Xperia GX and Xperia SX hands-on photos

by XB on 26th June 2012

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Xperia GXThe Sony Xperia GX and Xperia SX handsets are due to launch in Japan on NTT DoCoMo during July and August respectively. Watch Impress managed some hands-on time with each phone so we thought we’d post some of their pictures to remind people what we will be missing out on in the western market. Here’s hoping that international variants of these phones will be announced soon.

The Xperia GX comes with a 4.55-inch HD display and 13MP camera, whilst the Xperia SX has a 3.7-inch qHD display and 8MP camera. Both models will come with the latest Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 chipset with 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 225 GPU. They are also the first Sony Xperia models to adopt on-screen buttons.

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia GX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Xperia SX hands-on photos

Via Watch Impress.

  • owl

    that S4 chip has got me drooling all over…

  • Farhad K

    This is really awesome awesome

  • DragonClaw

    HTC might just go for the same Krait Cores but they will be four in number. Sony needs to release these phones internationally as soon as possible. That will give those Sammy Fans some thing to think over before trolling.
    These phones, if released before the end of this year internattionally, (I mean really soon), will easily become the hottest phone of the year. The looks, the design, the hardware, the software within (that’s where Sony always rocks), the camera. Everything is just perfect. The display of Xperia GX will be awesome too, and it will surely be a lot better than the SIII, the SIII running a HUGE display. And the battery life will not be as bad as the SIII, since these are not quad cores.
    Just release these phones really soon SONY. Customers will take care of your sales. :)

  • owl

    wait, is it just me, or does the SX seem to have an abnormally large forehead?

  • ankitw

    will this be mint or hayabusa ?? … Pls sony pull out S4 quad core with white magic 720p display..
    Also bring out some win8 phones, win8 will look amazing on sonys phone design and display :)


    Awesome phone. Can’t wait for the international version. As usual, Sony will release it too late so the hardware specs will not be as impressive.

  • MobiousO

    I really really really really really want the GX. Sony!! Hear me!!!!!!

  • Alex Frías

    It’s not you, this phones have TV tuner, IR fitted into them though so if they release an international version of the SX I guess it’d be shorter :)

    Edit: I want this phone to be release internationally, it’s design is amazing! (if you imagine it a bit shorter)

  • Ke$ha

    Hurry up! Sony bitch !

  • Alex Frías

    Yes, and they’ll optimize the **** out of the hardware so we have the better performance than a quad-core, but the media will be harsh on them for not having them, misleading customers to Samsung :/

  • owl

    Ah. thanks for the heads up.

    yeah. it’s a beautiful phone with great specs. let’s hope someone from sony is reading this post right now haha.

  • megane198

    Will the Xperia GX use the same plastic with chrome plating like arc or is it aluminium like the ray? Please make it aluminium. If not, it will be the same with the arc after some time of use (with faded chrome) which is so ugly to look upon.

  • hamboy

    Both these phones look amazing

  • djabag

    The orange colour is so hot !!

  • Dinesh Kumar.T

    god…pls release d international version soon enuf…

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  • AlexBurnout

    When it’s available in Europe?

  • The orange version is so hoot and fashionable

  • dereknobuyuki

    Unfortunately, the software is the most lacking part of this device (I assume you are talking about the GX).

    I’ve said it before, but the software on the GX was disappointing. 92% chance I’ll still pre-order when the pre-orders launch but I hope they can improve the general performance from the current pre-launch firmware to what they launch with.

    Unfortunately, these devices could never become the “hottest phone of the year” due to marketing and positioning which is obviously a shame since they are still quite decent devices.

  • My gosh! that GX looks beautiful!

  • dereknobuyuki

    In this market where the GX and SX are being released, only 1 phone has quad-core processors — that would be Fujitsu (the first ever Tegra3 phone to be shown off last January). All new phones in the new summer “next series” line up have pretty much the same S4 (except for that Fujitsu + Tegra3)

    So, I hope they do a good job optimizing it for the final launch.

    However, the Japanese market doesn’t seem to really care about Quad Core at the moment. In my opinion, it’s more feature focused such as whether people can watch TV on it or not (actually the Samsung S3 supports 1-seg TV but neither device supports the new NotTV tv)

  • dereknobuyuki

    GX is textured like the X10 (At least in matte black… the matte white felt cheaper in materials than the X10) and not plastic-feeling like the Arc.
    The SX is plastic-feeling.
    The shiny silver coloured “chrome”-like parts will undoubtedly wear off over time but didn’t pay much attention to that when I played with these devices.

  • megane198

    I see. Thanks for the input. Perhaps, it will not much of an issue later on as this GX has thin chrome as opposed to the arc with fatter chrome part and it is so noticeable when the chrome faded.

  • TechGuyChris

    is this covering on the phones or not?

  • lav verma

    are the batteries on both devices user replace able???
    I hate this new Apple inspired trend of non removable batteries especially when the modern devices gulp battery juice so fast…

  • SRM

    Purely off topic.
    Is anyone experiencing problem with the new xperia U update 6.0.B.3.162 ?
    I was trying to update it for the last 2 days,but it shows an error – “Unable to install or start phone update components”.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Feanor

    The GX looks like a great flagship but I have two gripes with it:
    1. I think the design is not as sharp and distinct as the NXT series. It’s quite nice but for people that want to show off with their smartphone the NXTs (particularly the P) are the only credible iphone alternative from the current Xperia line up. The GX looks like it has a higher design quality than the arc, but it’s also a bit compromised lacking the bottom sharp chamfer and the thick chrome strip. I’d much rather have an aluminium NXT flagship, something like a bigger P.
    2. The specs are great but do they really bring the GX to another level in comparison to the Xperia S? I think for a higher end model, we’d need a few more treats than an S4 Snapdragon and a slightly better camera. I’d go for at least a White Magic display, or an AMOLED or a super app like a good voice recognition. As it is, I think the margin between this and the trio S-Ion-Acro S is not big enough and the high end og the Sony line-up starts getting a bit conjested and confusing. So, I am not sure whether I will miss the GX if it doesn’t make it outside of Japan. I’d rather wait 6 more months for something a bit more advanced.

  • tru

    I think Sony hybscca will be GX and mint will be sx of international. Versions

  • Kaostheory

    Maybe the international version they could put in the s4 pro.

  • You may as well wait another 6 months and then another 6 months… There is always gonna be something missing if you look at it like that but to me the gx has enoughabout it to last two years… There is no piece of tech now a days that is future proof

  • Feanor

    I agree. The GX would be perfectly adequate for me too. But I just wished for a bit more consistency between the models. Maybe an NXT style flagship. It’s not the technology of the GX that I have problem with, it’s the design and the awkward positioning in the line-up (in case it makes its way outside Japan).

  • Len

    I am curious to know if the GX will support the APT-X audio codec, both Samsung and HTC do on the S3 and One X whereas the Xperia S does not.

  • rex

    yup even i got the same message …. dunno wats up

  • Cheng

    well said. I also like the NXT series design the best. hence, i have my Xperia S, and I love it as no other phone. the next coming designs (incl ION) are all not as pretty as Xperia S IMO. the transparent bar is just so nice…a real good element they have implemented. While Im happily using my Xperia S, Im waiting patiently for the next special Xperia with high specs and unique design. I guess what they do now is to increase marketshare first with so many phone models coming out. Hopefully after that they will focus on less quantity and more quality phones. Long live Xperia! cheers~

  • oro77

    The batteries will be replaceable on the GX. I am not sure for the SX but I guess, it will be the same.

  • oro77

    Can someone tell me about the Bravia engine HD reality display ? Is it good ?

  • Basharca

    For the new generation that still doesn’t know what porn means, just watch the pics of GX and you’ll get an idea of what to expect ;)

    Wow just Wow! Sony keeps stunning me with those remarkable stylish designs. No wonder why I always perceived samsung designs as garbage. It totally makes sense now, because after being addictive to Sony style nothing can even come close! So just imagine if it was pure ugly?! Cough cough sammy.

  • Feanor

    The transparent bar of the NXTs is one of the best design features ever implemented on a smartphone, particularly on the P where it is touch sensitive. But if Sony switches to the stock on-screen button of ICS (like it is the case on the GX) then I am really worried about the future of the transparent strip. I don’t want the next generation of Sonys to look generic like the ion or the acro S. :-((

  • Damian

    The GX is amazingly beautiful, even in white (I normally can’t stand white smartphones!). I’d love to see the GX in that red colour of the Xperia P oO

  • Nobody

    Only thing that is missing at Xperia GX is Wolfson’s audio chip. Please Sony do something about audio quality of your products.

  • SRM

    It’s not showing the error now.
    Try updating it and I have already done mine.

  • YES!

  • DragonClaw

    Japan people likes Sony Japan’s software. :)
    And I along with a lot others love the International Sony Firmwares.
    And you say it will not be the hottest device? See sir, Shift Happens. :)

  • Disappointing? Really? The performance of the GX has been nothing but fast and buttery smooth in videos on the internet:

    I also don’t know how you can say that the GX would not be a success “due to marketing and positioning” when we don’t even know how it will be marketed and positioned because it hasn’t even been released!

  • steelicon

    Nooo!!! Camera module too near the edge. :-(

  • Why do you want a phone to show off with and to boast about with its specs?
    Besides, I can’t say I agree with your gripes.

    The GX is a beautiful phone by any measure. It has simple, understated and elegant lines which is, ironically, much like the widely admired iPhone you mentioned.

    In terms of hardware, the dual core S4 Snapdragon chip offers performance on par with quad core chips like the Tegra 3, which goes to show you how superior the technology of the S4 is. And if the GX uses Sony’s new generation stacked CMOS camera sensor then it is going to be much more than a “slightly better camera” than in the S/Ion/Acro S.

    Not that I’m boasting or anything :) but if this doesn’t satisfy you then I’m afraid you’ll never be happy because what you want is a phone with tomorrow’s specs, today, which will never exist because tomorrow there will be a newer set of specs to drool over.

  • Love the transparent strip. A brilliant piece of design and engineering by Sony. I can see a future for it because if Sony implements it the way it did in the Xperia P the strip manages the double trick of being capacitive buttons that free up space on the screen while still allowing the front of the phone to be clean like the Galaxy Nexus because the buttons are just barely visible in the transparent strip.

    Hopefully the NXT line sells in enough volume to convince Sony to keep the transparent strip design for future models.

  • Praesepe

    Wow, those really are wonderful designs, especially the sx’s. The combination of colours is just amazing and the silvery lines fit perfectly with the design. Sony’s designs have been, are and will always be the best you can find.

  • Oscar Mark

    The most beautiful Xperia phones, this far!
    If the GX is coming to Europe, (which I hope since Sony Mobile is partly swedish), and updating to JB 4.1 I NEED IT!!!
    Also good that Sony, make ICS on-screen button (since the last on-screen buttons they had were bad), and they look much better with Sony UI.

    Sony makes the best looking phones, the best software, the best Software upgrades, they,re the best at listening and supporting, they have the best prices and they understand that quad-core is too much (maybe because their PlayStation games don’t need a frickin Tegra 3 processor.

  • VJ

    BTW what’s that dolphin symbol at the rear of GX for? any idea ?

  • Grishm

    Sony is going to screw it up again yet again by holding off these amazing phones till the specs have become outdated. What a shame!

  • jim

    As an owner who loves the design of the Xperia Arc, i really do hope a UK launch soon. Although i prefer hardware buttons, if it means getting google OS (on screen buttons) updates faster then im all for it.
    The Xperia GX has the best design/hardware and specs im looking for in an upgrade.
    I can only wait so long since so many top end devices are out. hurry up and update arc SI 1246-9197 ICS to keep going for a few months.

  • dereknobuyuki

    The carrier will make a lot of demands plus there are tons of carrier-driven services that will demand carrier-centric firmware [ here in Japan ].

    If it gets released international and becomes the “hottest device” I’d be happy but I won’t get my hopes up. It would really help to bolster a community behind the device on XDA though.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve PLAYED with the device at length IN REAL LIFE and not a video off the Internet!

    It was nowhere near as smooth as the –albeit ugly– Galaxy S3.
    I’ve had a lot of hands on time with this device (GX) and as I previously wrote, the industrial design is great. The matte black version has good feeling materials. The matte white version I played with felt cheaper in material quality (probably from being handled a lot) but the GX feels good in the hand.

    I’ve also previously wrote that the camera response to both start up and being ready to take subsequent photos is slower than some other Xperia models. Also, I wrote that the Camera UI was bland and text-heavy compared to some competitors was disappointing since Sony Ericsson has typically had some of the best Camera UI in the smartphone space. I wrote that I was disappointed with the software overall — in particular the overall performance — and that I hoped the final builds will be further tweaked to better optimize and enhance performance.

    Also, you seem to have misunderstood what I wrote.
    I didn’t say it wouldn’t be successful. I wrote that it likely couldn’t be the “hottest phone of the year”.
    I’m sure you understand how superlatives work. They explicitly mean they are the #1 of that adjective. In this case, that would mean that they would have to be the #1 most popular phone in 2012.

    I still like the phone; That’s why I’ll probably buy it in the next couple weeks.
    I, however, am not excited and energetic enough to believe that that they will have more effective marketing and are better positioned with carriers than some of their competitors.

    In Japan, we will likely see more in the way of marketing than many other countries. Their marketing strategy doesn’t change all that much though. I doubt Sony will vastly increase their marketing budget for this device.

    Sony Ericsson / Sony Mobile had/has had an okay relationship with carriers (depending on the market) but they’ve rarely been positioned at the top of carrier’s priorities therefore their positioning with carriers is not as good as other companies. In Japan, they will launch only weeks after the Galaxy S3 so they will not be able to enjoy the bulk of Docomo’s attention. Even so, SMC seems to have a better relationship with Docomo than the majority of carriers.

    In the end, the GX is a beautiful phone but the software still needs more optimization. This phone will launch very shortly so I hope they’ve improved it in the past couple weeks.

    The SX, on the other hand, is also a great device and a great successor to the Ray (although will most likely be used to draw Japanese female consumers to smartphones and compete with Fujitsu’s offerings)

  • xpeboy

    haha… look samsung note 2 ready to roll out!
    5.5 screen………….. where r u xperia?
    sony lyk guns with out bullets only smoke

  • Antonio

    xperia sx like from iphone, big phone screen small.

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  • Soul_Est

    I have to say kudos to Sony for following Google and the Galaxy Nexus in terms of button arrangement on the Xperia GX and Xperia SX. The on screen buttons were the first thing I noticed when I looked at the pictures. I honestly wish I could buy the Xperia GX to replace my Xperia Ray which drowned a week ago.

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