Google Maps now allows you to save maps offline [Video]

by XB on 27th June 2012

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The ability to save maps for use when you don’t have an internet connection within Google Maps was announced a few weeks back. However, Google is now rolling out this feature to Android handsets. Google allows you to save a region of a map offline from over 150 countries and six large metro areas can be saved at once. It has been a long time coming, now all we need is a similar offline feature for turn-by-turn navigation. See a video of it in action below.

Via Google Lat Long Blog.

  • Himal

    yay!!! finally :)

  • lol

    very nice! finally! :D

  • Name

    Dont working in east Europe lol

  • Kaostheory

    This has been available for over a year in labs, but definitely loving the update, especially choosing the size to save. Pls bring it to my tracks.

  • NIco

    Route 66 does this already, you can save maps for entire countries, not just regions.

  • What a stupid update, does no work in Singapore and many parts of the world (you can see all the -ve comments left in Google Play). I have to restore it back to previous version so that I still have at least precached maps options in the Labs.

  • Nice

  • Sygic Aura did this back in 2010 LOL,

  • boyq

    From: “If you have GPS enabled on the device, the blue dot will still work without a data connection so you know where you are, and if your device has a compass you can orient yourself without 3G or WiFi connectivity.”

    Does this work for you guys? GPS w/o the need for 3G/WIFI connection

  • boyq

    the gps accuracy is way off compared to the previous version.

  • boyq

    offline navigation would be better :D

  • Nykey

    Yes, is there any plan to run offline GPS?it would be the exacted one i want

  • miki69

    This is a step in right direction, but to be honest a real letdown for me.

    “In our testing, we found it possible to download around 80MB of maps
    before running into a “This section is too large to download” error,
    which makes itself known even when connected to WiFi. If you get this
    pop-up, you’ll have to zoom in tighter and download a smaller section.”

    Basically you can’t have whole map, only small portion of if, and that simply ruins the whole idea of “offline” maps. Google should follow Nokia example on this – downloading whole country map for offline use.

    more on this at:


  • boyq

    Establishments aren’t saved. Only road details..

  • kazu

    whats the point of having offline maps when you can’t search with in the saved area?

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