Mugen Power 1500mAh extended battery available for Sony Xperia U

by XB on 3rd July 2012

in Accessories, Xperia U

Xperia U batterySony Mobile has made it difficult for third-party battery manufacturers with its 2012 Xperia line-up as most models have an embedded battery. However, the Xperia U comes with a removable battery so if the 1320mAh rated capacity is not enough for you then you may want to consider Mugen Power’s extended battery.

There is no picture of the battery but we expect this to be the same size of the original battery and hence no extended shell cover will be required. The battery is rated at 1500mAh and will cost $46.95 with free worldwide shipping.

  • Fastskater

    I wish they could produce battery like this for xperia p

  • They should produce above 2000mAh batteries …

  • …or Xperia sola, but no one bothers as they have non-removable battery.

    [and no one disassembles P or sola to check the hardware yet…]

  • Randal Vanheede

    Can’t, at the size of this battery 1500 mAh might be the absolute maximum. Maybe, if they’re lucky, 1600 is possible.

  • Artem

    I would be glad to disassemble my Xperia P to upgrade a battery, just give me an option to get such battery.

  • Xperia U owner

    LOL I just bought 2000mAh battery for my Xperia U with free shipping from ebay and it cost me $3 only….

  • baran

    Are you satisfied with the battery? Does the phone show the heat of the battery?

  • Charger slave

    +1 (or actually +1000 as I really want a bigger battery ;)

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