New firmware (6.0.B.3.171) certified for the Xperia go, Xperia P, Xperia sola and Xperia U

by XB on 4th July 2012

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New firmware has been certified for the four Sony Xperia handsets running on the NovaThor chipset – the Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia sola and soon-to-be-released Xperia go. The new firmware version number of 6.0.B.3.171, comes just a week after the 6.0.B.3.162 firmware rolled out for these handsets. We do not expect this to be the Android 4.0 update, but more of a performance and stability related release.

  • Cp2020

    Just updated to *.162 couple of days ago and i  believe there’s many like me that have as well. What new is this update actually going to bring us cuz i CBA updating every week downloading apps and setting things up when I just literally did it last . But this might actually be good news for ppl having problems after 162 update….that is if the latest one fixes those issues. Own XP btw

  • James

    This is a regional update and not global

  • Fauzi

    when ics update !? really wait for xperia u, there’s long time-__-

  • Shanefalco

    i have an italian xperia u with vodafone and i didnt see firmware .162…only if i debrand my xperia u with germany firmware i will see .162 and .171.

  • Mac

    I can not see this update in my country (India)

    I updated version 6.0.B.3.162  and facing network issue, every now and then i have to restart my xperia p phone to get the network up.
    I am missing a lot of calls due to this. Please can anybudy help me with this

  • Just got this update on my Ion yesterday! :| Can’t really see any difference yet! :|

  • jonas

    On my sola i got a huge boost in battery time, after 12h im still at 75% and before update i usually was down to like 50-40% despite little usage.

  • jonas

    i recived this update on my Xperia Sola, and i personally noticed a big improvement in battery usage, after 12h its down to 75%, compared to like 50% after 12 before despite low usage

  •  Im facing the same problem in my sola…but i thought it was network problem due to the rains. it seems to have reduced slightly though.

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  • Puneeth Bedre

    These firmwares updates apart when is ICS rolling out for SOLA?!? it was scheduled in june

    we’re way into Q3 now!

  • Writetome143

    I updated the .62 in my sola same network prblm dont know how to solve this bt expecting an update for solution this prblm

  • Rashidul Islam Sayem

    i m really facing a huge network failure problem after update 6.0.B.3.162 how many times should i turn off my phone ??? just for getting Network huh ??? Sony Should Focus on that immediately 

  • Rashidul Islam Sayem

    I m really facing a huge problem of network failure in my SOLA.. in a day how many times should i turn OFF and ON my phone just for getting network ??? HUH ??? this is Embarrassing  me ..
    Sony should focus this immediately ……..

  • Ashish

    hey xperia p owners
    i have 6.0.B.1.564 , which i guess is not the latest build. which is the latest build and if it is stable?

    when are we going to get ics update in india?
    and i have a problem in my xperia p . the sound sometimes feels cracked ..any other with same problem?

  • Hadianoha

    I have problem with update on XPERIA SOLA.

    I connect my phone to PC, PC Companion I had instaled, there is write : your software is up to date
    When i want update with , so I clik to Xperia SOLA, run java aplication and check my phone, but it this moment show me eror :: internet conecion not detected

    Someone solve this problem ??

  • Nooruddin Khorasi

    Why there is no update for Sola since .162 in India.?
    .162 firmware update has already gifted many problems to all Sola users and now delay in both new updates.

    Sony sucks atleast with firmware updates. Tooooo SLowww.

  • Will I lose my data when update xperia go to 60.B.3.184.(it happened when I updated my x10 mini to 2.1)

  • danne

    själv har jag version 6,0,B,3,184 på min xperia U

  • Enzoxx

    Ciao falco, dove hai trovato il firmware tedesco?

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