Sony Tablet P gets Android 4.0.3 update

by XB on 18th June 2012

in Android, Firmware, Sony Tablet

Sony Tablet PThe Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update is now available on the Tablet P in selected countries. Much like the ICS update on the Tablet S, the new software brings with it a number of new features including direct access to the SD card and enhanced photo viewing options, the ability to take panoramic photos and access to the camera from the lock screen. Another feature is ‘Small Apps’ which allows a widget-like experience for a browser, calculator or remote control.

  • Ambroos

    The 7 owners will be very happy with the update :P You have to admit the Tablet P was a bit of a failed experiment. While it was nice for some things, it was horrible for most things.

    In Belgium you can now get one with 3G for €249 (half of the original €499), they’re returned devices, you still get the full Sony warranty of course. But nobody wants them so they have an overload of returns :P

  • M Usman

    Actually this looks quite promising. Every other Xperia handset is being updated every few days. So it looks like the Xperia S ICS update may well be round the corner.

  • atlas


  • DragonClaw

    Typo. Lol

  • lovebmw

    i dont understand this, so basicaly the least selling products are the ones to get the update?

  • Aokde Gharra

    it is around the corner indeed, in a matter of 11 days tops ICS will start rolling out to the XPERIA S. (sony said in Q2 it will get ICS, and Q2 ends with june so..)

  • M Usman

    I contacted the Sony UK Xperia call centre today. They also confirmed that it will start rolling out by the end of this month. Which is subject to change but they doubt it. So yes, 11 sweet more days to go hopefully. Can’t wait hehe

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