Xperia ion US promo video featuring Spider-Man

by XB on 25th June 2012

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Spider-Man Xperia ionSony Mobile has released a promotional video for the Xperia ion to celebrate its launch in the United States. To video even manages to tie in with Sony’s latest movie release, The Amazing Spider-man. The very well made video shows someone walking round a block and physically experiencing some of the best parts of any smartphone. To understand what we mean check out the sixty second video below.

  • gettin this on FRIDAY!!!..I CANT WAIT!!

  • guest

    will this model be available in white?

  • Coollead

    Saw The Amazing Spiderman this weekend… good movie. Funniest part? Spidey uses a Sony-branded Xperia Mini.

  • Rene

    notice no ATT branding. This is not available in the US unless you purchase the international version

  • Atlas

    If the film is made by Sony Pictures (or one of their other branches) the film will almost certainly have a Sony product in it. Look at the new James Bonds all Sony gear and Knight and Day etc.

  • That has to be the best Sony mobile ad I have seen thus far…

  • Laevatienn

    Looking forward to mine coming in on Thursday/Friday. Yay for stepping out of the tech waiting game. I’ll wait for the S4 Pro/ S5 and more RAM (2GB) before I jump in again. Need to focus on other tech waits. My only question is when the dock will be available.

  • Coollead

    Ahh, my point was it was a Sony branded Mini, which doesn’t exist. The Mini should be Sony Ericsson, but they changed it for the film.

  • Atlas

    Kind of like the xperia arc in resident evil

  • ss

    video doesn’t work…

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