Xperia S root now available for those with locked bootloaders

by XB on 4th July 2012

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia S

Up until now Sony Xperia S users with locked bootloaders have had no way to get root access. Many mobile operators such as O2 or T-Mobile in the UK ship the Xperia S with locked bootloaders. This has left many people frustrated that they cannot remove bloatware via root access. The good news is that root is now available for those who have a Sony Xperia S handset with locked bootloaders.

The process posted by Sharaz22 over at xda-developers is reasonably lengthy and also a bit complicated. To implement root, your handset will need to start off with stock Gingerbread firmware. An exploit is then opened at which point you need to upgrade to ICS to actually activate the exploit. The process only works in ICS and you MUST start the process from Gingerbread. A number of people are reporting success, so if you have been dying to get root on your Xperia S you can find the full instructions here.

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  • Nwodu Tochukwu

    Process to long can’t start with all dat backing up ish…seen this 2days back on xda
    Thanks away though

  • Ionel2oo5

    Not working for my S from o2 :((

  • Leolo_hk

    I just wonder similar method also apply on P or U model!

  •  Me too…still wondering if there will be an easier way to gain root access..for example with one click in flashtool as with the 2011 xperia models..*hoping on*

  • Ram Kanwar

    Its worked for me im on o2 as well. You need to follow through steps thoroughly. you can either flash gb or ics but you gotta start as gb then ics then back to whichever you want. Make sure you close flashtool and keep no final check verification checked along with exclude partition. Also make sure youre using latest flashtool version

  • itr0ll1

    lol, i’ll pass.

    buy unlocked samsung phone, install any one of the hundreds of custom roms that are PRE-ROOTED.

    Sony is pure fail. Why the hell would they allow carriers to lock bootloaders when they have unlock policy online, lol

  • Koaiho

    I already rooted my device with ICS on the 1st day of release ICS for XPERIA S,hahaha

  • In my option, custom-made phones by carriers are always a EPIC FAIL as they always have bloatwares [main reason to rooting because they’re not removable in normal ways].

    Buy a “clean” phone from Sony itself or other shops is way better.

  • Ethearh

    You are SOOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!

  • Julio Spinoza

    Marry me please, you are so amazing! I want to have a children with you

  • Arne

    You are crazy. :p

  • Jojo

    Wow! you made my day.. how genius! you must have arrived from some outer world, you must be some one extra ordinary… very impressive… I think world’s girls are impressed and will die for you… you are really amazing!

  • red

    NASA needs you. XD

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