Xperia S Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware (6.1.A.0.452) review

by XB on 25th June 2012

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Xperia S Android 4.0 firmware reviewThe long-awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update finally started to roll out for the Sony Xperia S earlier this week. Sony Mobile’s 2012 flagship which launched in March 2012, always felt it was missing something on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, despite the firmware being very stable. Indeed one of the biggest criticisms of the Xperia S from reviews at launch was the lack of ICS.

In many ways, it feels that the true Xperia S experience starts here, now that ICS has arrived. We have been testing the 6.1.A.0.452 firmware, which introduces Android 4.0.4 and the 3.0.8 kernel, over the last few days and given the sheer number of changes we thought we’d post a firmware review. Click through for our full impressions below.

6.1.A.0.452 Firmware Review (Android 4.0.4)

The Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update comes to the Sony Xperia S in firmware build number 6.1.A.0.452. We also see a brand new 3.0.8 kernel that brings its own efficiencies including better power management.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Lock Screen – direct access to camera and notifications

The lock screen now allows you to access the camera by swiping the slider from right to left. Now this is an ICS feature so we can understand why Sony chose to use it, however the Xperia S already features ‘Fast Capture’ which allows you to immediately use the camera from a locked screen by holding the camera button. It works well and you can set it up so that it either launches the camera and takes a picture or just launches the camera interface only.

Therefore we would have preferred it if the previous ‘slide to silence’ feature remained. It was useful in many situations especially for meetings. For other manufacturers that don’t have Fast Capture, we can understand why this ‘slide to launch camera’ would be useful, but it wasn’t needed for the Xperia series. The Xperia S now has two ways of accessing the camera from a locked handset which is not necessary.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Users can now choose which notifications to appear on the lock screen. This can now be accessed as follows: Settings > Display > Lock screen settings. This allows users to hide detailed information on the locked screen as well as choosing whether you want missed calls, new messages, new emails and calendar events to appear.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Another useful change is that you can now directly access notifications from the lock screen by simply swiping from left to right. For example if you receive a text message, you can access the message by swiping on the notification in the lock screen.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Users of the Xperia S already had access to lockscreen music controls but one of the issues we always previously had is that this would only work for the stock music player. However, an available API means that this player also now works with other music apps including Google Music. A godsend.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Menu Button optional

One of the big changes that Android 4.0 ICS brings is that Google has now made the Menu button optional. Apps that have been designed for older versions of Android will now get an on-screen Menu button. If you have been using Android for a while and haven’t used ICS before, you will probably find this a bit disconcerting. Even with the same handset, it will probably take some time to get used to the change.

For example, pressing the Menu button on the Xperia S no longer brings up the pop-up that allowed you to access Settings, Wallpaper and Themes. It instead launches a small bar from the top with two icons. The paint brush icon on the left allows you to change Wallpaper and Themes (these are the same as in Android 2.3.7). The + button on the right gives you access to widgets which we’ll discuss later. This bar can also be accessed by long pressing onto an empty part of your home screen.

Xperia S ICS firmware

There are two ways to access the Settings menu: 1) You can launch it via the app tray or 2) You can access the Settings icon when you swipe down to access the notification pane. As there are two ways to access the pop-up discussed above, we wonder why Sony couldn’t have kept access to the Settings from the Menu button. Either way, it’s not too much of an issue.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Settings Menu

The Settings menu has now been grouped into four areas: 1) Wireless and Networks, 2) Device, 3) Personal and 4) System.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Xperia S ICS firmware

A new addition is a setting called ‘Data usage’ where you can set a mobile data limit and see which apps are using your data.

Xperia S ICS firmware

You can now also change font sizes (Settings > Display > Font size). Four options are available including small, normal, large and extra large. This is a nice feature to have especially for the older amongst us who may struggle to read the text on a smartphone.

Xperia S ICS firmware

The Storage menu option now gives a neat graphical visualisation of how much data you have used and which category it falls into.

Xperia S ICS firmware

The Battery option is much the same as before but brings one critical addition – the percentage of battery charge left. We never really understood why this crucial piece of information was always left absent previously.

Xperia S ICS firmware

The Xperia setting now adds ‘About PlayStation Certified’ information.

Xperia S ICS firmware

The Security setting allows you to select Face Unlock. We feel this is a bit of a gimmick, it does work but not under all conditions. We still think it’s safer to use a pin, password or pattern.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Another useful feature is Owner info. The idea behind this is that if your phone is locked and you lose it, you could place some owner info text that would help someone return the phone to you.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Android 4.0 ICS now brings many more developer options. In ‘Settings > Developer options’ there are many useful options to tweak your phone. One of the most useful is enabling hardware acceleration through ‘Force GPU rendering’ that should mean smoother performance on the phone.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Widgets resizable

You can add widgets by either long pressing on an empty part of the home screen or by pressing the Menu button. Click the + on the right side to bring up the ‘Add to home screen menu’.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Android 4.0 ICS brings with it a number of different widgets with the main highlights being the Gmail widget, ICS calendar app and Power Save widget. Content like emails can also be scrolled. Another cool feature is that apps can now be resized. Just long press on the widget to bring up the template and then drag the corners to resize.

Browser improvements

Another big improvement in the ICS source code is a new browser that is not only faster than the previous version but also allows you to open 16 pages at any one time. Swiping down on a page brings the browser tabs icon on the top right, once you click on this you can see all of the pages open. To close a page you can simply swipe it away or hit the X on the top right. You can also easily access Bookmarks from this screen too.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Clicking the Menu button whilst on a web page allows you to save a page for offline reading or request the desktop version of that site. Bookmarks can also be synced from your Google Chrome account.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Notification menu – swipe away notifications

When you pull down to access the notification window, certain notifications can now be dismissed just by swiping them away.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Multitasking – Recent apps

To see your recently opened apps you need to simply hold down the home button for a couple of seconds. This brings a neat list of all of the open apps displaying the thumbnail of each. You can easily scroll through this vertical stack and easily close open apps by swiping it away.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Extra Keyboard

You now get an extra keyboard to choose from. There is the ‘Full keyboard’ (the default), the ‘Phonepad’ (T9 experience) and now you also get the ‘Full keyboard extra’ which also includes numbers/symbols over the letters so that you can easily access these via a long press.

Xperia S ICS firmware

There is now also the option to select a secondary keyboard language so that you can get spelling corrections in two languages – good for the bi-lingual amongst you.

Xperia S ICS firmware

New text messaging options

There are several new options available to you when writing a text message this includes adding an album photo (this was previously available too), taking a new photo, make a note doodle, or sharing your location.

Respond by text to an incoming call

Users can now send a predefined text message if they cannot take a call for whatever reason. You can also create your own custom text. This is an ingenious idea and we’re surprised it hasn’t been implemented before. To activate this you simply swipe up whilst you receive a call, there will then be a number of text options that you can send.

Dialler adds Phone Groups

The dialler now adds groups to the already existing Contacts and Favourite tabs. Here you can group people into pre-defined categories such as Colleagues, Family and Friends.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Album is a brilliant gallery app

The Album app replaces the Gallery app on Android Gingerbread. Album is a vast improvement over its predecessor, loading pictures much faster as well as allowing you to easily scroll through content. You can also pinch-to-zoom or swipe left or right whilst browsing the gallery to make the picture thumbnails bigger or smaller.

Xperia S ICS firmware

You can also browse by folder by clicking on the arrow on the top right.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Other features include the Map tab that shows where photos have been taken if geotagging is enabled. There is also a search bar that allows you to search photos. The last Online tab shows you photos from your Picasa account.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Films app

This app will play any video content downloaded onto the device. There is a wide range of video support – we tried a range of mp4, and avi files which almost all worked perfectly. MKV files were a bit hit and miss however. It was nice to see that the player also adds thumbnails, description and cast information for some downloaded content.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Walkman app with Visualiser and FLAC support

The Walkman app is mostly a re-skin of the already excellent Music Player that graced the device on Android 2.3.7. However, once of the big new improvements is the introduction of FLAC support, which is great news for music purists.

Xperia S ICS firmware

There is also a Visualiser that can be accessed via the settings. We’re not sure whether anyone will really be looking at the screen whilst playing music but it would be great for when the handset is connected to a TV.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Updated Calendar app

The calendar app has been updated to bring together personal, work, school, and social agendas. Other apps can also add events to the calendar. It has also been redesigned and calendars are now colour-coded. Users can swipe to change dates and pinch-to-zoom in and out of agendas.

Xperia S ICS firmware

New app – Back up & restore

Sony has re-introduced a dedicated backup app which allows you to select storage destination (including a USB device with the appropriate cable) along with exactly what data you want backed up.

Xperia S ICS firmware

New app – Notes

A new notes app is available in the app tray that allows you to sync it with an Evernote account. You can either use the keyboard to write text or create a doodle instead or even use speech-to-text functionality. Seems like a nice new addition to us.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Other things we’ve noticed

Lower amount of free RAM

There now appears to be a lower amount of free RAM available now that ICS has been installed. This is not surprising given the higher overheads associated with ICS. However, it is worth noting that any ‘used’ RAM may be freed more efficiently when needed so it’s not worth reading too much into this. In our use so far, we haven’t noticed any performance issues.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Respectable battery life

From our brief testing, the battery life usage appears to be at least good as the 6.0.A.3.75 and 6.0.A.3.76 Android 2.3.7 firmware. We will try and report back later on the week on how good/bad battery life has been over a few more days of use.

Higher camera video bit rates

Whilst the camera UI remains broadly unchanged, the bit rate for 720p and 1080p video appears to have increased. The 1080p bit rate has increased from 14mbps to around 20mbps whilst 720p bit rate has increased from 6mbps to around 12mbps.

Screenshot option removed from power menu

Holding down the power button now brings you a different menu compared to Android 2.3.7. Most users will probably notice that the ‘Take screenshot’ option has disappeared. Android ICS now allows you to take screenshots by holding down the power button and volume down button at the same time.

Xperia S ICS firmware

Final thoughts

As you can tell from the size of this firmware review, there have been some huge additions over the previous firmware. Some of these were baked into the Android 4.0 ICS source code and others Sony has introduced itself. We have noticed some people talking of performance and battery issues, but this has not been experienced by us so far. As a point of clarity, our Xperia S was given a clean install to ICS. We also did not use any backup apps to restore our applications, instead we re-downloaded them from the Google Play Store.

This has been a very worthwhile update in our view. Yes, there are still going to be a few bugs here and there that Sony Mobile will no doubt rectify in future updates. The Album and Walkman apps are a particular highlight for us, but the vast number of smaller changes makes the Xperia S almost seem like a new phone now that it is running ICS.

Some may still view the Xperia S hardware as being behind the competition, however the ICS experience is not compromised by its specs in our view. It was a long wait for Xperia S users, but now we have the experience that Sony had always intended when it launched the handset and for that we are delighted.

  • Very nice review good job

  • I use the Android 4.0 ICS on my Xperia Arc s…There are many bugs:((

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  • i’m gamer

    F*** you sony for what you have done on uor xperia play

    and damn you for ” no xperia play 2 ”


  • XYZ

    Ugh, go away.

  • XYZ

    Ugh, go away.

  • yeo wee kian

    all the features i have already tried it all true, but somehow the walkman app is not able to show some words while poweramp is able to. and the connected device app is not able to connect. widget locker seems quite laggy with ics, and the stock browser should be replaced by chrome beta, which is faster and smoother. other things to note are that games works fine, but with sudden lagness, and that the sound quality is not as good as xperia arc s

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  • ankitw

    fyi..the swipe to open notifications from lock screen is already there on default GB software ..

  • owl

    that’s quite a long list of changes. many of you may be condemning me for this but i’d say it’s worth the wait.

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  • Nine

    Listen how dum are you ??? Sony will release the update you baby, didn’t you read the artical ?

  • when for xperia sola???? :(

  • Sherlock

    Now if we can get can capture the screenshot by holding down power button and volume down button simultaneously, how are we supposed to restart the device in case it ever hangs. Earlier this combo used to work for force restart.

  • Twenty_to_9

    Childish, simply childish, you call yourself a gamer but you’re a big disgrace to all gamers. It’s because of people like you(gamers) that SONY decided not to update The Play to ICS simply because it would disrupt the main aspect of the phone which is “gaming”. Shame on you seriously, shame. I wonder what your thoughts towards SONY would have been if the simply updated and deny you access to games

  • vdr

    Nice features… Now all we need is that Sony released these 4.0 update. I was the first to buy an Xperia S smartphone and always the last to have the updates.

  • whats that wallpaper that you are using? Is it a live wallpaper?

  • Simão Lúcio

    They removed the mute option from the lock screen???
    This can be true!!!

    Please sony! Bring back again this usefull feature or at least let this be an option in the settings…

  • This looks great, it would be fantastic if the ION had come out with this right out of the gate.
    It’s great that ion is finally released. When it was announced it was supposed to be this year’s flagship, however now it’s this year’s second best in the US as the announced for late summer, Xperia Z(? there’s so many) will have the S4 processor vs the S3 in this one, Cybershot lenses and a bit more of the Sony Style and truly be the flagship. Meanwhile, I’m finding bugs in the software and am truly afraid to hold my GS3 naked in my hands for fear of dropping it. I wonder what I’ll be able to get for it by then?

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  • JenH

    it’s great to use ics….. just one thing bugging me…. I don’t how to make app folder!!? seems to me that all the gadgets have been move to “add to home screen” ….. I just can’t find it!

    really weird. there is a Media folder on my phone, but i don’t know how make more of it to tidy my apps…

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  • Oh my God, it’s the best Android launcher today

  • Hannad

    Now bring us a easy root.

  • Hannad

    Yes, it is a live wallpaper.
    With ICS there are also four new live wallpapers. This one called bubbles. The live nexus wallpaper also changed.

  • pegel

    calm down man !!, if you want ICS come to your X Play don’t wait for SONY update, just Install costume room with ICS, , and say goodbye for game :P, that’s way SONY not update your Xplay. game or interface? have a choose ;p

  • IzzNarVewalo

    I don’t know if itssame on the S, but on the Xperia P u supposed the restart by holdig power down and volume UP, not down.

  • Sherlock

    Ohh… You are right! I must have read the wrong info somewhere then. Even the user manual has specified power and volume up buttons for force restart. Thank you for notifying me about the same.

  • XperiaBlog

    You’re right, although we didn’t realise this before. Shame
    on us. We’ll keep it in, just in case there are others who never knew this nifty
    feature was included!

  • lovebmw

    do we have proxy settings for using wifi with ICS?

  • battery life very bad…

  • pinoypride

    Good job indeed!!! So release the ics firmware as soon as possible to taste the sweetness of your ice cream sandwich…

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  • AsadMulla

    I didnt know either. (still on GB) waiting for official ICS

  • minur

    ics have been super, but the wifi connection is poor .. I hope you resolve this problem, It returns early in the sony!

  • Aokde Gharra

    hey xperia blog, can you confirm if fast capture (by pressing the camera button) works when there’s a lock method? i.e pin lock, pattern lock, slide lock, and face unlock (all of them please?)
    and if it works, what happens after the shot is taken? can view it or i need the unlock combo? can shoot more photos while locked (without viewing them)?
    will much appreciate it.

  • Xeozy Zeoxy

    great article!

  • Yes fast capture works when there’s a password of any kind. You can take photos as much as you can but to view them, you must unlock the phone. For example, when you press to see a photo you have taken, you are directed to the unlock screen. Same with changing a feature (except for flash, i guess). When you want to change shooting mode, or change to video mode in quick launch mode (if a lock method of any kind is activated) you also need to unlock the phone. Hope this helps.

  • Silver Scythe

    Well, you can keep the power button held and you’ll get a menu to put your phone in mute mode. That should do the trick right?… So it’s not too big an issue.

  • Dipish

    Can the ‘slide to silence’ lockscreen behaviour be restored in the options?

  • herro

    I was really excited for the update and I immediately put ICS onto my Xperia S the day Xperia Blog uploaded the tft file (thank you so much by the way!). Sadly though, I’m regretting the update and I should’ve been more cautious about new firmware.
    I’m experiencing noticeable lags when I start any kind of app such as the Walkman App, gReader, etc., and severe lags during games like Scramble With Friends and Draw Something. Wifi also seems a lot slower than before. I thought these issues would be resolved once I let it ‘set in’, but nothing has changed as of today.
    My biggest disappointment was actually the Walkman App which I was the most excited for. Back with Gingerbread, you could browse the album or artist by tapping on the respective names on the Playing display which was extremely convenient for me.
    The new browser and task manager are certainly amazing improvements, but honestly, my experience with the Xperia S…just went for the worst :(
    Is there a way to re-install ICS? Anyone experiencing similar problems?

  • Dipish

    Glad to see they’ve finally made a usable keyboard, with extra characters. Maybe I haven’t switched to Swype right away if it was there in the beginning…

  • Dipish

    Is there a possibility to add custom contact groups?

  • Dipish

    Can I now uninstall more pre-installed crapware?

  • Just drag one app on top of another. It will create a folder automatically.

  • AlexBurnout

    Still waiting for mine!

  • Is ther wifi direct or beam app

  • Rune Christiansen

    Except it’s much faster the other way. New way you got to turn on, unlock, hold power, hit button on screen, lock again. 5 steps, where the old method where only two..

  • Jake

    Obviously u arent a gamer .
    A gamer should focus on competiable of games rather than crying for smartphone update which will ruin the gaming experience .

  • Aokde Gharra

    this helps very much :D thanks man

  • litoni

    did you (xperia blog) update this thru the PCcom. or SESU or did you guys just flashed it?

  • Feanor

    Finally NXT series gets the software version around which was quite probably designed. Last year Google had promised that it would work closely with the manufacturers to bring timely updates. In the end the ICS updates faced greater delays than we had to endure with Gingerbread. The original arc was sporting GB a couple of months after its release by Google and it made it to the market soon afterwards. The Xperia S is getting it 8 months after ICS was presented. The situation with other OEMs is not much better; Motorola belongs to Google and the RAZR line seees ICS just now!
    Let’s hope the companies will sit down together to solve this problem and deliver what they promised.

  • Ashish Jhala

    hey Xperiablog, really happy to see an amazing review for the 4.0.4, waiting for my own actually… Just as you said that the video recording has cranked up in the bitrates… could you also confirm about the picture/image quality over the GB version.. As we all know the very capable 12MP sensor was not given enough justice with the image over-compression

  • abbas

    and benchmark also improves, for example my unit in antutu benchmark were about 6400-6500 in 2.3.7 but now it is about 6750-6850 in 4.0.4 and in real i can somehow feel it is faster

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  • Jake

    Well receive a upgrade from a stable ( GB 2.3.7 ) firmware to the latest ( 4.0.4 ) in 3 months time after launch . Acceptable .
    If sony upgrade xperia s first , ppl will say sony money face , don care old model etc

    The update is pretty fast with neat UI + some cool apps and smooth experience .
    I must say sony doing good job there .

    p/s : have a sg2 , the ICS update seem like change ntg include the UI and add some lag on the original smooth GB . More force close and random reboot .

  • roeshak

    Of course the sg2 has same ui. They are obliged to give android system updates and not the own new software. The ics build from Sony for the 2011 phones is different from the ics build for the 2012 phones just like with Samsung, htc and all others.
    The xperia s ui will not change either when it gets updated to jb. Sony will like all others reserve their new stuff for their 2013 line up.
    That’s just how it goes. Don’t try to make Sony look different in that redirect because they are not.

  • sasa

    I need help,I cant upgrade my xperia s on ICS and I dont know reason,my phone sim number is on list devices but still nothing.

  • JenH

    okay~ i didn’t know i can do that…. Thanks :D

  • itr0ll1

    interestng that the OS uses so much battery.

    flash a custom rom and forget the sony bloatware.

    and can change that slide to unlock if you want… why use default……………………. why

  • itr0ll1

    and there is NO root yet for this, so beware.

  • itr0ll1

    get root access, and NQ mobile antivirus. you can uninstall ANY module/crapware on the phone. or flash your own custom roms…

  • Finalfeeling

    Just push volume rockr

  • harhar

    just simply tap on empty part of your homescreen to make the bar appear..dont need to longpress

  • Finalfeeling

    You should factory reset after upgrade fw.

  • DragonClaw

    One more thing. On the lock screen we can access the silent to loud or vibration and vice bersa by long pressingthe power button.

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    Does it have a LED Notification issue :p

  • Tham Rui Yang

    Dear sir, i just read that xperia s just got its ics update, but when i try to update it through sony pc companion, it said tat my android 2.3.7 is the latest update. Why is this so? base on my phone id no. its state tat the release date is 22 june.

    can plz help? i from singapore

  • Dipish

    I don’t want to do it yet. I read about more freedom in uninstalling pre-installed stuff on ICS, something that Google made manufacturers do…

  • Irakli Baliashvili

    hi all, please help! i have xperia S lt26i android 2.3.7 and can not update it to android 4.0.4 with companion. what can i do?

  • But I do think they have improved this function though. Doesnt it show more swipenotifications then before?

  • Still waiting for the update to hit Australia but… I find it hard to believe that battery life would actually be worse. Can anyone else comment on battery life?

  • dude basagirski

    Sony update service or so, SEUS get it, it updated my phone just FINE

  • Deep, XPERIA S User/Lover

    This is the best update. Thank you XperiaBlog for giving the FTF file. And a very elaborated and excellent review. I just want to point out, that the option to zoom in and zoom out while taking photos by pinching in and out is awesome. – Deep, India.

  • Deep, XPERIA S User/Lover

    This is the best update. Thank you XperiaBlog for giving the FTF file.
    And a very elaborated and excellent review. I just want to point out,
    that the option to zoom in and zoom out while taking photos by pinching
    in and out is awesome. – Deep, India.

  • Strongful_Brother

    Does anybody knows how to switch off voice in browser also what happened to the screenshot app?

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  • Strongful_Brother

    Please read the update guide

  • ruchindra.

    did you guys notice that the camera cant be switched from front to back in the camera options?! that freaking sux

  • Cheng

    Hi guys I have a big question: I just keep seeing the update notification on my Xperia S, that I can upgrade to 6.1.A.0.452. Now that I decided now to upgrade, (afraid to lose data and settings), Is it possible to HIDE this update on my phone? or any software that can do that? I dont want to keep seeing that update icon actually which is quite annoying…

    thnx in advance.~~

  • Luis

    i have a question.

    i want to buy the xperia s and i was wondering if it has swipe input on its keyboard.

  • ankitw

    yes it has

  • roy ollis

    Yes it has

  • bobby

    I am in pakistan when I will get ics update on xperia s?

  • Teng How Lai

    after numurous problems faced by us trying to update Xperia S, which I finally did, well, despite a little bit lagging, i like it still. Not a programmer myself, just hope, if there’s miracle, that Sony could further enhance the smoothness! Thank you.

  • Julio Spinoza

    There are also extra keyboard skins, looks amazing!

  • Leon

    in the camera app, tap the mode selector (where you choose normal/pano/3d etc) and front camera is in there

  • Leon

    sadly no – this was a disappointment to me too. but as mentioned above in the comments, hold the power button in the lock screen and there’s 3 buttons on the thing that pops up to choose sound/vibrate/silent

  • Leon

    it keeps all data and settings

  • Leon

    Why do you need a screenshot app when you can take screenshots by using Power+VolumeDown

  • Jiakushi

    My phone doesnt have a face unlock:( Please tell me how to fixed it

  • Dev Raj

    I still feel the Power Down menu should had the Restart & Take Screenshot option. Is there a way to restart the phone without having power down and up again?

  • Slide to unlock feature lost after upgrading to Android 4.0.4 ICS. Help please.

  • brad

    Just go to the manage applications settings then go to ALL tab then find Update Center on the apps list then just select clear data. That annoying notification icon will go away. Hope that helps.

  • victor hamzelloh

    the new screen shot (capture) is by
    pressing the power button and volume down button and hold them in the same time :)

  • aprilius20

    What I want to know now is, where has the 3D album gone to? I can’t view my 3D photos now. Anyone know where it is?

  • KaYLakS

    May I ask if you are experiencing a slight pause (or lag) when you capture video and pan it left or right? It’s like having low FPS, but not when you’re not moving it. This was the first thing I noticed. Other than that, I love my Xperia S in ICS… :)

  • Apiwat

    I need help anyone??? I updated to ICS on my Xperia S. But pressing lock button and volume down button doesnt screen shoot

  • Teng How Lai

    Press at the same time and hold 1 second

  • Ajish V Athikkadan

    Updated my xperia s to ics.
    Smooth performance after updation
    unbelievable battery life
    SONY thank you for this gift

  • Andrea

    After the Ics update , the Top Contacts Widget doesn’t works properly anymore , it shows up contacts then after some calls , it shows in a transparent red windows with the diciture “Impossible Load Widget” … too bad

  • well first of i will say i m really disappointed with sony for such a “not so happening ICS update”…

    most of the cool and new features if ICS version of android by google are not in sony’s ICS

    for instance:
    in the above link refer to the follwing subtopics
    New lock screen actions

    Rich and versatile camera capabilities
    while shooting video, you can now take snapshots at full video resolution just by tapping the screen as video continues to record.

    Live Effects for transforming video

    Where the **** is the PEOPLE app ???

    so many features are not there in this update of ICS then whats the advantage of that…
    SONY please realease another update which takes in consideration all above points … please… because right now we are really feeling HTC and SAMSUNG is a better choice to purchase a handset with ICS

    Plus the camera quick launch is not working…
    it works for the first time i press the button, it captures a picture directly but after that it doesnot work for atleast an hour.. i mean to say that after 1 try when i try again it gets stuck to the lock screen and doesnt launch the camera

    Please TECHNICAL SUPPORT team respond soon

    Icant even edit MYSELF contact

    more problems…
    very slow.. often gets stuck even when on home screen … and cached processes of many apps strts automatically even whn they r not actly being used.. that takes lots of RAm.. so more slow

    where is 3d album???
    the thing is in the album app we can now only those 3d photos as 3d which have been clicked after ICS update.. no no remaining 3d panaromas can be viewd as 3d in ALBUM app..
    n really the album app and the phone app also takes lots of time to load….

    overall i would say GB was better.. much better rather in terms of performance as well..
    now the phone hangs n freezes so many times and that too even on the home screen

    SONY please release update with improvements soon.. please consider all the problems stated above.. we always thot sony was better than other companies… please maintain that spirit in us..

  • Shadow

    Yo ! What’s the theme used ? :p

  • Andrei

    yes it does have a led notification issue. led won’t stop blinking. i installed light flow to disable almost all led notifications

  • Andrei

    indeed, battery life is worse than the previous version of Gingerbread

  • Plnchz Bu

    Hold de power button and the volume UP button for a few seconds…

  • sonyfan

    I also get this problem when setting a password for.e.g., when I turn my phone on there’s no slide to.unlock anymore… That means we.cannot access notifications when you.have a password… Shame



  • Don’t worry, data will remain as it is

  • Hmmm not to worry, Sony team is working on it to fix this….. They have acknowledged

  • With new upgrades battery life increased on my Xperia S…..

  • ladiesman217

    I still have gallery since it wasnt replaced by album! I also don’t have that Films thing either or Lock Screen in my Display Settings! I checked and my update is 4.0.4 and im using the same phone so whats going on?

  • well when i installed ICS in my xperia s:
    -recent apps(much easier to close apps)
    -contact groups( about time)
    -calender(much polished)
    -data usage
    -can now install google chrome

    -the original email app for exchange (miss the split screen)
    -calender (miss the split screen)
    -holding down to the setting button for quick search on desktop
    -performance ( this is tooo laggy)
    – method of taking screenshots

  • Hey guysss after updating to ICS the phone is little bit laggy as moving from one screen to another the widgets are opening very any one facing the same problem and is there ny solution..Pls help mee???

  • w-bernt

    I my opinion this is the absulutly the best update sony ever delievered to xperia s i have also the htc one x when compaire both phones with each other then you can almost say the xperia s blows the one x out of the water in almost any department everything runs very smooth so far i didnt found any bugs and to xperia blog thanks for the review

  • eldy

    fast capture not working well! disappointing..

  • Seifer_5209

     Hi,i wanna ask about why my xperia s when i was enabled the lock screen
    sound,touch sound but why there still got no sound appear when i make a
    screen lock? i met this problem after upgrade to ICS,please help

  • jonny antelope

    finally found out how to take a screenshot!! haha w00t :D

  • Synthics

    Read many reviews on ICS for our Xperia S, but haven’t found the Beam function, data transfer from phone to phone, isn’t it available ?

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  • Victorious

    I had the same problem but deleted a whole heap of old SMS and RAM increased leading to better performance. Let me know if it works for you.

  • Khalid

    when we can see the font change option in sony mobiles withoiut the need to do the rooting things

  • naushad nash

    can any 1 pls help me in updating my android version 2.3.7 to latest   build number is 6.0.a375
    any kind of information pls help me.

  • Dixit Suthar9

    how to get more battery life up to  1 day which apps best for this??

  • Pj Almonte

    Go to settings >wireless and networks > more> enable nfc

  • Dhude07

     its not working

  • Jon

     I just still get the phone reset – but no screenshot option

  • Sherlock

    Try holding volume down button and power button for a second or two. That should take a screenshot.

  • AJ

    I Installed the update, but what happend to the 3D Camera? I can’t find it….

  • Nomanzakir89

    when em doing update y its showing me server is buzy plz help some one ASAP

  • Candyyap

    Everything is ok except the copy and paste function. Not user friendly as before, sometimes it appears the full function after hard press, however most of the time only appears PASTE which make me very irritated ;(

  • Dwaipayanray

    Will Xperia sola get an ICS update or directly a JB update!??

  • Naga Sharma

    Hi can u advice how to tag and save pictures in the facebook? Because after i install tiz android 4.0 version their no option to tag and save pictures. Tks

  • jp66

    when in camera mode you can view pictures you have take,but not video,you could with the old system. 

  • Billy_lee89

    cant do it with my st17i active :(((

  • Lullaby Amsya

    How u did a screenshot , i want to know . Urgent please !

  • Dsads

    hold down the power button and volume down key at the same time ;)

  • paul4id

    What an UGLY font. It’s worse than both Roboto and Droid Sans. At least with Droid Sans and the old Sony Ericsson font you could tell the difference between ‘I’ and ‘l’.

  • kishore

    Screecapturing s not working. Even using volume keys.

  • networxpunk

    Update is good except I can no longer play life is crime my favorite game. Also some other apps thar require internet connection wont work properly. Can any one help.

  • Varunm2112

    Please let me know the battery life after ics upgrade

  • Santhosh

    After updating Sony Xperia S  to ICS, I have lot so many things
    1.  In the main menu where there is a media shortcut, i have lost my gallery or album shortcut there.
    2.  I have lost the 3D cam in menu.
    3.  Voice Search was there, which is not there any more in menu, but only google voice search is available.
    4.  I trust sony a lot and my mp3 player, my tv, my mobile everything is sony, but this is the first time I am experiencing problem with sony.  I really dont think this is an update, its more like it has removed most of the features which i mentioned above.  Dont know what to do?  I am regreting for updating the phone to ICS.

  • Santhosh

    yup most features are missing as u said 3D cam, its missing in my mobile also

  • Santyitsmylife

    Same here friend i too really dint feel it as an update.  lot of problems and saw many features missing, which were in fact good.

  • Splicage

    Pretty sure data usage was there before…

  • Splicage


  • Tohar Lalua

    Now I want this but on my eagerly waiting Xperia SL!!! come on Sony make.believe launch the SL :D

  • kj

    I want the screen shot option back on power button, How Can I? pluse the wifi connectivity signals are slow with this software update. Help

  • Kuro Mirai

    Still not available on NX SO-02D …

  • sony liker

    no pattern or any other security with a slide. just only once at a time ! disappointed a lot .expecting more. but all others are okay ………….///i like it a lot and lot

  • russell

    I want to change the camera slider back to the sound slider (version 3) any one know how to do this?
    Mail me please

  • jojo

    Once updated to ice cream I’ve lost the 3d camera can I get that back as it wad really good? X

  • Lukeabercynonboi

    Bring back the screenshot option!!! :)

  • Niks


    I am facing pathetic slow down on my phone.after upgrade to 6.1.A.0.452

  • Dilip

    I think ginger is always best and stable…. It actually completes my needs…… :-)

  • John

    New screenshot method just will not work on my xperia s no matter how long I depress the power and volume down buttons simultaneously ! Not a happy bunny ! Anyone know how to fix this prob ? Thanks John

  • floco

    Anyone else having problems saving to playlists in walkman???

  • amiek

    How make you a screenshot

  • omar sherif

    i updated to 4.04 i cant read my email i see the subjects only i was iphone user help plz

  • vaibhv chavan

    When xperia ray will get this update?????????
    plz mail me on

  • George


  • sanket

    its in the camera setting option whule taking pics..
    check it

  • bev rock

    2 days I have it on my phone!! And it feels and works like I have got a new phone!!! Love the new adds. !

  • avinash

    Hello every one…i recently updated my phone(neo v) with android 4.04 a result my phone hangs a lot..when compared to the earlier version..can any 1 please help?

  • APai

    seen it on a few phones now – sony has done a commendable job

  • APai

    no – it’s not lost, you have to go to the control panel and you have a number of choices , including pattern unlock

  • dd

    i installed an update but my album and video cannot open, ): pls help me solve this problem…Xperia p model..when i try to open its become black pls help…i tried to clear cache but still the same problem exist…

  • nicky

    how to use/access the doodle as the only way it allows me to do this is by writing a new message and could you please tell me how to draw up the keyboards that allows me to search for things in my device?
    Thanks in advance.

  • kim

    hello,, my xperia s is not responding when im going to slide it up up and down,, i dont know what to do? , i think its in the settings but my problem is i cant slide it down to reset or check th settings pls help me!

  • Liamo

    It’s happened with me to

  • hamzah khan

    im trying to take a screen shot while playing a video on SONY XPERIA S. screenshot is added in the gallery but there is no picture. its black. i used to do it on my previous SONY ERICSSON xperia ARC S and there was no problem with it. if i take it anywhere else, even there it captures a screenshot properly but i dont know y its not getting displayed if i capture it while playing a video, though it takes a picture but thats blank. please lemme know if you have any update about it.

  • krys

    When I updated the recorder that came with the fone disappeared. Most apps that came with the fone went to

  • Snoopy

    Here is the solution to Arc S random reboot problem:

  • sehryar

    Since the update to the last android OS non of the photo viewer apps display my 3d photos that I had taken with earlier version OS. They also do not appear to have any option for taking 3d photos. Please sort this problem Sony.

  • Prosper

    Share please

  • Roslyn

    I am having problems with the new ‘Album’ instead of ‘Gallery’. When I click on it it just comes up with a black screen then goes again??

  • NAD

    When I upgrade my LWW into ICS i cannot received data or even browse when the data traffic turns on, please help me someone

  • Same here… :(

  • kevin alexander

    SoHow to set a wallpaper without cropping? This thing I can’t do that.. And where is Chinese and Korean keyboard? I didn’t found yet.

  • Alexander Pyae

    It can install another themes ? where can i find that themes ?

  • anthony nassif

    Thank you for the tip,they wete very usefull

  • Virginia

    My phone and contacts won’t stay open. I hit phone and then start to scroll through the list to find one of my recent calls to call back and the app closes! Sometimes it closes as soon as it opens. Contacts behaves exactly the same. It took me like 6 times to save a contact last weekend because it kept closing. I did a factory reset and it was good for a day and then started acting stupid again. What’s the point of having a cell phone if the PHONE feature of it won’t even stay open long enough to use it??? I have a feeling it’s a problem with the upgrade because it worked just fine until I upgraded the operating system. I only did that because the stupid notification telling me to upgrade wouldn’t go away until I did it. NOT HAPPY!!! :(

  • Virginia

    I have an Xperia Ion incase that matters.

  • Dawn

    after updating my android phone’s os to this, i noticed that the phone cam’s light dimmed a bit.. is that normal?

  • Ana

    i absolutely love this phone

  • fairouz

    Help me plz ,, the focus mode has been disabled after the update
    :( its there but I can not press it

  • That’s weird i have it…

  • I already got the Xperia S with the IC update so idk how it was with gingerbread, but i’ve got to say that is awesome!!! the phone is really flawless, i’m particulary happy with the walkman it sounds so good that is almost like i’m listening new songs xD the only thing for me would be the battery life but i think that’s because i only have two days with it and i have downloading games and other stuff like crazy so i will wait a lil to see how the battery really goes =)

  • abc

    I tried to take a screenshot by holding power button and volume button but it is not responding

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  • Stephanie Whittaker

    I have a more updated version of Xperia S and have never had some of these settings (my screenshots for comparison I’m really confused, and I really want those settings.

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