Who is still waiting for the Xperia ICS update? [Poll]

by XB on 3rd July 2012

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Ok we got ripped apart by some people in our previous post where we were asking if users were happy with the Android 4.0 ICS Xperia update. There are a number of people that are clearly miffed* that no update has yet rolled out to their handsets. Yes, we’ve already outlined ways that people can flash ICS to their handsets using FlashTool but some people clearly prefer to wait for the official updates which is absolutely fine. Not everyone wants to mess around with what might seem like a complex process.

Given some of the rage, we thought we would run a poll to find out how many of you have updated to ICS. For those that have updated we want to know whether this was by official means (PC Companion or Update Service) or unofficial means (FlashTool). This is open to all those with a 2011 Xperia device and the Xperia S. It will give us an idea of how many people are still waiting, so please vote in the poll below.

Have you updated your Xperia to official Android 4.0 ICS?

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*Just to be clear, Xperia Blog is a fan site and has no affiliation with Sony. Clearly some people still do not realise this!

  • Nine

    im an XPERIA P Owner and waiting .

    i found somthing new in PTCRB

    6.0.B.3.171 ECOJul 3, 2012

  • XYZ

    My SI-number hasn’t received the 4.0.3 OR 4.0.4 update yet (For Xperia Ray).
    it annoying really, don’t know if its Virgin Media’s fault or not.

  • Xperia Active + STILL WAITING

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    enroll 1 xperia play owner here and waiting for OFFICIAL ics forever :(

  • SRM

    Still waiting for xperia U.

  • Usrrgt

    Hi nine.
    Can you tell me what about the Xperia P battery life?

  • Biancahey

    Still waiting for my Xperia S. Nothing in the Netherlands.

  • Sgt

    It drains so fast less then 2hours of use

    Hopfully it gets better with updates

  • Silver_shit93

    idd stil waiting in belgium to

  • Many of you most realize that the update is from Sony and the carrier. If you choose the carrier phone because it was cheaper you’ll just have to wait. Mine Xperia arc S was SIM-free and I already updated it as well as mai Sony Xperia S. If I pay more I have more rights! Capitalism sucks!!

  • Still Waiting. 

    Xperia S

    – Portugal

  • M Usman

    updated via unofficial means. looks like 50% of Xperia owners are waiting according to your poll right now. hmm. its an interesting result thus far. I wonder how bigger the percentage would have been if there was no way of updating via unofficial means. hopefully percentages improve :)

  • still waiting for xperia arc

  • King-James

    STILL WAITING FOR THE ION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • EMO much? :p 

  • Dhananjay1797

    waiting….just bought my sony xperia u

  • Many who chose “Through unofficial means” can probably update through official means now…

    I “repaired” mine through official means a few days ago. I did the flashtool thing originally…

  • rafa?

     poland waiting for xperia s

  • Not all Carriers is slow by the way. 3 Sweden was actually fast. The second update to their SI-ID list we got our updates

  • Sogin

    Received both the 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 updates.
    Like the new ICS features but a little laggy (because of low mem?) and a little buggy.

    Unlocked Xperia Ray ST18a (North American 3G version)

  • Jan Hemphälä

    1. Found SI-nr from HW on the released list
    2. Didn’t find it on the phone searching for updates
    3. Found different SI-nr using *#*#etc which was not on the released list
    4. Found it using PC companion but couldn’t download the software
    5. Finally downloaded and installed it using update service

    But hey who said it should be easy ;-)

  • Fauzi

    still waiting for Xperia U, when it will be available ?

  • sufy

    Still waiting for update on Xperia PLAY !

  • Where is the option “I don’t care because I’m running a Custom ROM with Android 4.0.4 that is a way better than official SONY ICS update”?

  • Madsham

    Got official 4.03 update a couple of months ago, rooted my Arc S, got new 4.04 update root gone, used flashtool and rootedI fone again, easy painless no bloatware,
    Arc S, Eire.

  • Johnc500

    Still waiting – South Africa – x S

  • Money300

    This is a joke Sony

  • Flxpsw

    If you want something just do it any way with your current android ofcoarse you have to see if you need anything and think of it first dont expect something to come in the upgrade and youll need it Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

  • Flxpsw

    Dont expect to do 3D designs with Autocad WS just because you upgraded to ics

  • Flxpsw

    If you can think of something you want xperia to do for you its dow for you and lots of job oportunities Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

  • Jundamane

    Waited a week for ics and nothing came uo so flashed it and never looked back. It was a little buggy at first but after a few reboots it runs smoothly and fast. Love it on my Sony Xperia S! :)

  • hamad

    Still waiting for xperia play offical ics update

  • Chirag Panchal

    Still waiting for Xperia play R800i ICS official update in india…. :(

  • Sacredsphere

    Yeah good luck. Can you stop already

  • Xperia S, 1257-5189
    SI number appeared on June 22, wasn’t actually available until June 26.Update Service told me the update was available, but it forced me to install the PC Companion to actually perform the update.

  • Mehdi Moha

    fuck you sony for what you have done on our xpria play

    and damn you for saying : no xperia play2

  • Sami Dawood

    Still waiting for 4.0.4 to neo v

  • Xperia Play? Didn’t you hear they won’t release for that phone?

  • what did you expect ==

  • I got the cheapest & fastest in Malaysia and they’re fast on these updates. same as my friend, but he got ICS first day as list released

  • will they release for Xperia Play? or you’re just waiting like a desperate?

  • hamboy

    Sim free Xperia Ray – UK. Still waiting for ICS. Although, as others have reported lag I might just ignore it when it does get released.

  • Dan

    Well, I have an Xperia S.
     – Trying to update over the air (by using the phone’s update centre) doesn’t work, as it says no update available.
     – The browser solution (the Java plug-in) says there is an update available, but I have to use PC Companion to do it.
     – I tried SUS (Sony Update Service) application, while I thought it was updating, it turned out it was just “repairing” my phone. It formatted my phone, and I’m still on 6.0.A.3.75.
     – PC Companion tells me there is an update available. After running the update, it starts downloading that 300MB update, after the download finishes, and when it’s time to install the software on my phone, it stops and gives me an error saying “No update available for your phone”, although it has been downloading for almost an hour wtf….. I’ve tried on three different computers. So I gave up at the end, my internet is limited I have a monthly quota. So now I’m stuck with Android 2.3

  • AsadMulla

     Same thinking here. So I bought a sim free generic XS (1257-3113) but I still dont have an update. Broken. I thought I will pay extra for the privilege.

  • Chiecheung25

    Me too. Ik ook

  • Seifer_5209

    Hi,i wanna ask about why my xperia s when i was enabled the lock screen sound,touch sound but why there still got no sound appear when i make a screen lock? i met this problem after upgrade to ICS,please help

  • Unless I see a lot more positive comments on ICS from Xperia S owners I plan to skip over it and wait for Jelly bean. Android 2.3.7 works well and the improvements are seemingly trivial – while the hits to memory and performance look worrying.

  • Acalway

    Still waiting for orange network in the UK to release the ics to my xperia s.

  • Kees

    Still waiting Xperia Arc SI 1246-9193 (Netherlands)

  • Jamic

    People on Xplay whining about lack of ICS are ridiculous.

    ICS doesnt even have a ton of stuff that are worth this whining. I already got the camera app from store and few other features that I want are in Xperia S’ses updated Gingerbread. As long as we get that Im REALLY happy

    Plus they didnt ditch play 2… They simple confirmed that its not on the table as of now. To me it sounds that they are trying to enstabilish a strong base to support Xplay 2’s excistence with bigger and better software that reaches to other phones.

    I did already forum post about this in Xda forums.

    Ngage 1 failed because it was fully dependant to its own succes, it gained no other support than phone and game sales and the technology of its time was not mature.

    Ngage 2 had software supporting few more dedicated phones, this software was kept alive by multiple phone models but their specs were too clustered and technology was just getting mature.

    Xplay has okay technology sportting inside and software being kept alive by devices similary spec’d + games on PS suite are very scalable.

    In other words: Sony is making future ready for xperia play 2 that doesnt have to live independently and die cause of lack of support.

  • Cp2020

    This is exactly what I’m planning on doing as well. Got xperia P tho and I know that ics is not available as of yet, but when it’s out on P I will most likely skip it unless the update is bug free ( which never really happens in real life). GB is stable and it gives me what I need. Phone it’s responsive and there are alot less incompatibility issues from what ppl are saying compared to ics. Then there’s memory… I’ll have to see but I get your point and I agree with u 100%.

  • Cp2020

    I don’t think so. Got one and 2 hours top is a bit of exaggeration. U get a day out of it mid-usage. Battery is not great but it’s not terrible either.

  • spatch

    Bought the Xperia S outright at Dick Smith here in Australia, no carrier involved whatsoever, and still no update. Come on Sony, you can’t be selling a ton of these, so reward the faithful with a timely update. Especially when I don’t have to wait for the notoriously slow Aussie carriers to test the new firmware, this lengthy update process is a joke.

  • Hamad Ali

    Waiting for official ics for xperis play with my alot of friends they also have xperia play n they also disappointed like me

  • Peter Jguest

    im still waiting update showing on phone but will not let me update on device or computer so what do u do just wait?

  • GJ Jacobse

    I’ve just got the update, still have to figure out all the stuff. But so far it looks awesome!

  • Adam

    Just updated xperia s to 4.0.4 its great

  • itr0ll1

     CM9 just got ported over dude…like 4 days ago. ICS on the Play with NO bloatware and wifi-fix.

    there is no official update dude, get with the program.

    Why would you want sony bloatware on your phone…..

  • Klosinski123456789

    Xperia s user, stole waiting in ireland

  • itr0ll1


  • This may sound like crazy talk, but I thought “update service” was actually an update service.

  • haha you’re ryt, it misunderstands everyone. I’m not sure of major or minor updates, but at least you can get notification through it. for me it’s really annoying connecting to PCC to check if is there any updates available

  • Eiscaer

    Should be available now. I got an unbranded one in Australia and I updated via the pc client a couple of days ago. Ota notification didn’t happen so I plugged it in to my pc to check and viola!

  • Josephjohnreeves

    Still waiting for Xperia s update in uk and for all you waiting for Xperia play update there is never going to be an update Sony comfirmed it

  • harry

    still waiting for xperia neo

  • Da_Trance

    Still waiting here in the UK Xperia mini pro

  • Dwofclitheroe

    UK user – still waiting. Just checked SONY’S SI number wepbpage, it’s not been updated for over 4 days. Very poor. I think we might be waiting a while……

  • XYZ

    Just got my update. Everything is working silky smooth. There is just one problem. Whenever I set up a security option for sleep mode, I lose the lock screen. As soon as I wake the device, it automatically jumps to pattern/pin/password screen – completely skips the slide to unlock or slide to camera. This also means I can’t access text messages, music player from the lock screen while I have a pattern set up.
    Is there any way to fix this…?
    Please email me, its a little bit annoying….

  • Stoodsj

    Still waitin to get ics this is stupid!

  • Red_army

    still waiting for xperia pro, in uk it was promised late may and to be done by end of june, its now mid july…..sony ericsson or now sony taking the piss

  • Michael Thompson

    nothing in uk for xperia u, still waiting and hope its worth it lol

  • Using SE xperia mini pro, it is evident that the update is real in many other countries and looks epic, but my Virgin Mobile (locked) phone has not recieved it…is VM holding it back delberately, to make customers switch to higher specified and newer devices?

  • Tim

    After a year I’m still waiting for ICS on my xperia mini pro :-(((

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