Are you happy with the Android 4.0 ICS Xperia upgrade?

by XB on 2nd July 2012

in Android, Firmware

Now that the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is rolling out to the entire 2011 Xperia line-up and the Xperia S, we thought it would be a good time to ask for impressions. We understand that there are still many of you waiting for the green light on your SI number to be updated, but there are also many who have now updated either through official or unofficial (i.e. Flashtool) means.

As we reported earlier, NTT DoCoMo decided to shelve the ICS update that was due to land on four 2011 Xperia models. They cited memory and performance issues related to a lack of RAM. Of course, Sony Mobile themselves previously told people to consider whether they really need the ICS update over a very stable Gingerbread firmware build. But is there any truth in this? We want to hear some real-world examples of how people have fared with the ICS update.

If you’ve not had the chance yet, you can read our thoughts on the Sony Xperia S ICS update here. We think it’s a very worthwhile update, but what are your thoughts? Has anyone disliked it so much that they reverted back to Gingerbread? What problems have you faced? For those running 2011 Xperia handsets, do you feel that the hardware can do Android 4.0 justice? Or on the positive side, do you feel that it has transformed your phone? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • paulparker

    Can’t comment as 3 hasn’t released it for my arc and Arc s

  • 4.0.3 was awful, but on 4.0.4 memory management might even be better than on Gingerbread. The ROM is also very stable. I do hate that they probably deliberately kept all apps the same, therefore I had to use mods to get the Xperia 2012 apps. But with root that’s not a problem. A bigger problem is that every little demanding game lags awfully. Even menus can’t be used normally sometimes.

    To users still on gingerbread I’d like to say: get the 4.0.4 update, there’s little reason to stay on 2.3.

  • rickerlr

    it’s great! but i thought it was better..

  • reptile64

    Love it, it’s fast stable beautiful! I think the lockscreen part could be better and the option to take photos while recording video like the other ICS devices on the market. I also found the home screen’s responce a little bit slow if overloaded with widgets.

  • SxperiaS

    I am happy with the update, all is working fine with the exception of a bug i send a lot of sms and i noticed that when i send a message it doesn’t take much to reach 2,3,4 messages (~64 characters), i don’t remember but i think that in GB this didn’t happened. I tried writing the same message on a another phone with gb and another with ics and the message that i wrote didn’t reach 2 messages.

  • Use flashtool, lots of guides out there. You will keep your warranty.

  • magicshirt

    I updated to ICS using Flashtool. I am happy with it, but I don’t think it’s a major upgrade (unlike, for example 1.6 to 2.1). One important point is that I used the “don’t wipe settings” option the first time I flashed. I was advised by another user to wipe the settings, as they said it reduces performance if you don’t wipe the settings. They were right! Battery life was reduced and it retained some of Gingerbread. I reflashed and wiped the settings and have had no problems.
    I have followed some of the tweets to @sonyxperiagb, in particular one from ‘Aimee’ warning people that “flashing using third party software may void your warranty” (the third party software being Flashtool). People are told to wait for the new software available notification on PC Companion. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I have found PC Companion to be the worst software I have ever used! I backed up my phone using PC Companion, because of doing the “wipe settings” option, and after updating to ICS I attempted to recover my settings, SMS, MMS, etc using the backup. Only half of it was successful, and I lost all my text messages. I will not be using PC Companion again!

  • AlexBurnout

    Absolutely happy about it!

  • I updated to ICS as soon as it became available. I’d read lots of articles on many webites to justify my “needs” over my wants. After two weeks umming and aahing I finally updated.
    At first all was well. The screen resolution and font were much better and made the feel of using the user interface much more enjoyable, the extra info available on data usage was handy as well.
    overall i was very satisfied with the update.
    Ive had ICS for over two months now and find that the phone lags and force closes on a regular basis (it never did it on ginger bread) – this may not be the fault of upgrading to ICS but i have my suspicions.
    My main problem though, is that my phone (xperia arc S) simply doesn’t have anywhere near enough memory – 500mb of phone storage is not enough after only having the phone for 6 months.
    I have not overloaded my phone with useless apps. I beleive the apps i have are essential ones (lookout security, app2sd, google currents, evernote etc..) but soon enough i have run out of space for updates let alone any new apps i want to try out.
    newer phones DO have more memory (ive seen some with 16gb, which would be a dream) but im stuck with the equivalent of Commadore 64 in a world of PS3’s!)
    thats besides the point though.
    ICS has lots to offer, but i do think it comes at a price of speed and stability. I do think its worth it though…just.
    I just want a better phone than the Xperia Arc S….. I’m never happy. haha.

  • M Usman

    on my Arc. Not really. Slow as a slug. I think NTT Docomo made a wise decision but I would be screwing right now if I was in Japan LOL. On the Xperia S. Very happy. Its a very stable and good update. Maybe a few bug fixes would be welcome. Wifi signal is pretty low. Apart from that can’t really complain!

  • why can the xperia s got the 3.0 kernel while ray, arc, arc s and etc all got the 2.6.35 kernel?

  • jim

    wish i can contribute my feedback but unfortunately i’m still waiting for my Arc ICS update.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    From 0 to 10, I’m at 8. WiFi issues and some other small bugs piss me off.

  • I love all the new things. But I gotta say there are some real bugs in there. The feature where you can slide to sms from the lockscreen goes away after a second or two(worked perfectly in GB), the homescreen often gets unloaded, the phone “stalls” sometimes while doing nothing in particular and often when entering the SMS app. It’s rebooted a few times.

    And hey, I thought we were getting direct access to the memory “card” through USB…

    I am happy with it overall, but I REALLY hope they have some fixes up their sleeve…

    Oh and why replace mute from lock screen with camera, when we’ve got a shutter button?! Stupid.

    I think they’ve rushed it quite a bit to be honest.

    Oh yeah, I’ve got an Xperia S.

  • Andy

    I have a Xperia S and I’m happy about the update. The only problem I have is that now I have only 100-200mb ram free; with GB I had 250-350mb.

  • droopy

    Yes very Happy , enjoy with the new improvemnt ICS !

  • azman

    the same thing happens on my arc also..

  • phil

    I miss some apps ( gallery, ics gallery). The pin input isn’t nice. And the music widget is different. The one in gb was nice.

  • osas1

    fuck Sony,fuck ICS,my worse regret was ever buying xperia play for 400euros with many promises which was later broken my so call sony, why deceive us when you know ICS wouldnt be stable,then all of a sudden xperia play price went down, now we cant even sell it in good price.Google nexus would have been better atleast it was d originally made ICS/JELLY BEAN phone.Xperia play better be d 1st sony phones to recieve jelly bean.

  • Mario

    It has still a lot more to go through to be even ok. The battery app never seems to work, facebook pictures in the contacts is hard to get, fb app is limited because of fb inside xperia.. battery – sometimes it just drains for no reason, constantly waking up the device, if you turn off sync it allways asks you to turn it on when viewing a contact..

    It’s a bad build. I would never put something like this to users. And update is urgent.

  • Rahim Ali

    On Xperia Mini, absolutely loving the ICS upgrade, especially the camera improvements, the shutter lag is gone, the only grip i have is the battery life is absolutely terrible (both on GB and ICS) something should be done about that. Also 4.0.4 was a b1tch to root in comparison to GB
    .42 build which was a piece of cake!

  • nfs2010

    didn’t like ICS on my Arc S! It was really choppy at times :( So I downgraded to Gingerbread which is super smooth and stable. Another ICS update for improving smoothness will be much appreciated. I’m pretty sure ICS works much better on Xperia S.

  • Dave

    Superb Update!!! Battery life increased after a few cycles.

  • Dave

    Sorry…Xperia S

  • SAMI

    i Have a Xperia Active with 4.0.4 and the phone only got 512 MB RAM but it is no problem at all! it works really good

  • fatchef

    just out of curiosity has anybody seen the the sony mobile page for the u.s. the xperia S P U and xperia go (advance in the us) has been posted. will these devices launch with ICS?

  • Aaron_R96

    Hey rune, my Xperia S still runs on GB at the moment, would you still recommend updating it? its just I use the slide to silent/loud mode a lot and lso like the stabiliy of the message slider on the lockscreen, does the issue you mention happen every time with this message slider, or just occassionally? Thanks foryour help!

  • anthony

    I have an Xperia S and like the update overall. the one bug i have noticed is that my facebook contact photos no longer sync with my phone contact photos :(. Still pulls all the other facebook contact info through though.

  • anthony

    Ok, It is still possible to sync facebook contact photos however required a bit of work. See Solution in xperiablog link below:

  • I’m very happy with ICS on my Xperia S. And I’m especially happy with the new walkman and gallery apps!
    I also think the possibilies to share content has improved a lot. And I like the new settings menu and the notifications bar – especially featuring photos with notifications for text messages, calls etc. The new calendar app and widget is also much better.
    The option to select a secondary keyboard language is also great. As well as the multi-tasking options.

    Howerever, overall performance seemed better on Gingerbread. It is now a little less smooth and the phone has rebooted several times since the update last week.
    I would also have rather kept the slide to silent mode option on the lock screen but as you can now switch to silent mode by pressing the power button, which is a real improvement, I don’t mind having the slide to camera feature. With Gingerbread I always had to enter the options menu to select vibration on or off, this is much easier now.
    I can’t really see many improvements with the lock screen as I could already directly access notifications from the lock screen by simply swiping from left to right with Gingerbreat on my Xperia S.
    Anyway I’m really happy with the update and with the Sony UI altogether. I don’t think there’s a UI by any other manufacturer that has as many small details which make the UI and all the symbols as beautiful as it is.
    I think the new (?) animation when the phone screen turns (when turning the phone) is neat.
    btw: I don’t understand why the timeline – layout has disappeared from the Facebook app on my phone although it’s updated…

  • itr0ll1

    I have Sony Arc right now running 2,3,4 GB, rooted. Tried various custom roms of ICS available @ XDA forums. Became quite complicated and tedious due to baseband havin to be flashed, and kernels modified, and APN settings configured… Lots of various bugs, most notably WIFI and NO VPN support, were just horrible.

    I still don’t get the craze over “ICS”… Battery life was not improved
    at all (noticably) over the various roms I tried, including a stock ICS
    build straight from Sony.

    The biggest advantage seems to be the stupid skin and unlock screen… all of which can be done to any other droid version with launchers. I use Espier launcher which mimics iphone, and looks and acts just great.. So I never even bothered with ICS-based icons/lockscreens…

    But ya, since there is no root for 4.xx on Arc yet, and the various glitches that are obviously the fault of Sony since they pushed the updates without testing them… and the various carriers being ridiculously slow to bundle their bloatwares… I’m staying on my fully rooted 2,3,4 with custom launcher and enjoying everything android has to offer… minus the Apps that I don’t need anyways.

  • itr0ll1

    um……………… ROOT? NO root solution for ICS on Arc yet.

    I guess you don’t use it, or know what it is anyways.

  • itr0ll1

    You are running your screen at full-brightness most likely, or playing with it wayyy too much… I get a full-day and all night (it will be nearly dead by 2nd morning)… and I play music, browse web, send loads of texts, take 10-15 (3-4 minute) calls… I could get it 3 days+ if I don’t use 3.5g data connection, and kept my brightness low-low all day.

  • itr0ll1

    lol… with a malfunctioning wifi state constantly, you still give it 8?

    so you can’t use WIFI or VPN, or get root, but thats 80% good for you? Strange…

  • itr0ll1

    Arc S is a perfectly fine phone. I love my Arc. HDMI out, decent chip solution, 512 ram is plenty, and the screen is pretty decent considering the competition… 854×480 is awesome for texts/browsing.

  • itr0ll1

    lol…………. you can flash custom roms and get ICS on the paly if you really wanted…

    you totally don’t even need it. you’re complaining because you can’t be hip and get some stupid jelly bean update which only sucks up more resources… Sell it, get an iphone lol

  • I have an Active and I am going back to GB now. When the system was a clean install it was great, but after installing a couple of apps and doing some things its start to get laggy. Surely has to do with the lack of RAM.
    Of course ICS is veeery nice, but I prefer a fast phone over a cool phone ;)

  • The lockscreen is what because of those people who tested ICS alfa and Beta who wanted the lockscreen to be as vanilla who is also unlock and camera. So They just followed the testers preferences. But i do myself agree with you that it should have been much better to keep the old one.

  • Really? Wich 3 country are you in? Because I do have 3 in Sweden and they released ICS among the first operators here.

  • malih

    mixed feeling initially,
    but I’m very happy after unlocking bootloader, then remove the bloatwares, and install App2SD (so I can install a bunch of apps without worrying about space), even without custom ROM the experience is really good after doing these steps.

  • I’m also quite happy with the ICS on both arc S and Xperia S. ICS 4.0 is at a whole deffenately a better OS than GB. ICS is much more intuitive, easier to use, and really stable. But there is a lil difference. I think ICS on 2011 modells is actually working a lot better than for XPERIA S that is having buggs who tend to sink the overall impression. If the free RAM gets below 200 on Xperia S the system gets really sluggish. Other problems is BT is a lil problem as well.. The GB for Xperia S did work a lot better. Re-rendering the Launchers is much more common with ICS on Xperia S. And so on. And one more thing… do like the gingerbread version of the musicplayer more than ICS version. But I do own a LiveDock that with ICS update on both 2011 and 2012 phones stoped working, wich do make me think about going back to GB, when LiveDock worked with no problems. Its a pity, I do like ICS though…. a lot.

  • Are u serious?my phone so lagging after update

  • Harold Vu

    If you can’t root your arc, don’t blame it because of your stupidity. Go to XDA website and learn how to root it and remove whatever apps you like. RAM free on ICS is always about 180-200Mb.

  • adam

    You just purchasing a wrong phone if you want ics. Hahahha… play made for gaming xperiance and most of advance games not up to ics yet. No point you having ics inside play and cant having total gaming xperiance. So my tought you just purchasing a wrong phone. :-)

  • phil

    Well not sad about but nothing to be happy about. Noticed little improvement, yes something new, still preferred GB with Xperia S. No regrets though. Waiting to root it and make final judgement.
    Anyone has a good recommendation for rooting? Thanks.

  • Jan

    I have updated/upgraded whatever my Xperia S to ICS system and i like it because of fresh design, and few techically improvements… but quicklauch camera seems sometimes slower. i belive that single cores, can have problems with sability. xperia is very modded by sony in non-optimizing way. but ICS is great improvement at all for me on sony xperia s. i you want be satisfied buy hi-end phones, i had X10 and was great but lacked of some features (smart dialing and other useful stuff) and sometimes laggy but the new xperia s seems just near perfect for now! i hope it will be not worse on jelly bean. Very happy ics on s now, no lags at all, very functional. 4,99/5 ;) hi end stuff

  • Jan

    i must add that i flashed ICS because of long waiting to update, sony owners know this ;) was same with GB on X10


  • No ics for xperia play, so not every xperia 2011 phone is getting it, update this post

  • thiru

    Am using Ray and its little slow in Ics update at some times but am feeling better than 2.3.7

  • Felipe Pimenta

    WiFi works, just the signal that is quite weaker compared to GB. And forgot to mention: Xperia S

  • Teng How Lai

    ICS itself is cool, certainly much better than GB.
    As for Xperia S, I will say:
    1. Becomes slower, especially – Viewing Widgets, Open up recent apps, playing fruit ninjas can be lagging (never happened in GB). Maybe I can say, ICS works with Xperia S only that I need to clean the space every here and then..
    2. Battery life certainly shorten compared to GB… a lot I will say. If there’s anyone trying to make graphics better by forcing usage of GPU, the battery just drain up.
    3. I have issue after making a call, putting down from my ear, and screen is not showing up.

  • Moozz

    I think ICS is much better than GB. Although there are less available RAM than GB, memory management is much better.

  • Philip Kwok

    I use Xperia S and have reverted back to Gingerbread after upgrading to ICS. Reason is that the ICS suffers from heavy stuttering in music playing when bluetooth is used. Neither Xda-developers nor sonymobile forum provide a solution. Plus ICS disallows me to set the ringtone volume and notification volume differently, which is so bothering me. I also hate the change of the homescreen right slide button to become a “camera button” instead of the Gingerbread’s “Vibrate/Ringer button”. All in all, ICS is worse than Gingerbread so I chose to downgrade it

  • nSky

    ICS 4.0.4 on my SXS is great so far. It’s not super smooth like GB but we WILL have more updates in the future for ICS. I know this because I see no Wi-Fi Direct option anywhere and Sony stated in their whitepaper that Wi-Fi Direct is supported.

  • Xperia S: very good update, but not without minusses.
    1. Some shitty fps drop in Settings menu.
    That’s all :)

  • Sony Craznatic..

    Xperia S Overall nice and great improvement especially the movie and walkman which can detect more movie and music than the previous GB. The ram management is quite okay only which leave us availabel around 200-280mb. Could use an upgrade on the 3g and wifi bug update. Page slow load on the main page when exited from some application , GB is fine though. Update make the background and graphic more beautiful. Browser wise use Chrome experienced it is fast and smooth compare with firefox and opera.
    Recommend update as it is worth it.

  • malih

    Expect 4.1 (Jelly Bean) for buttery smoothness, as the result of Project Butter by Google. Though the fastest release from Sony is maybe in 4 months, but most likely 6+ months, just like ICS.

  • I fell in love with my phone!

  • Vijay

    I have an Xperia Neo V with ICS running. I am just loving it. The new slick UI is awesome.
    Everybody has been complaining about RAM availability, but I find more memory available to me, atleast 100MB RAM out of 340MB always free.
    Note: I have disabled quite a few apps/services which I never use.
    I am just loviing and would like to have Jelly Bean available to me as well.

  • Hendy

    I’m Xperia Ray user,
    Good and Smooth enough with 512mb ram with ICS, but thx for XDA, I’m modded some system on my phone.
    Overall I’m satisfied with Sony Mobile commitment to bring “Good enough” service :D

    Love my Xperia Ray

  • Hamad Ali

    No ics for xperia play, so not every xperia 2011 phone is getting it, update this post

  • Darrell Lopez

    i have an xperia s. my only complaint is that when i’m reading manga the text in the images are broken. not sure if i can fix it by repair in pc companion. actually not just the text but the images are degraded. i was not having this issue on gingerbread.

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    Well every thing was clearly said by Sony… what it cud be for 2011 & i have faced all this so no cry on that. Although the bug about notifications is not a good thing :|. I am keeping the ICS for my Xperia neo MT15i and after all XDA is there :)

  • I’ve installed the 4.0.4 update on
    my Xperia pro and I can say that till now (after 4 weeks) I had no
    issues with it. It’s stable and with some apps deactivated it’s running
    like a charm even with 512Mb. I really like the panel stile view with
    the apps running in the back; the music player and the fact that you can
    access it even with the phone closed; the fonts (some icons were better
    designed in the Sony Ericsson era); maybe the battery life is a bit
    better (max with 15- 20%). The phone runs smoothly and there are no lags
    at all. With antutu benchmark tester the phone scored 3185. I love my phone and I’m happy that it’s running fine with ICS 4.0.4!
    This goes for Xperia mini to! I’ve installed ICS 4.0.4 on the Xperia mini and no problems till now in 2 weeks of usage. No lag, no crushing, no problems at all!

  • DragonClaw

    Just root your phone and remove the bloatware. And you will be able install more number of apps without making your phone behave like a snail.
    Do not install any task-killers, it’s impractical and useless.


  • Rocha

    Happy :)

    if want to real power of ics
    you have get rid of sony official bloatware crap

  • Xperia blog can u make a post Xperia S 2.3.7 to Xperia S 4.0.4 and show how performance increase or decrease ( like , sunspider , browser mark , nenamark , quardrant , benchmark and etc ) it is really annoying when see old test results ….

  • Bisits

    Everything is ok, except:
    1) Music is stuttering via bluetooth headset
    2) UI is abit more laggy
    3) Battery life is much worse
    4) Unluck-To-Camera sux meanwhile Sony has made camera quickstart
    5) RAM drains quickly
    Phone: Xperia S
    My opinion: don`t upgrade becouse on GB there is only single minus, which bothers me, it`s built-in data roaming app, in which I can control my 3G data usage…

  • Darrell Lopez

    What software did you use to downgrade your phone?

  • im having some data connection issues on my xperia S

  • herro

    I’d like to know how to downgrade too for the Xperia S :(

  • RG

    I was one of the first which had the option to upgrade and I regret. ICS 4.0.3 on my Ray is like alfs version – constant crashes, reloads, laging even when I just trying to reduce brightness of the screen sometimrs I need to wait for about 5 seconds… Gingerbread was
    lighteyars better. Default browser stop working after a week and battery life is is two times worse then before. Very sad about ICS.

  • i’m gamer

    fuck you sony for what you have done on our xperia play

    and damn you for : no xperi aplay2

  • herro

    (currently using Xperia S with ICS)
    I said this on an earlier post on Xperia blog, but I can’t help but express my dissent.
    I’m an avid music listener so I used the music player a lot back when I had GB on my Xperia S. With ICS, skipping through songs is buggy since the next song’s title gets displayed for a few seconds before it shows the correct one (maybe it’s actually a RAM issue?). And my biggest disappointment is that you can’t navigate to the artist or album directly by pressing on their names during the Playing display. I don’t see why people are satisfied with the Walkman app since almost nothing was improved in this aspect.

    Does anyone know how to downgrade back to GB?

  • kG

    i have xperia s there app pre-installed on xperia s GB are not there and also capacitive button suxx and battery drain like hell(with gps and bluetooth ,data conn. 100 to 20 in 5 hours) , it was good in 2.3.7 last update for capacitive and battery fix would better fix for more better UI and and battery fix as 2.3.7 last update .


  • fred

    I had some Problems with my xperia s but now im actually quite satisfied. ICS.sure brings some improvements but I have to say: its less stable than ginger. My phone gets sometimes pretty slow and I also had some crashes. I guess Sonys Problem is that they.relase 1 phone per week and cant.offer.a.prpper Support to its Clients.

  • sharique shaikh

    Very happy on my SXS! :D

  • ICS for 2011 xperia phone? LOL.. I prefer call it ICS just for “ROOTED” 2011 xperia phone..
    For good performance that mean I need to root my phone also killing/void my warranty..
    Go to SONY support forum and look comment, too many comments about ICS issues.
    You just said that SONY was “…Sony Mobile themselves previously told people to consider whether they really need the ICS update over a very stable Gingerbread firmware
    build..”, the question is how SONY told the buyers/peoples about this issues before they want to buy that phone? just told on official blog to announce the issues and SONY just enjoy the money? how many peoples read that blog before buy and upgrade the phone? Its look like SONY want put the blame to all 2011 xperia phone consumers.
    That make peoples lost trust on SONY xperia products and start to looking new 2012 brand phone.
    Give ICS to 2011 xperia phone just like a “trial”, you can try ICS for awhile then if you don’t like it just down-grade back to previous android version(GB).

  • I have a Xperia arc. After upgrade I have some issues:
    1. the notification led works only to let me know that the battery level is low ;
    2. wi-fi connection is very unstable; it takes more attempts for connection (few restarts), interrumptions during use etc;
    3. the phone it`s overheating easily; for example, yesterday I was looking at my images from xperia gallery just for 10 minutes and the half from the top of the phone get very hot. Same when using camera for more shots, when gaming just for 5 minutes etc;
    4. I like to customize the ringtones for peolple important to me so I could recognize who`s calling without looking at the screen; well, generally my phone rings only with default ringtone. Othertimes, it`s respecting my settings for the same callers…;
    5. It takes more than 2 hours to charge the battery;
    6. The animation “magic smoke” frome the ICS themes doesn`t work at all on my phone;
    7. The camera it`s slower than before on capturing photos.

    This is about ICS on my Xperia arc. Before I had a disappointing Xperia x10. And now, this (not to mention 2 cracks in the housing, the screen and backcover easily to scrath, although I kept it in a good lether case) … I want to upgrade with Xperia S ro Acro S (I don`t konw when it will be released or it will hit my contry, Romania), but I`m afraid that they aren`t better than I had so far.

  • minur

    There’s also the same problem, xperia, ram and the wifi problem and very few left!

  • sharique shaikh

    I agree with you the walkman app is just name sake believe! Not a major change.

  • Dipish

    NOT satisfied! Because is still hasn’t come to my Xperia S!!! Why is the rollout taking so long!!!

  • Is there someone to show me how to downgrade my Xperia arc to GB, step by step ?… Please !!!

  • Kees

    Same for me, already wating 5 weeks for my Xperia Arc, my SI still does not appear om :-(

  • bkh

    I flashed a generic world 4.0.4 fw to my Arc and I’d say it’s running better than it’s ever done. I also added a notification bar mod and overall the whole look of the UI is much better. There was very little lag even before I rooted it and removed the bloatware. And, connecting to a wifi network is a lot quicker and stable now – before it would take a while to connect and intermittently drop out.

  • MobiousO

    I have an Xperia Arc.
    After updating and phone feels faster but still lags here and there. Updating affects the gaming perfomance on my phone. Some games are very laggy, some are not running at all. This may be the reason why Sony said Xperia Play should not get an update.
    Overall, I’m satisfied but will be more satisfied once Sony announced the international version of Xperia GX!

  • Noctis Lucis

    ICS ok for me… but why dont sony give features present to 2012 lineup to 2011 line up?
    such as walkman, the new lock screen, film app, the new keybord, the new back up and restore etc.

  • ankitw

    After the upgrade contacts app crashes most of the times I when i access it. Not happy.. will try to do a complete wipe and check but not having enough time.

  • Sammy

    I am ok with the upgrade to ICS.
    But I still miss that the POWERSAVING-feature is working – from my point of view it dosen’t do what i have setup – fx. the timing – it forgets to go back on full blown when powesaving should ends, and visaversa. any other with experience on this ?

  • TheLoyalist


  • Zizie Zana <3

    Phone : XPERIA S
    Pros : UI looks better thanks to ICS, many shortcut and screen looks sharper ( what i’ve seen from my eyes lol)
    Cons: Well The Battery life, it drains hell lot faster from the 2.3.7, then the 2.3.7 kernel update came, battery life is better but on 4.0.4, it drains 100% to 10% in about 5 hours (I use Max Brightness,WI-fi,GPS,AUTO SYNC,NFC)

    By far its better than GB in every aspect but the battery life is a let down. the performence is great and didnt notice any lag yet

    Solution : Update Kernel for xperia s battery life or just simply update to 4.1 Jellybeans (Google Now and Project Butter!!!)

  • omar

    I’m haven’t ics for xperia s till now

  • jimi

    Is your update the official 4.0 or the latest 4.0.4? come on international Xperia GX!

  • fried_egg

    that is weird, i have 1.5gb free on gb… have you installed a lot of apps and not moved any to the “internal memory” ?

  • I am going back to GB…on my Neo after ICS update WiFi is broken, it doesn’t turn on :( After roolback to GB WiFi work correctly.

  • Iuetjyfh

    generic xperia s here in greece and still no update. so how do you fucking morons of sony, dare to ask your customers what they think about the update??????? WE HAVENT RECEIVED THE FUCKING UPDATE YET you douchebags!!!!! its a simple as that. we buy a so called high end phone, give sony some really big bucks and what do we get in return?????
    1) being the last ones who are scheduled to receive the update to ICS out of the entire xperia family (although that was supposed to be a flagship device)
    2) jelly bean announced and we still havent installed the actual ICS update to our phones
    3) phone less than 5 months old and there are already leaks about its successor…..
    4) bridge for mac is one of the most out-dated, not supported app ever. hey there sony, not anyone buys vaios out there. if you claim to provide software and support to mac users, at least bother to provide them with a working app.
    5) HUGE disappointment with the yellow tint on the screen

    i was actually affected by the yellow tint but i couldnt be bothered to get the phone to a sony service center. now i am so fucking pissed off with the damn ICS update that i am going to send the phone to have it repaired for the yellow screen (just because its fucking there, not because it bothers me) so that i cost sony some more money. trying to teach them a small lesson about being such losers. WAKE UP YOU morons, you are not alone in the market. thats why your market share is diving every month. you didnt just lose a customer but you have gained a live,talking disclaimer for all your products. thats not a way to treat a customer who honors you with 600 euros to get a mobile phone.
    way to go sony. no matter what you do (even if you keep updating the phone till the end of the world) YOU LOST ME. and thousands of other frustrated users.

  • Update is bad because kernel 2.6 + android 4 = simple sneaky cheating

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    ICS is cool, but the fast capture from sleep mode doesn’t work. The music in the unlocking screen buggs very much. I CHECKED SETTINGS IN CAMERA BUT THIS SHIT DOESN’T WORK, THANK YOU SONY FOR ANOTHER BUGGY SYSTEM!

  • No complaints here (From Arc user)

  • Andy

    I’m talking about free ram, not storage space.

  • Ld

    Perfect on my Xperia Pro. Rooted to remove some bloatware. I have no data plan, so fine control over which apps are using 3G is a must.

  • Naveendas99

    I installed via flash tool. Was smooth for a day or two. Then faced RAM issues. Phone became laggy. Comparatively slower. ISN’T 1GB RAM ENOUGH TO RUN ICS SMOOTHLY? I enjoy the extra features that ICS brings but it has definitely made the device much slower. Need more memory, badly.

  • Naveendas99

    Try installing via flashtool. Even I followed it but do remember that it will make the phone slow

  • Dm92 Letter

    i have the ICS update for Xperia S and i don’t like some widgets. The Calender Widget ist very buggy. and other widgets are sometimes blank. And sometimes the music stopped with the new walkman app. and the position in a playlist is not saved. i must start sometimes with the first song. 

  • Iam

    definitively yes. it works like a charm on my ray. there’s some lag here and there but nothing that can compromise the daily usage.
    I’m waiting eager the fixes for the missing blinking message and the compass not working in google maps.

  • lovebmw

    i like the picture album thingy, but what i dont like is the picture widget.  if you click on the scrolling pictures it will zoom on one, but we lost the option to navigate from there to other albums.  you have to get out, menue find the picture album app to do so…. kinda annoying, face recognition is a tad slow.

    Other than that I love it.

  • phil

    I’m an Xperia Active user as well. Really happy with 4.0.4. No Problems. Will try to root in soon to get rid of some annoying apps.

  • betatesterz

    Happy with the features no doubt. Could be happier without some obvious bugs like the facebook one. Hope Sony releases a patch soon to resolve that issue…

  • oh yesssss :)

  • Tyler Goodwell

    Lulz, dude this is a fan blog. Sony didn’t ask you how you feel.

  • Is there any way to make it like GB??…mine too slow after ICS update..laggy as gng from one screen to another widgets are opening slowy and phone is also slow as compare to GB..!!

  • weird. My XS last about 1/3 LONGER with ICS. From ~50% to 70-85% when coming home from the job (9-10 hours)… It lags more I give you that. I’ve been using the “force usage of GPU” and it doesn’t do anything to worsen the batt life for me either.

  • Well, they should have realized that vanilla ICS didn’t make sense just that one place ;) Hope they do something about it…

  • Cmgseub

    Home screen with widget are stuck a bit when slide page.

  • In ICS (on XS) you can get the power screen (with mute) from the lock screen(push power button, release, push again holding down tap mute button), so it’s not much slower than before.

    The message slider does it all the time on mine, most times It just slips away before I can use it(or read the message from the lock screen). I didn’t use it much in GB though, as it just opened a new instance of the SMS app, even if it already was open, which was annoying if you wanted to get back to the main SMS app, as you had to press back several times to get out of all the instances.

    I think it great overall, I just hope they fix it up quickly…

  • ICS for SE 11 Y – bad. New SE must die.

  • Lost1

    Nice battery usage!
    I have Mini Pro and achieve only about 9 hours with low brightness.

  • Hpsumpan

    Xperia S lags playing video in mp4 when sound via bluethooth.  Before update no problem. I hate it! Otherwise I have not noticed any problems (yet).

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  • rezaswandira

    I have an xperia arc s, the stock ICS was damn sluggish and laggy
    finally i unlocked my bootloaders, changed the rom and kernel, also installed the xperia s apps that ported to my device. Now its running lightning fast, and i’m happy with my phone, fuck the warranty, lol

  • wyvern

    I wish this guy was trolling lmao but clearly hes just a pleb lmao

  • Shanks

    all da apps wich r big in size r not getin instaled…da whole app is downloaded bt it says da app cannot b instaled on sd PLZ HELP

  • Make sense if you want a proper answer…

  • Salim Khanbashi

    I have xperia S and I am very happy with the ICS,it works very smooth, also I like all new features in ICS, I can’t compare with GB, and but what i found is battery life some time working very well around one day and sometime drain so fast only 17 hours . I want to know why. If I let it until finish the charge then I charge it then it’s ok but if I charge it when it in 20% it’s become fast drain
    this is the important thing.

  • Lobos7_2

    In Switzerland I see my SI number but I can not download on my xperia s and I hear tnere is problems could u please tell me if and when the problem will be solved. So I can update as soon as possible please

  • Maybe you should tell that to Sony and not here. Just a tip. And by thy way. we are quite many now with ICS, so why shall not Xperia Blog be able to question as how we think about the update? 

  • Huntedsoul

    Xperia with Jellybean…. oh yeah :)

  • Teng How Lai

    I really like to know why then… in fact, my apps numbers are little. screen brightness is only less than 50%. 

  • Longdk


  • Satya Keerthy

    I had this exact problem of laggy screen and not responding to the touch immediately after ICS update. The solution was to reset to factory default and re-install all the apps from Play store. I had similar problem on Mini-Pro of my wife and the same trick worked. Now Xperia-S work as good as GB was and Mini-Pro has occasional lags but responds to touch as expected.

  • tenxx alot man..i am doing factory reset…after that i will post my experience…thnk u..:)

  • Satya Keerthy

    I have problem with FM radio after ICS update. I guess some audio settings have been tweaked in ICS.

    1. Somehow the audio of the FM radio gets cracky and barely able to hear. Nothing puts it back to normal except for reboot of the phone. But after full days phone usage, the FM goes to cracky mode again. I did not see the issue with music/video player.

    2. There is a delay in the FM audio compared to other players.  i.e. you play FM on an external radio and on Xperia-S at the same time, you find that the audio on Xperia-S is delayed. Had not seen this on GB.

    The other problem:
    3. The MTP-USB device do not get connected on to PC. The phone only goes to charging mode and no pop-up to install PC software or give any indication that the USB is connected. Also the PC Companion software cannot detect the phone. The workaround is to enable “Developer options” -> “USB debugging”. As soon as this is enabled, the phone gets connected and PC companion also works.

    4. I have used most of the stock applications (mail, gmail, talk, calender etc) and found to be working fine. I have found phone to be rebooting on its own two times in last one week of usage.

    I had the issue of phone being laggy and not responding to touch. But after a factory reset and re-installing all the apps from play store, everything became OK. Have not seen a major improvement in the battery life though.

  • rocky lovoski 685

    Go cry 2 yo mama u dick…..

  • panosalp

    I have updated my Xperia S in Greece since last Monday…
    1) Not all of the 2011 devices have been upated. Xperia S was released later than 2011 devices so it makes sense if it was tested later on
    2) Jelly Bean is announced as exclusive upgrade on Nexus devices. If you would like to get Android updates first, you should get a Nexus.
    3) Every Android company announces better devices every 6 months. WTF should you care about this if you are happy with your device?
    4) Try the web service through 
    5) Shit happens. I know people that had the same issue and got a NEW Xperia S device as replacement. If you spent 15′ to write on xperiablog and you would not spend some time to get your €600 to the service center, it is not Sony’s fault. 
    7) You did not buy an Xperia just because of the ICS update. Besides, ICS update is different on Xperia S comparing to Xperia 2011 range and it has new services and features without lack on performance.
    6) ??????? ??? ???????????? ?? ?????????? ?? ??? forum ?? xperia fans. ??? ????????? ?? ?????????? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ? ????? ????? xperia ??? ??????? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ?????????? ? ???. 

  • Montmeloredesign

    unlock-to-camera really bad… before this, unlock-to-silent more useful…

  • afzal

    This guys i think really had no idea to used flashtools to update xperia s. Even my kids 15y.o knows how to used flashtools. The jelly bean announce for nexus line up. Not offcially for others oem. Yellow tint?? I think devices with 12w13 and below facing this problems and almost of the used effected already make the screen replacement. Did samsung and apple offer free screen replacement for their s2 n iphone4 yellow tint? Or they just mention the yellow will veporize in times? I think the one should wake up is you.. cause totally you had no idea to solve the problem which everyone facing the same issue already solve it.

  • afzal

    Used widgetlocker apps to create own lock screen and custom futures.

  • bkh

    Just get the lt15i generic world fw from here: and follow instructions here:

  • bkh

    Just get the lt15i generic world fw from here: and follow instructions here:

  • Iuetjyfh

    1) You are so wrong here mate. just because it was released 2 months inside 2012, it means that the phone was in the late   development phase when the ics was announced (publicly at least). any decent company that respects itself and its customers would work hard to get this phone to the market with the latest ICS software, instead of just sticking a “ICS upgradable” badge on the packaging and forget the whole thing for the next few months. they could easily postpone the phone’s announcement a few weeks to get the ICS ready for it, but they were in a rush to announce it asap. not to mention the fact that the XPS was supposed to be a flagship device (thats why we all paid the premium in the price.flagship devices are supposed to act as showcases for new features).they effectively killed the phone by releasing it early (with the admittedly stable GB version).the device was HEAVILY CRITICIZED for not shipping with ICS….whether they are prepared to admit it or not, they dropped the ball on this one…
    2) Read my post again. i never complained for not getting the jelly bean upgrade now. i m just pointing out the fact that a flagship device of sony mobile (4 months old that is) is going to be 2 android versions behind in a couple of weeks (and dont get me wrong, but judging by the rate of the update being rolled out to actual users, jelly bean will be available to nexus, before ics will be for XPS)
    3) Is samsung included in those companies? did they release the S3 6 months after the S2? and dont get me wrong here, as you pointed out, if i am happy with my phone i shouldnt care about this. true. but tell me about this next january,or so (when the jelly bean successor will be announced), and then sony will deny that update to XPS, citing “hardware limitations”, and they ll point out that the XPS already got 2 android updates(ics+jelly bean), and tell us that we should thank them for those two updates instead……
    4) Tried a million times.different browsers, different firewall settings, there is no effective way to update the phone using a mac (10.6) right now (anyone did that? please let me know). and i do know my way around computers, without this meaning that i am prepared to use the command line to get this done. search the forums for peoples experience, when using the flashtool to update their phones…
    5) yet another sign that they rushed the phone out of the factory…please keep in mind that if you get your phone to be (heavily) repaired or replaced, you are going to be left without a phone for 2 weeks AT LEAST. you are causing the customer so much inconvenience, ruining the whole ownership experience (and let me point out again that it was THEIR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE, i didnt drop the phone and had to have it repaired). not to mention all the crap that i am going to hear by the service point salesman, because he will try his best to deny the existence of the tint on my phone, so that he can save his company some money…adn for the record it did contact the official sony service center in greece and the told me that people were getting new devices because there were no screen replacement parts available at that time….otherwise they just repair the phone, they dont replace it altogether just because they love you……
    7) I did buy the handset with the update in mind. whats the point of having a top-notch device hardware-wise and running a software thats older than the universe itself? and again i am pointing this out. it was marketed as a FLAGSHIP device. and it was priced accordingly. so to get this straight with you, when i bought the device i was promised an update by the end of june. i havent got this update yet, and i doesnt look promising either… so maybe next time sony will try to sell a device that is promised to place phone calls by the end of year after an update, but it turns out that the update is slightly delayed…… the fact that for any technical reasons that i am oblivious to, the XPS ICS update is different than the one of the 2011 models, why the hell should i care about this?? didnt they know about that, when they placed the bloody “ICS upgradable” badge on the device?shouldnt they adjust their update schedule accordingly to meet the deadlines???
    6)?? ????? ??? ?? ???? like ???? ?? post ??? ???? ?? ???? ????, ??? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??????? ??? ????????????? ????????? ???? ??? poll ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ??????, ???? ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????????? ???????.???? ??? ????????? ?? ??????? ?? XPS ???????, ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ???? sony ?????? ??? ?? ?? ??????? ?????, ????? ??????????….??????? ?? ? ???? ??? nexus ??? ????????? ????? ????? ?????????? ????????? ??? ????? ???….

    btw my SI number was listed in the first list that was announced. phone never thought that it should update itself… which method/OS did you use to update? even if you did, it appears that you were one of the few lucky ones. according to the poll above, half of xperia users havent received any update yet, and i do not dare to ask about the same percentage among XPS users around the world….

    finally, my apologies to the xperia blog, for implying that they had any sort of affiliation with sony itself. i stand corrected there. nevertheless, i just hope that some sony representative will actually read my first post…as for anyone answering in the usual “what a troll” mode, i must say that i feel sorry about them for not grasping the essence of my post.thankfully the site admins did, and the fact that they started a poll on the subject honors them. i m really sorry for my omission to point that out guys.

  • Gooneray

    I’ve had ICS on my Xperia neo for a few weeks now and I can say that overall I am pleased with the upgrade. That aside I’m not too sure if the neo is properly equipped to run the software as intended. Due to it’s pitiful internal memory the phone can slow to a crawl, close running apps or even shut down completely.
    Tip – use a task killer & regularly clear app cache & data. Reboot the phone once or twice a day.
    The pros – much better browser, improved camera UI, gesture input
    The cons – I need someone to buy me the new Xperia SL;-)

  • Iuetjyfh

    just an addition to the above….according to the poll, only 32% of the xperia users have actually updated their phones via official means. i believe that the june 21st (official update date for xperia s) was one of the last dates/handsets to be announced. so that leaves us with roughly 70% of the all users OF A FAN BLOG (keep in mind that the user sample is heavily biased….) not having received the update, 15 days after the promised date. is it just me, or shouldnt sony be particularly proud about this?

  • webusermy

    My main concern…

    RAM usage is up the roof.. previously no issues with Widgets having to reload itself.. now everything needs to constantly be reloaded..

  • BobH

    I had to roll back to Gingerbread via ship my phone to the Sony Service Center.  Wi-fi hotspot and USB tethering broke with ICS. I really do miss the ICS UI and new features though.  Hoping for some sort of update ….

  • webusermy

     But in ICS you can long-hold on the “Power Button” and swap your sound profile between Silent/Vibrate/Normal from anywhere, including the lock screen. So no biggie for me there.

  • I updated my Xperia mini pro to ICS via PC companion. at first it was alright, runs smooth, I loved the overall performance and didn’t have any complain. and then I noticed something is wrong with the battery. I charged it in the morning (the indicator stated 46%) and after 5 hours only increased by 5%. before it needed 1-1,5% until fully charged, tho. I restarted the phone and suddenly it becomes 99%. I thought the problems stop there but when I used it until 52%, it turned off suddenly and tell me to connect the charger. anyone here have the same problem?

  •  sorry, but I mean it needed 1-1,5 hours of charging.

  • Dwofclitheroe

    A VERY frustrated Vodafone UK customer – still no update……

  • Beller4321

    Yep sony are a disgrace bought this phone being told the update would be available very soon changed from x10i and wish id just kept it and saved my money  because i was conned will never buy a sony again thinking of selling and getting a galaxy s or the newest htc as im very pissed off with sony

  • Knkarthic

    Recently I updated my xperia arc to ics…it s very very slow when compared to the gingerbread version…..some new features r really good in ics….led s not working for new messages… there any way of increasing the phone speed????

  • M_abdallah25

    NEED HELP!!! I have the Xperia Neo but after I installed the ICS my phone keeps getting stuck and turning off and back on a lot!! I already restore the settings and re installed the ICS

  • Hey man the official update to 4.0.4 will also make the phone slow and laggy…As i updated via flashtool my phone is slow and laggy..?

  • Erik

    It’s because you are from Greece, you own us some serious bucks dude!

  • Dimitrakipoulos

    For my xperia mini, the ICS upgrade was more of a bless, but also carried. some downsides.
    -less manufactured apps and the option to deactivate the remaining ones, was a great step forward. there is no need to root anymore and I have more free RAM, than ever before!
    A smoother phone as a result.
    – more apps available in the market, including chrome.
    -A fresh air to a year old device.
    -The battery seems to drain very faster now.
    -The new dialer+contact app are very stupid, with the favourite numbers being hurried very deep in sub-menus…

  • Terrydunlin

    Xperia s user and since the update my handset has become very laggy and unstable crashes quite a lot and sometimes flips in ans out of different screens especially when trying to use the get music info function in workman. Saying that I’m sure Sony will release jellybean and this will solve all this instability maybe I should of waited and stuck with gingerbread but I’m like everyone else, a sucker for an update!

  • Akos

    Hey, I’m just here to leave my comment…
    I REALLY like the new update, lots of funcionality added. Maybe the phone is a bit slower, but that’s acceptable.

  • Susieg2812

    Can’t assign a different ringtone for contacts

  • might stay use Gingerbread, because issue that Update Android 4.0 make Xperia slow down, n lag when scrolling screen.

  • yank_k

    4.04 ics a nightmare !

  • nenslo

    Recently updated my Xperia S (UK) to ICS 4.0.4 and in general it’s great, improved battery life and snappy response. Only problems I have found is:
    (1) the camera and LED light stopped working after the update but a factory reset has fixed this
    (2) taking a screencapture isn’t as obvious anymore, you now need to long press the power button and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

  • Grkjim151

    Suck a cock we dont owe UUUU anything

  • jamie hooper

    ever since the update nothing works properly would have rather not had it, sony are so useless when it comes to updates it takes 20 fixes before anything works again grrrrr…….

    just fuck off sony!!!

  • Pedro

    Do a reapir dude, that’s a bug. Use PC companion to reinstall ICS.

  • rostik


  • tiago_fz6

    Just bought one and I got to say I don’t understand the issues. My Xperia Pro is running ICS as smooth as a bullet and despite some sudden programs closing at times that happens only when heavy multi-tasking is in place and this isn’t a dual-core so… I’m very happy with it!

  • Phillipine DUDE!

    GOD! my neo v is damn slow when i upgraded it to 4.0.4 that i almost throw it on the wall. Custom ROMs are said to be faster but im not into those kind of thing.

  • Deen Sokmo

    huhh.. 2 week’s ago sent my Experia P to Sony Center (Malaysia, KL) cause network issue (phone failed to read micro) SIM card. After a few days, Sony called me the phone already okey.. first looking, Sony center upgrade my phone to ICS 4.0.4.. i’m very happy.. android 4.0 look very nice.. but today! not yet.. because my phone with 4.0 got 2 big problem:
    1. i cannot select text/copy/paste (some application like NOTE working fine)..
    2. download and install application trough Google Play Store very..very..very slow. (using 3G/H).. surf Internet no problem..

    Now, I’m what to go back previous version android 2.3.. how can i downgrade?

  • LEo

    ANT+ is not working after the update :(

  • hay man i hope u talk with my my face is name marwan tarek i have a arc s and i dont know i have to update to ics or keep gb please help me

  • hay i have just got a new xperia arc s and i wanna to know i must to keep gb or upgrade to ics ?? i wanna u help me plz contact with me in my face name marwan tarek :D thx

  • Elmo

    My friend updated his Xperia S to ICS and the camera of his phone isn’t working now, the retail store where he bought his phone will not replace it or fix it since the warranty is already void for updating it to ICS. I have decided not to update my Xperia P, for now.. This is my first Sony phone ever, though my family is a fan of other Sony devices from Television, Gaming console and what not. I really hope to see a better solution for my friend’s phone. Please do send me a message if there is, here’s my email Thank you.

  • conkezz

    Phone won’t charge properly after update?


    I updated my xperia p with ice and all new features looks very good and so better than gingerbread but I feel my phone became slowly performing of some applications and desktop pages move slowly and some times stuck and also call and phone log when performing a call phone go stocked I need fast solution pls and thank u

  • nomore xperia!

    Well, when my contract runs out ill definitely be going for Samsung next time, thats one lesson ive learned. The update I’d AWFUL.

  • William Saito

    The only thing that bothers me, is that ICS takes too long to load my contacts, and dialing has a considerable delay in touch response. (Xperia Mini Pro)

  • I hate this too, I really like being able to quickly navigate to the track listing for the current album you were listening to or back to the artist, very disappointed its no longer available and would downgrade to GB player in a heartbeat

  • gusnar95

    had installed ics to my xperia go and i have to say that it really dissapointed me, even writing this comment is so annnoying because now my phone is very laggy, i want to retunr to gingerbread right away but dont know how. i do really recommend you not to update your go to ics until sony takes the update seriously and fix the bugs

  • xperia

    Not happy at all. Had no problem with Gingerbread before.y

    Now the camera quality is carp. Battery drains like crazy. Freezes so often.

    We want Jelly Bean. If these problems persists, I am going back to HTC.

  • Charisma Vian

    I don’t like the ICS update on my xperia go. It very slow. A lot lag happen on my device. The batteries ran out very fast too… On GB, my device can stand for 24 hours. But now, less than 9 hours. More importantly there’s a lot lag. It’s like the processor only run 200MHz.

  • gmokillsdna

    ics is slow om my xperia pro, on gb camera was smooth on ics is jerky on gb adobe flash was smooth on ics is jittery so much i cant watch stream tv im sending for downgrade

  • Tanmay

    really need to revert back….totally screwed my phone. Its slow laggy and even hinders basic functions like making calls

  • rizwan

    Hi, i updated my xperia p with android 4.0 couple of days back.
    haven’t tested much but i can say that the change is good. The interface feels more smooth and more fancy to deal with however may be it’s just me but phone seems to be acting little slower then it was with previous version of android. LIke when i launch my contacts, it takes a while before the UI shows the contacts, it wasn’t the case before.

    still getting used to it, but all in all i can recommend.

  • Carlos Campos

    I updated my xperia U to ics and the wifi didint worked anymore !!!!

  • upgraded to ICS 2 month back on my XPERIA S…. it is the worst android release… every thing just slows down .. GB is soooooo far better than it….. hoping sony is doing something for it…..

  • Thomas Wang

    Xperia arc s- I was dissapointed after i updated my phone to ICS. everything on the phone was basically just lagging; scrolling through apps (ESPECIALLY), scrolling through widgets… etc the phone hasn’t gottten much improvement, only the settings looks better, but actually, i dont think its worth making your phone laggy. I called sony later that day i updated my phone, and they said i had to pay 45 dollars in order for me to downgrade to Gingerbread, *sigh*

  • Garry

    I got my Xperia U update on 11 Oct its UK version and after this phone is really slow, and i also saw the wifi signal strength is also low in 4.0.4 .

    Better don’t upgrade,CPU usage is very high, i also did factory reset and all still its slow.

  • xperia user

    ICS on xperia go is very bugging and lagging – unstable :|

  • Avaahn

    Xperia Go update to ics yesterday and since then it has become laggy in all aspects from apps to the keyboard. Not to mention the inability to install apps on the sd card. Very disappointed with my device now

  • Suhas

    I recently updated the OS of my wife’s Xperia U from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0. The upgrade was smooth, didnt take much time and most of all I did not loose any data. Thats great. But post the update, the touch screen is giving problems. To make things work on the touch screen I need to press harder (feels like using the resistive touch screen) and the right side of the touch screen is in kind of comma i.e. it does not function. Does this have to do anything with the device? Is this problem some malfunction or misconfiguration in the OS (I actually also reset it to factory settings post installing the 4.0, but it did no good)? Can I go back to the old 2.3?

  • Sumit Thukral

    xperia go – performance gone down, slow switching between applications, wifi stopped working – it worked after factory reset, SLOW SLOW SLOW need to go back to old 2.3 android

  • Sumit Thukral

    SLOW Performance + touch Screen goes haywire when connected to USB cable to PC

  • Junaid Mohsin

    the update has been a disaster for many XPERIA phones. The performance suffers big time. The phone hangs and becomes unresponsive. I have helped friends to revert back to “Gingerbread” after using the Ice cream sandwich update for a few weeks. the phones include Xperia Sola, Xperia P and S and also the old sony ericsson Xperia NEO. I think the ice cream sandwich has some nice features but they come at a really higher cost of losing the performance of the phone. and leave the user really disappointed especially when you cant attend your call cause the phone touch screen is not responding to touch =(

    hope this feedback helps.

  • it doesn’t make sense for him to loose the warranty installing an OFFICIAL sony update with the official software for that purpose from then. unless he rooted his device and installed 3rd party firmware with 3rd party tools, then its a lost cause.

  • Magnus

    If you own an Xperia Ray, DO NOT UPGRADE, I got a ton of battery drainage problems… many others have too…

  • Tabalahagana

    ICS is to slow on 2011 xperias with 1 GHz , I Know that now.
    I had an Xperia ray, and I loved my phone until I updated. None of my HD Games worked(N.O.V.A. 1 and 2, GTA III) and even Angry Birds was laggy. Now I have an Xperia pro and wont Update if there wont be SERIOUS improvements…..

  • dung4

    Any way that software called PC Companion is the worst. I hate it. I should get some software that has a better connection to donload from its server. Sony you will die if you keep like this. Improve guys!

  • Xperia Gamer

    Why doesn’t the mobile data work. Please help me I can’t browse with my SIM card. I am running ics 4.0.4 on Xperia play 4g.I am using a local network. In Africa called AIRTEL. Please help mail to apart from that there are no bugs

  • sailesh

    I’ve a strange problem. After upgrading my xperia sola to ics, fm radio doesn’t work after 10pm. Anyy solutions!?

  • imba

    fucking update corrupted the phone

  • Glenn jacob Jackson

    i have mini pro but got some bugs after ics , first one is type & send widget doesn’t fit the potrate screen , second message , missed call & facebook notifications doesn’t appears in lock screen , third setup guide is not opening….

  • I have xperia u upgraded to icecream sandwich. Freezes for a moment when I am multitasking, thats not the probe for me. actually My camera flash and the camera doesn’t go with the same time, flash comes first and camera caches up with milliseconds after.. Anyway my flash don’t work because camera can’t keep up there timing with flash…. I am happy with the icecream sandwich upgrade but it will be nice without camera delays.. Pleeease help me:)

  • Guest

    Touchscreen now lags.. it didn’t before. I want to downgrade solely because of that.

  • Snoopy

    Here is the best working solution to media refresh (SD card refresh) problem after the ArcS updating to ICS:

  • Snoopy

    For those who have problems with media files refreshing (SD card refreshing) after updating to ICS:

  • Dweaver1

    NO – 3G data has now stopped working TWICE. Factory reset only worked for a month – AWFUL

  • FiXXoN

    mine wont charge since ics update :(

  • ICS in Arc S is annoyingly choppy, stay in GB lads !

  • htoo naing

    Not so bad . We can get the good character from it but my sony xperia neo v’s video camera speed is so slow. Why it’s happening? If somebody knows , reply me, please!

  • Chris

    I want to Downgrade from 4.0.3 to 2.3.x . Is there any way to downgrade ?

    I am not happy with your ICS 4.0 Upgrade, I upgraded my Xperia U to ICS 4.0 but now it is too slow, i am very frustrated with your product and very disappointed my decision that i choose SONY PRODUCT, I will never suggest to anyone to buy Sony Product or services they all are Bloody FUCKER,

  • Mousey

    I’m generally impressed with the update finally got mine through for the Xperia Go today, very good apart from a little bit of keyboard lag which i think is due to my background processes so having a good ol’ app cleanout today

  • Rui Miranda


  • Samiul

    I am not happy with ICS on my xperia go. ICS has some nice feature but overall performance is bad :(. I wish I can go back to 2.3 without loosing my current data

  • i have Xperia U , and i am not happy at all with upgrade of ICS, it makes my phone very slow and useless ….. please i neeeed to downgrade it to Gingerbread, please help me how can i do it
    this is my mail:
    i really need to solve this problem please help me

  • sarjak

    When I m playing game at that time my screen start blinking it will continue in all game what should I do?

  • prtk_v

    I have a xperia u running on ICS the phone is a BIT SLOW and un responsive at times and chrome does not work welwith this phone

  • Carlo Lim

    You can always update your phone’s software using PC Companion. I believe it works in all countries.

  • Are u Sony guys really gonna make changes in your system by reading these feedbacks….your android 4.0 really sucks…specially in Xperia U…pls take it seriously…

  • georgios

    fuck you, your house and your ass

  • Snoopy

    For all those having problems with their Arc S on ICS, here are the solutions:

  • Lazygreece

    You still owe us serious bucks, regardless of what BS you wrote above…

  • kirk

    You know by now that you are an asshole my friend, don’t you? This thing you have with Greece is a result of the lies of your fucking politicians and you as a programmed citizen have believed. Don’t worry you are in the same shit Greeks are and you haven’t understood it yet. It’s coming to you very soon.Moron!

  • Fayaz

    VPN api missing in ICS :(

  • juriv

    Bro can I hv ur email or send it at

  • minimark

    Generally good, but dont have enough experience of gingerbread to compare. Problems have been sound & volume issues – ringtone is too low; text & skype notifications stop working after the first one or two – I have to shut down & start up again to get them going..very annoying. Also havin to leave phone on overnight for alarm to work(android problem so I’ve found out) is stupid.. Otherwise ok. As a limited user – phone, texting, skype – no gaming, facebook, occasional media, I might b better off using old handset..
    & there u go.. Thanks

  • kiruthika

    Hi i hav xperia u…I recently updated it to ics.Now my phone lags a lot and the camera is downright worse.It hangs often while switching between apps.Also browsing is not as smooth as gb.Will factory reset help improve performance?I am seriously considering downgrading it back to gb.Will i be able to downgrade it to gb in service centers?

  • Dont update!!!! It has ruined my phone. Everything force closes or some apps shut down randomly and returns to home screen. It runs slow and I even crashed trying to look up this fault. It is horrendous. My phone is going back to factory settings in the morning. This phone cannot cope with this version of android which isnt even that great or worth the hassle!

  • im not coz my xperia go after i update it ti ICS it turn slow and always lagging and it;s SUCKKK..we want JELLY BEAN hope it better than F*****G ICS…

  • ICS is the biggest mistakes that android ever made….

  • Anand

    I had prob in operating the phone and it’s sliding are coming very slowly



  • actroid xpert

    i’m an xperia active user.i’ve hust updated my fon to ics and i find its interface fantastic.i couldn’t yet find a problem with xperia active or xperia mini in any of the phone works just as smooth as gb and settings and touch responce are as good.i need to know d batery perfomance.try upgrading.its worth it.

  • shaifali agrawal

    Hey resetting to factory default would make it go back to adroid 2.3? or it would still be ICS?

  • shaifali agrawal

    I have some viruses or something that do not let me download/update many apps. so the only way out is to update the software so that whatever the virus gets deleted. is there any way i can only ‘repair’ my software, and not ‘update’ it? because I am happy with android 2.3 version.

  • korbey

    I own an xperia S and the Fm radio keeps auto closing since the upgrade :-(. The only other thing I wish I had is the “Google Now” quick shortcut from the home button.

  • anna

    I feel so stupid that i upgraded to this…i’d better not swear now!! lol It doesn;t run very smoothly…let us not talk about fast…and last but not least it just “freezes” out of the thin air…..i’m now here waiting for it to just do something…for 10 min now!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!

  • ocdhd

    I just got my hands on this beautiful phone. It was preloaded with ICS. What a disaster. Everything appeared to be fine but it was sitting right in front of me when it started Rebooting! Yes, on its own. With ICS, this phone cannot hold up-time of more than half an hour to two hours. And if you start Google Maps, it will reboot 9 times out of 10. Haha! What a joke. On top of this, I have the Canadian st18a model. I can not find Gingerbread for it ANYWHERE. Only Central European versions floating around. So I took the Central Europe Gingerbread 2.3.4 and flashed that with Flashtool, then used Doomlord V4 Root with Updated SuperUser and BusyBox binaries. You can download the binaries and put them in Doomlord V4 root and it roots this bloody phone even with its locked bootloader. But there is NO Fastboot, so you cannot install a recovery or cyanogenmod. The Gingerbread lockscreen is a joke. The wallpapers are ugly. The time always shows a 0 in front of the hour if you set it to 12 hour clock and it overlaps with AM PM on the side. But I would rather take that than constant reboots and no google maps. Gingerbread comes with older Google Maps 6.14 and so far it works. ICS is junk. Add the Sony Bloatware, and you have a recipe for disaster. If anyone has a Valid link for Gingerbread for North America, please let me know. Right now my st18a is reporting that it is an st18i. But atleast its not crashing all over the place. F U Sony. F U Google and your shitty laggy unintuitive Android. I have learned that Android is the worst piece of shit operating system you can get. Once apps start force closing ..there is no way to fix it.

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