!

  • Jake

    Hmm OLED vs AMOLED
    lets see…….

  • Another launch……. then never release.

  • fay

    I hope a new slider phones…

  • Aniket, India

    The perfect smartphones…geared up…

  • Aniket, India

    larger aperture lenses,good focal length,and awsome clearity…just imagine HD video with 12 mp cyber shot camera..awesome

  • mingguan

    Wah… SONY champion!!! Release so many phone in 1 year.

  • Ambroos

    Oh please don’t give people these kind of expectations… We’ve never ever heard about all of these, and especially not with those spec combinations. Now when they’ll announce the international GX everyone will be mad.

  • meld

    Sony will be going mad :D

  • Rene

    That’s Funny

  • AlexBurnout

    QUAD-CORE!!! :D
    Gooo SOOONYYY!!!

  • miki69

    If true, this is simply AMAZING!
    Can’t wait

  • Coolkid

    @Jake Which one is better among OLED & AMOLED…???

  • i’m gamer

    my xperia play i s forgatten :(

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    hope they will enable 60fps soon

  • lovebmw

    a Z phone…… I N T E R E S T I N G ! ! !

  • ahomad hosin

    xperiablog should have aknowledge the writer of the post as well, which is me :)

  • Hannad Ahmed

    So can anyone tell me how good the S4 Snapdragon chipset is?

  • ” It is based on a comment left in a previous post but some of the detail ties in with what we’ve heard from our own sources.”

    and which details are those? what are your sources telling? Anybody could write anything:

    Sony is going to announce 4 brand new devices on 20th June:

    Xperia Z: 4,6 HD LCD + 2GB RAM
    Xperia X: 4,3 HD OLED screen + Xenon Flash
    Xperia W: 4 qHD OLED Walkman Phone
    Xperia V: 3,7 LCD (WVGA) – qwerty slider

    Xperia Z and X will run on Qualcomm S4 (not Pro) and both will be Cybershot branded.
    W and V will have ST-Ericsson dual Core CPU.

  • jx

    wow! i guess this one is the official roadmap of the real Sony made smartphones. I remember that the Sony Cybershot k850i was using the T series camera sensor, So i think the specs are possible and all features are Sony related, I hope this is true! cross finger..

  • Please Sony, make this a reality. Except for a 1080p 5″+ display, this rumour is EXACTLY what I wanted out of my next cell phone. One would hope that with the possibility of Cybershot optics would also come the possibility of a xenon flash. Sure it’d be a battery hog, but if you put xenon and LED, it at least gives the user the choice for the xenon flash if/when it’s necessary.

  • Nine

    How sure are you about the info my friend ?
    ???? ????? ?

  • jmx2012

    This is great. It’s what I have been waiting for.

  • silvacrest

    its pretty much the best processor for mobiles out right now

  • silvacrest

    i feel your pain :/

  • dacha
  • nope, that is just a fan made concept

  • nfs2010

    Awesome! Since Sony’s already shipping cybershots with OLED screens, it’s very likely to see some xperias with OLEDs very soon. Go Sony :D

  • nfs2010

    By the way, Sony finally stooped down to ‘copy’ Samsung (by flooding the market with whole bunch of models) and I’m happy about it. Beat those suckers in their own game, Sony :D

  • nfs2010

    Xperia Z keeps reminding me of Vaio Z. Don’t ruin it this time, Sony – I’m begging you :P

  • nfs2010

    Same thing, mate. OLEDs are of two types – Active matrix OLED (AMOLED) and passive matrix OLED. Whatever OLEDs I see around are AMOLED. Sony needs to rephrase the term by adding some cheesy prefix/suffixe (like the way Samsung did – e.g. super, plus, etc.)

  • miki69

    why, I love my vaio Z2 :)

  • nfs2010

    You should :) I just meant to say Xperia Z needs to be as good as Vaio Z(2) :D

  • nfs2010

    holy c***, that looks awesome – I want one :(

  • XYZ


  • howarang

    what a shi(t), sony is releasing so many phones… i hope that they keep udpading their phones OS.

  • surethom

    I would love one of then to also have a xenon & led flash.

  • Noooooooooooooo no OLED D:

  • raybay

    source plz…

  • boosook

    There’s no source. He invented it, read carefully. He said that anyone could speculate and say something like “Sony will probaly launch this, this and this”.

  • hope this come be true. not just a rumour. sony must be make new strategy if want compete with other brands. cyber-shot rockz….

  • kakatot

    Where Is The Damn XPERIA PLAY 2!!!

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  • Wow! But im happy with my xperia s. Its more than enough for everyday use

  • But cybershot is coming back! Dats awesome! Gud job Sony. But plz upgrade S to ICS

  • Khaled

    First thing came to my mind when I read xperia Z is carbon fiber ! :-D

  • megane198

    Isn’t the specs too grand? If it will be named as Xperia Z, it must live up to that name. Z in vaio naming scheme is the most expensive

  • iliketowritearticles

    While this is a very good concept, I highly doubt this is true.

  • Evita

    it’s pretty ridiculous rumours

    Just GX international, nothing more.

  • it’s really nice to see that all Xperia are moving to S4 processor and starting to have really nice hardware in 2012 portfolio but what we really need is new features on Sony OS something similar to ( Galaxy S3 ) like (Direct call, Pop up Video and Smart Stay eye tracking) and USB on The Go that works nearly on everything .. so Please Sony improve your Software along with your Hardware so that costumers won’t have to think twice before purchasing Sony Smartphones .. and i really hope to see Next Sony Smartphones comes with OLED screens ^__^

  • dude…, it can very well be true…
    when sony gets serious, they get too much serious and can do just ANYTHING!!!
    don’t forget “MAKE.BELIEVE”

  • ChristianHJW

    Will there be a successor to the Xperia Pro amongst them, with a QWERTY keyboard ? I love my Pro, but would switch to a Pro II with a dual core processor immediately ?

  • Chemiclus

    All I need to hear is availability on a network haha

  • But in this case, it can’t, cause this is a concept made not by Sony, but by some Sony fan long time ago. Just google it.

  • Jody Steed

    Wonder if that will ship with gingerbread, like my xperia s that I have been waiting 3 months for ics. Get your priorities right Sony

  • we can do with out Smart Stay eye tracking

  • malih

    no way, how many phones do they intend to release this year? a whole mess this made – S, P, U, sola, go, acro S, ion, neo L, tipo, miro, GX, SX… probably more, just WOW

  • miki69

    Very true mate, very true!


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  • Ralph

    ahahahh xenon & android??and battery life sucks ??

  • Sonythetop

    Cyber-short with camera lenses from T-series Return………….. include Walkman music player…(OLED screen) how to be patient for1 waiting Sony phone that have all my favorite things like these?
    Cyber-short@ Best camera phone by K and C series
    Walkman Music player@ Best Music player and sound quantity by W Series
    Now Mixing in Xperias only? What’s more? Time to Replace my ray with Z ^^

  • doraemonboi

    Xperia Z, use carbon fiber casing :D like the Vaio Z.

  • doraemonboi

    Sony should just name it OLED.

  • doraemonboi

    I am hopping for 2GB RAM, Quad-Core that is faster than the Samsung, 1080p OLED screen, High Megapixel with Xenon flash with Carl Zeiss optics/ Sony G lens. Good build quality. Not some cheap plastic.

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  • BjL

    Gx international?hope it is! Cybershot cam rockzz…glad its back^^

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  • XYZ

    This rumour is most likely false. So again we’re going to have a bunch of whining self-entitled people moaning how Sony has disappointed them (even though they have nothing to do with these preposterous rumours)


    Oh well, what can you do.

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  • XperiaJunkie85

    Most websites that are covering this story say the the Xperia Z will be powered by the S4 processor the quad-core vairiant being the APQ8064 which is clocked at 1.5 to 1.7 GHZ with an Adreno 320 GPU can’t imagine this being the case but hey you never know would love this to be true but uunfortunately I can’t see it happening if it does though I bet it would piss all over Samsungs chips as Sony always seen to get the best out of their hardware even if a bit outdated.

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  • Trixz_D

    I dont think releasing this many Phones in a year (Especially Flagship models) is going to help in the smartphone market. I think Sony have become to over-confident now and are playing with fire. As before when HTC suffered through doing this and Sony Mobile will suffer too. The Xperia brand is now becoming a joke. I love my Xperia and some of the newly announced phones are nice but why not wait till 2013 instead of tying something that many smartphone users hate, and all Sony is doing now could well taint the brand as an over trier (If thats the correct term lol). Oh and no i am not badmouthing Sony as I love the company and their products but this is ridiculous.

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  • Killing Spree

    a flagship with no oled display and the others with oled you gotta be kidding me stop making things up.

  • Killing Spree

    Sony will never disappoint with build quality dude.

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  • Jinga


  • loss

    oh no… not pro! thy hav big diff. 225 compare to 320 adreno and also hav a huge impact to consumer sensitive on hardware. to kick s3 and 4s/5 u should use 320 on a flagship

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  • sPyKe

    to accompany the awesome vaio z! >_<

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  • the cursed

    And Sony created the world.

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  • TheSonyNation

    I seriously hope that the Xperia Z is just like the Galaxy S-line the best Xperia-line.
    The VAIO Z and WALKMAN Z are in my opion the best line as well.

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  • Zulfa

    When will this peria Z going to be ready for sale???? When ill be it arriving on mkt???aug has gone spet too .. Oct headed-___-

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