Xperia mini Android 4.0.4 ICS update rolling out

by XB on 13th June 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro

Sony Ericsson Xperia mini owners will be glad to hear that the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update is finally rolling out to handsets. The Talk Sony Mobile forum has an updated list of SI-numbers which can now be updated to ICS (firmware build 4.1.B.0.431). The news means that only one 2011 Xperia model is left on the ICS list, that is the Xperia active. Hopefully, the update will be coming to Xperia active owners imminently.

Xperia mini Android ICS update rolling out

  • Congrats mini users! /Active user

  • Wassouf


  • It seems to be working fine. My dad got the update last night, as I sat envious with my XS( ;) ) and most seemed to work fluently. There didn’t seem to be *that* much new(wasn’t expected), but what was there seemed very nice.

  • mingguan

    Xperia S owner very envy…
    BTW, hope XperiaBlog can find someone to test the following when updates roll out on Xperia S:
    1. Battery Life of 2.3.7 VS 4.0.4;
    2. GPS signal loss issue (currently temporarily solved by using flight mode).

  • this is just ridicolous.. even a LOW-range smartphone is updated to the newest software before the new highend phone lmao. > XPS user..

  • rarias

    “imminently” I would say OBIOUSLY…. the question is WHEN?

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  • IIRC the XS 4.04 update should come out at about the same time as the mini, so hopefully it won’t be long :)

  • Come on guys its okay. I got XPS too in mid April and I know Sony always give their best at what they’re doing. Gotta admit it’s a bit late,but I prefer well-optimized software rather than a rushed release :)

  • Ajish

    Congrats xperia mini users.Waiting for ics for xperia s .
    SONY is Great


  • flo

    is there a screenshot of the android 4 homescreen on a mini/minipro/active out there somewhere? are that apps-corners still in there?

  • Aniket, India

    we are the old customers..we must be served first

  • true. it’s not about Low or High, It’s been 9 months holding an xperia active

  • I’m really getting sick of it, checking websites for SEX Active ICS news.

  • Pratik

    I have also got a xperia mini st15i and I am from india.So please tell me that is ics update is released in india.

  • Alvin

    Just check the SI number, we don’t know when is exactly you receive ice cream sandwich…

  • I have it on mini came monday in sweden

  • Rakesh

    is der no update for SI 1248 9517 ….

  • Pratik

    i also have xperia mini st15i and its buid number is 4.0.2.A.0.62 does it will be updated to ice cream sandwich
    because above it is mention that this buid no 4.1.B.0.431 will be updated

  • still use GB more smoth than ICS. after update to ICS i feal diapointed n now i downgrade to GB again

  • Yes

  • sa

    and that 50 celsius during playing games -.-

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  • nik

    it is said that…will be upgraded to 4.1.B.0.431 from 4.0.2.A.0.62,

    a quick and working guide of updating xperia phones to ics by offical wa

  • javaid

    The SI no is there in the list but still am not able to update. with Pc companion or sony updater. what is the problem can any one tell me. (xperia mini)

  • lombo

    “first in first get” that’s the point man :)
    who have own xperia first . there is to be first get update :P

  • When will it reach egypt?
    si: 1226-6582

  • My SI is on the list, but whe I get into the PC Companion it say’s that the phone is already updated. I have 2.3.4. What’s the problem?

  • my xperia after updating to ICS is restarting automatically….i dnt knw why its happening…due to these bqttery is also draining..plz help.

  • C

    Does anyone with the Xperia Mini (ST15i) knows if upgrading to 4.0.4 fixes the overheating and capacity button problem?

  • mukesh

    my si no is in the list from past 5 days still no update(india)…..

  • googly

    xperia mini pro got the update of ics… but xperia mini didn’t.. when it will be released? please do mention a specific date if possible… :(

  • googly

    is it “xperia mini pro” or “xperia mini” ? if it is xperia mini pro connect it with pccompanion and u will find repair option in support zone… hope it helps you.. good luck.

  • googly

    i too have the same problem :( i read in sony blog that it is yet to be released. for xperia mini ics update is not yet released.

  • googly

    yes! dude i too have xperia mini with versio 2.3.4 and build in number 4.0.2.A.0.62 but ics update is not yet released! only for “xperia mini pro” they released ics. if they release for xperia mini, then our xperia mini can be updated to version 4.0.3 and build number 4.1.B.0.431

  • Works very good

  • solano89

    Hello to all!

    I’ve installed the ICS 4.0.4 on my Xperia mini and I can say that it’s perfect. It runs very well with no problems at all (for the first 72 hours of using). Graphics are good, heating problem solved, system is fast and stable and the battery last with 20- 25% longer! Alla around it’s really good the 4.0.4 ICS update! I recommend it! For those who don’t have the update out via PC Companion they can update their phone manually (caution this procedure may void your warranty but it’s safe 100% if you follow carefully the steps from the link): (maybe you have to register). The installation is simple: 1. get the flashtool, 2. Download the ICS rom from the table (for your phone), 3. follow the #3 and #4 steps and you have the ICS 4.0.4 on your mini! After that download the Sony Update Service and reinstall the ICS on your device (to run it flawlessly), you can find the SUS on this link:
    Enjoy the ICS 4.0.4 on you Xperia mini!

  • rainMan

    finally, jus saw my SI number… updating now………………..

  • amin

    hi, there is another software named ” update service” from Sony Ericsson company.
    use that software.

  • is it posible bring back my xperia mni to its original andoid version

  • Nice with an upgrade, but not so nice that now the phone keeps freezing, crashing and rebooting. So people, be happy with your Android 2.3

  • Acunmeswew

    you have this ? [ICS] Generic SK17 4.1.B.0.431 FTF

  • Aleksandar

     Update your PC Companion!

  • how to I root it?
  • Kuran

    Still waiting for this update. stuck with the horrible android OS 2.1 :(

  • Ankit

    u must live in the area(country) where sony did not release ICS update yet.. so u wait 4 a while.. the update will b release shortly.. for more info contact sony

  • I repaired my phone by pc companion bt problem still downgraded to 2.3.4..
    this is the os that xmp deserves.

  • Alif Ahmed Ani

    Admin, when my xperia mini will update jelly bean 4.01..?? pls tell me now….


    Hai I m subramanian from pondicherry. My mobile modal. Sonyericsson xperia mini st15i android 4.o accped and not accpet tell me

  • hari

    hai boss use pc companinon u can be updated

  • Yoganathan Abilashan

    I am also waiting…
    I Need to upgrade my xperia mini 4.0.4 to 4.4

  • ramakanth

    bluetooth bug is there in ICS update for xperia mini st15i

  • ramakanth

    now is your phone working fine or not now without any problems?plz give reply…………………….

  • ramakanth

    how did you do that please share here?

  • ramakanth

    how did you downgrade to GB again

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