Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announced – full details

by XB on 27th June 2012

in Android

Google has formally announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the Google I/O 2012 developer conference. Android 4.1 focuses on giving end-users a faster and smoother UI experience. It has done this by extending vsync timing across all animation done by the Android framework, adding triple buffering in the graphics pipeline and reducing touch latency by anticipating where your finger will be at the time of the screen refresh.

Other features include a new home screen that automatically adapts to fit your icons and widgets, a powerful predictive keyboard, richer notifications that can be expanded/collapsed with a pinch, new Android Beam functionality that leverages Bluetooth for data transfer and offline voice typing. International users will be happy to hear that Jelly Bean will bring bi-directional text support for text such as Arabic or Hebrew. Overall there are a whole host of changes, to read more click here and here.

  • electrash

    So we wait for xperia s xD

  • Relevant for us that Sony and other manufacturers had access to the code 3 months before, so hopefully faster updates

  • Cannot wait! :D

  • blackhats

    and what about 2011 Xperia device upgradeability to 4.1??
    Sony looks good on updating their phones lately (better than Moto and LG) so i hope they can give us a good surprise :D

  • Question : Will Sony Mobile will update 2011 line phones to 4.1 Jelly Bean ?

  • I’m still waiting for ICS for my Arc :-(

  • Andrew Chukavin

    Android 4.1 focuses on giving end-users a faster and smoother UI experience … by requiring 4 CPU cores and 12 graphics cores?

  • I don’t think they mentioned 16 cores as a hardware requirement.

  • eisuke

    ok, now with JB announced, releasing GX on ICS is not going to look too impressive. shame sony isn’t looking at the global market and only care about the japanese. being japanese living abroad, i feel kinda embarrassed!

  • Now I’d like to see a revamped NXT UI with the Jelly Bean butter smoothness with the latest hardware in a “pure Sony” designed Xperia phone.

  • reptile64

    We just got ICS on our Xperia S… Jeallybean.. next year :P

  • Strongful_Brother

    Somehow I don’t think so.

  • ICS use 341 mega ram…jelly bean ???

  • Jan

    hope not… S is flagship… GX not launched in europe. i know sony, they dont want to annoy users, but we will have to wait, but no one year! i hope it’s two or three months future…

  • Yeah xD

  • jim

    same here. seriously Sony is lacking this year!!!

  • Aokde Gharra

    SONY (ERICSSON) and, i think all other manufacturers, will provide updates to their handsets for 18 months of the release date. XPERIA ARC has 3 months to go :( i HOPE sony won’t detch old phones and stop providing support. go SONY :D (i also hope they will surprise us all and release JB fast. fast as in within 15 days lol! imagine that :P)
    SONY make.believe

  • zymo

    Best news of today: Android Platform Development Kit (PDK)!!! Now I wouldn’t be surprised to see many devices launching on 5th November running with Android 5.0 along with the next Nexus Phone :)

  • Cheeto

    I am downloading 4.1 right now! I live in the middle east, thought I let you know

  • lmao now this really sucks
    sony will just take another 4/5 months to release the goddamn update.. although its not a major update over ICS they ALWAYS take long.. but who cares? i got ICS on my device now and im happy with it..still i know that every manufacturer had access to the code 3 months earlier but im sure sony didnt touch it till now.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Hummmm… but I hope so because ICS seems to have a few glitches and bugs.

  • georsh

    if so, how come update is going to be available for Nexus S?

  • hahaha… so fast… ics juz released… xD

  • dereknobuyuki

    For future releases though… I quite like this point.
    For Jelly Bean, on the other hand, it sounded like only a few select manufacturers had that 2-3 month headstart.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Although it seems like Xperia is predominantly developed in Sweden, not Japan =P

  • hakim

    Absolutely right B-)

  • lovebmw

    we all know what will happen,

    some odd and weird decision from SONY, then every one of us gets pissed off, shortly they will go back on their word and correct their decision. that takes a month. Then they will promise an update putting key words such as the word END, all 2012 xperia models will get the update at the END of Q#…. my guess would be at the END of Q4 of this year. all this takes 3 – 4 Months

    We will see a you tube video of someone in a alien language show us an xperia S that already has gotten jelly been i would say in November.
    Then you will face the problem of some Nordic countries gotten the updates while others did not, and to correct that it takes another 2 weeks.
    Then there will be another update, that will correct some ram memory issues. period 2 months
    then you must add 3 months to for At and t release.
    Then while you are getting the update, they will announce a NEW PHONE, that will be running ICS although jelly been is out at that time.

    after you update your phone, Google will announce i new update, lets call it, DARK CHOCOLATE, mh…. i can have some right now.———-Here are the complaints that SONY will have for the Jelly Been 1 – battery issues 2 – speaker volume issues 3 – ram limitation for some devices 4 – WHEN WILL IT BE REALEASED and fans running out of patients5 – some new feature that no one uses, and phone pictures that are ot as good as the iphone.6 – i brisked my phone forums start coming.8 – Samsung will have an 8 processor phone by then.9- Sony unification taking forever

    Oh and dont forget what ever new phone you have from SONY, it gets updated LAST

  • AlexBurnout

    I’ve just updated my Xperia S to ICS yesterday and it’s gorgeous. So how cool will be the JB?

  • mjgiray

    Oh I just recently update my Xperia s into android ice cream. . . Still amaze with this! Can’t wait to jelly bean

  • sefan

    No. They should focus on their latest phones. Some people want to upgrade their phone without logically thinking what is the pros and cons of updating. If jelly bean will be release, sony should ship their future phones with jelly bean because making update takes time and there will be unexpected bugs if ics to jb.

  • sefan

    Just like xperia ion

  • yes, so sony should only ship their upcoming phones with jelly bean, and not provide upgrades for 2012 xperias like xperia s right? :) coz you said they should only update the future phones..and my friend, now the xperia s is a thing of the past..

  • i think you have too much sand in your eyes and the sun’s getting to ya..

  • virus002

     Great, i totally agree

  • Nadun

    When will this be available for xperia p???

  • j3tpilot

    You’re full of shit. Nuff said

  • Cantilal

    Fuck you mofo

  • Nik

    Wen jb will b released for Xperia p

  • Boom

    Please get update for Xperia neo l…..
    I’m bored with ICS
    It’s a request

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