Android 4.0.4 officially demoed on the Xperia ion [Video]

by XB on 20th June 2012

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Xperia ion Android 4.0.4The Sony Xperia ion was originally announced for the US market (LT28at) but slowly the international model (LT28i/LT28h) has made an appearance in other markets, notably in Asia as well as being earmarked for a European release in September. The handset launched with Android Gingerbread with a promised update to ICS, much like the Sony Xperia S.

However, judging by a video by Sony Mobile Russia, we may see the handset launch with Android 4.0.4. SM Russia’s first glance of the handset shows the Xperia ion running on Android 4.04 with firmware build 6.1.E.0.147 and the 3.0.8 kernel which hopefully will bring battery improvements. The look and feel should give Sony Xperia S users a good idea on what to expect in the impending ICS update. The video also briefly compares the Xperia ion to the Xperia S as well as showing the red aluminium shell of the red version of the Xperia ion. See the video below.

Android 4.0.4 officially demoed on the Xperia ion

  • I hope they will release ICS for Xperia S very soon…

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Ion looks good..

  • Bashar

    Ooooh, it still lags

  • mockass

    The xperia ion will also be launching with ics in France.

  • Chemiclus

    I want red haha
    I’ve had black phones my whole life….I’m ready to spice things up a bit

  • is it only me thinking that ics has been very slow update to any company its been out 6 mounth still many phones on gb

  • its the s3 thats why should have been s 4 and ips screen for viewing angle would have been killer phone

  • Aokde Gharra

    less than 10 days left ;)

  • hamboy

    What video did you watch?

  • SxperiaS

    I am beginning to think that the upgrade to ics will be exactly alike the one we have now only with extra features… Still it will be nice to install 4.0 apps

  • TGO

    Looks the same as GB, yet another useless update people pine for, obviously the next update will be the big one

  • Cheng

    to be honest, if you compare look and feel, I really think S is more pretty and has a nicer design than the Ion. Especially the transparent bar on S (and P and U), which is just that special. That’s the front. Now the back, Ion has to me far too many “cuts”, it doesnt feel like a whole back body like S has. Too many “cuts” on the Ion for me. Sure it is aluminium which I also like for long-term usage. but the cuts make it very very less nice than it is. I would prefer picking Xperia P over Ion when I want a steel body feel. I truly hope they will keep going with the transparent bar for Xperia Z or something (if that one is ever coming end of this year). but so far, I love and totally love my Xperia S!~~~ As for ICS. Unless we can use ICS for rooted phones (without erasing ANY data and stuff) I will happilly use my rooted 2.3.7 till my next phone~~

  • it cost about 800 usd in here :(

  • FRKD

    oooooooo yeaaaaa!!!!

  • Evita

    if xperia ion have transparent strip, I definitely will be there! :(

  • bashar

    this is not an excuse, i feel ICS is a failure, too much demand OS !!!!

  • loms

    guys, ICS for Xperia S has started to roll out!

  • ICS for xperia S is already released …

  • hum

    Still no Jelly Bean update.. vjencanje

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