Sony Mobile partners with Taiwanese ODMs for future handsets

by XB on 19th June 2012

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Sony Mobile has stepped up its relationship with some of the biggest Taiwanese ODMs out there for future handsets according to a DigiTimes report. The report suggests that three ODMs in particular (Arima, Compal and Foxconn) have each received orders for one smartphone model that is due to ship during Q4 2012 into Q1 2013.

The report goes on to say that each ODM is expected to ship 3 to 6 million smartphones to Sony Mobile. Overall, Sony Mobile is expecting to ship around 40 million handsets in 2013 with approximately 25-30% of these fulfilled by ODMs.

It is unclear whether each ODM will be producing the same mobile handset or various models. The 40 million handset figure must be for calendar 2013 as at the last results in May, Sony confirmed that it expected Sony Mobile to ship 33 million Xperia smartphones in the year to March 2013.

In case you are wondering, ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. These are companies that will design and build a product as per another company’s specifications. This is unlike an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) such as Asus, Acer, and Lenovo etc who design and build products to their own specifications.

  • reptile64

    God help us! :)

  • owl

    Unless I’m much mistaken, this isn’t the first time S(E)MC tried this approach. I personally own an (allegedly) HTC-built Xperia X1, and aside from some minor keyboard trouble (and the aging OS, obviously), it’s still working perfectly fine. Plus, this also points towards the increase in demand for Sony handsets, so I’m treating this as good news.

    Not sure about the other two but at least we know the kind of quality to expect from Foxconn.

  • Nine

    im not sure i understand what all this means .. is it a good thing ?

  • So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  • meld

    agree :( good or bad? don’t understand

  • ?????? ??????

    Sony Xperia Ion in Russia!

  • Feanor

    Good. It means that Sony Mobile is expanding.

  • Good news for sony )

  • Cloud_Connected

    Businesswise good news… but also (build)quality wise? What Oem or Odm did build the Xperia Arc S by the way? (good quality, crack issue aside…)

  • angpet d’angpet

    when sony would be releasing more of aluminum cased xperia’s that the sign that cheap phones are coming because. like apple and htc one, an aluminum clad phone is super cheaply made compared to advanced synthetic ceramic as used in the xperia z. add to that the uber cheap tempered glass used in iphone and voila, we will have a 100 dollar xperia, or the same manufacturing cost to build a gold plated iphone 5.

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