New Sony LT30 model: First benchmark; UAProfs outed along with sample pictures

by XB on 14th June 2012

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The Sony LT30 ‘Mint’ smartphone has appeared across a number of different verticals today. First of all, it looks like there will be several variants of this phone as three UAProfs (user agent profiles) have been unveiled: the LT30at (AT&T bound), the LT30a (for North America) and LT30p (the ‘p’ remains a mystery as it hasn’t been used in a Sony Xperia model before). Interestingly, the international variant (LT30i) UAProf is not available.

Looking at the Sony LT30p version in particular, a benchmark for this handset popped up in the AnTuTu benchmark highlighting that it is running Android 4.0.4 and a 1GHz processor speed (this is unlikely to be the max speed). The UAProf above confirms the use of a MSM8960 chipset (1.5GHz dual-core) and 720 x 1280 screen resolution. Lastly, it looks like a Sony Mobile employee has been testing the Sony LT30p for several months judging by the sample pics available on Picasa. It also confirms the handset has been running firmware build version 7.0.A.1.35_56_f100. Hopefully we’ll hear more on this handset very soon.

Sony LT30p camera EXIF data

[click to enlarge]

Sony LT30p AnTuTu benchmark

Via Blog of Mobile.

Thanks Kihoon!

  • Mint are u sure ? Mint was most expensive phone( tablet ) when sony mobile introduce his road map.

  • BjL

    Aint the mint like the expensive n top phone? feels like the specs here(dual core) is not suitable for the MintI..hope this is more of a rumor:)

  • surethom

    All I want is an Android cybershot phone with Xenon flash (BIG battery) , Please Sony.

  • Dan

    Just a question, but what do the L and T stand for?

  • naathaanS

    L is large, so M would be medium, S is small but T i have no idea

  • Imma Trolla

    large touch, as in screen >4 in.

  • Imma Trolla

    LT30 ? This differs from my understanding of Sony’s models numbering…

  • XYZ

    The LTE is what adds extra cost, and no undoubtedly the larger battery the LTE Modem demands (regardless of whether its integrated into the SoC or not, its still going to drink more juice)

  • foxy

    t means touch.k means keybroad

  • Xajel

    More pics has been already posted to picasa from the same guy

    + I think the p stands for prototype :D

  • Ambroos

    If you think a Snapdragon S4 isn’t good enough for a superphone you’re horribly wrong. It’s the best CPU available right now.

  • Helles
  • n!kko

    “p” for “prototype”?

  • hamboy


  • dacha

    3x might be third generation

  • AnnGMorrone
  • Albert

    p=pro? using s4 pro? nah..probably prototype sounds more like it

  • DragonClaw

    And guess what? Qualcom has manufactured S4 dual cores already. :D

  • DragonClaw

    Typo it was. I meant quad cores.

  • right now quad cores are just sampling…, not quite ready to be put up in mobile devices

  • DragonClaw

    Yea. I know. They are the very new test versions and are yet to be put in a device. They did not even undergo any benchmarks as of now. It will come in the market next year I suppose. That should make sure that the next Samsung flagship running a 3.9 GHz Octacore processor will become humbled in terms of performance, and battery life as well. These Snapdragons are even more powerful than Alduin. :-D

  • DragonClaw

    Not just you. All of us wants that. :-D

  • SomeBody

    Still, that would make sense. LT29i – S4, LT30i S4 PRO + OLED screen. Or maybe it’s just a big brother of LT29i (like LT26i and LT28i), though LT29i has already a 4.6″ screen >.<

  • randy

    I think I just wait for Sony’s first quad-core may be first quarter next year and hopefully with 4.7″ or 4,8″ screen to compete with HTC and Samsung. I’m still happy with my Xperia S.

  • I want it too:(((

  • Wassim

    do you think that Sony can produce 720p OLED screen by himself or by Japan Display Inc ?

  • Pen Pen

    The samples look horrendous just like any other smartphone !
    Forget Cyber-Shot they’re way past its day!
    Sony should “balls up” and tag Sony Alpha to the Xperia brand along with ability to shoot RAW.
    That way we don’t have to worry about Sony’s idiotic jpeg compression.
    Try doing that, Samung/HTC/Moto or get lost !

  • jx

    i think habayusa is for 2013 series, if you will follow sony’s naming scheme you will understand my comment

    2011 (last digit 1) VS 2012 (last digit 2)
    LT18 LT28 LT30 I GUESS FOR 2013 ( last digit 3)
    LT15 LT26
    MK16 LT26W
    MT15 LT22
    MT11 MT27
    ST18 MT25
    ST17 ST27
    SK17 ST25
    ST15 ST23

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