Four Sony Xperia products win 2012 red dot award

by XB on 3rd July 2012

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Sony Mobile has announced that it has won four red dot awards for product design in 2012. Two Sony Xperia phones and two accessories won the prestigious design award. This included the Sony Xperia ion, Xperia active, the Smart Wireless Headset pro and the SmartDock docking station for the Xperia ion. The Sony Ericsson Xperia ray also got an honourable mention. This is great news and shows that Sony Mobile really tries to push the boundaries when it comes to design. You can read what the jury had to say about each product below.

2012 red dot award winners

SmartDock for Xperia ion: “The SmartDock convinced the jury with its plain design of a black high-gloss surface, thanks to which the station seamlessly blends with the docked smartphone.”

Smart Wireless Headset pro: “The Smart Wireless Headset impressed the jury with its plain, elegant design, thanks to which it can be discreetly worn on various occasions.”

Xperia active: “This smartphone offers a convincing design geared to an active target group. All details point to its ruggedness and user-friendliness while also conveying high quality.”

Xperia ion: “The contrast between the black display and the aluminium backside creates a high-quality appearance enhanced by precision workmanship.”

Xperia ray (honourable mention): “Lateral aluminium profiles give this smartphone a high-quality appearance and additional stability. The curved housing fits comfortably in the hand and facilitates easy operation.”

  • Don’t thinkt the reddot awards holds much value, they have about 8000 awards each year -_-

  • rafi

    Wow.. sony starting step up more futher. Last year xperia active n ray won in ID design award. Good job sony.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Yay! But, I just wish the Smart Wireless Headset Pro (XperiaBlog has covered several times before) was available in Japan and wish it supported utf8 characters (probably the reason why it’s not available in Japan).

  • Congratulations All Xperia fans and me too )

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony is the best (classic comment isn’t it?).

  • afzal

    Xperia ray deserve that tittle.. because its the last product made by sony ericsson… ( correct me if i wrong ) the design inspire by nature element and really have strong apperance.

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