Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro unboxed [Video]

by XB on 19th June 2012

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The Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro is a unique Bluetooth wireless headset. It has some of the usual features you would expect from a headset including a two-row display that allows you to read text messages, view incoming calls and access calendar alerts. However, it can also act as a standalone media player as the headset supports microSD and will ship with a 2GB card.

UK retailer Clove recently unboxed the Smart Wireless Headset pro. It is well worth a watch if you are considering purchasing the headset, especially as it retails for a not particularly cheap £80 in the UK. They also give a quick demonstration of how the headset works, albeit with a Samsung Galaxy S III rather than a Sony Xperia phone. Check out the video below.

  • Cp2020

    Now that is pretty smart i must say


    bought one! though still waiting in US on backorder!

  • Len

    Just had one delivered from UK to me here in Ireland today, works great with my Xperia S.

  • M Usman

    ICS just got certified for Xperia S! woot woot

  • Does it supports other languages letters ? or only english ?

  • TrueBlue

    I’ll stick with my MW600 for now.

  • JackingChan

    Does it support iTunes AAC music file format?

  • Going to buy it day one!

  • AlexBurnout

    S 3? I really don’t know what to say.

  • owl

    My unit has trouble displaying Chinese characters, if you must know.

  • thanks :) seems only support english characters ..

  • Proxter

    the only thing i disliked about the mw600 is that you can not listen while its charging, does this do the same?

  • dereknobuyuki

    The MW1 is to be launched soon 
    This particular one is for the Japanese market and definitely supports Japanese characters so maybe it has CJK support to display Chinese characters as well (or variants will be available in other markets)

  • loledlol

    lol using the sony smart headset with samsung galaxy s3. contradicts, but still awesome

  • kailas

    Smart Wireless Headset pro

    Does it support Xperia neo !! Because i am looking to buy

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