Three new Xperia GX promo videos released

by XB on 5th July 2012

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Xperia GXAs Sony Mobile Japan gears up for the launch of the Sony Xperia GX later this month, it has just released three new promotional videos for the handset. Each video focuses on different features of the phone, for example the first video looks at design, display camera, the second looks at UI and connectivity (MHL, DLNA etc) whilst the third looks at Xi LTE, the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.0 and entertainment. There’s still no word on an exact launch date and pricing but we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Kevin!

  • mobiousO

    is it worth it to buy this phone and then have it shipped to a foreign country for use…just because you want this one badly?

  • Did they add native notification toggles to the NXT UI?

  • Waiting international version .

  •  Asked myself the exact same question, would be nice if the other Xperias like S/U/P/sola/… get those toggles with the next firmware update..

  • Nine

    i think its safe to do so, just need to make sure that its not SIM-locked .

  • jimi

    Hopefully soon. With those software buttons like stock Android, i hope that means for faster and easier updates.

  • Coollead

    Yes, there are toggles in the notification area. Unfortunately, they’re limited and not customizable, but…. it’s a start!

  • BjL

    GX international version, Mint I n Xperia Z?????so which is true?????or r all of them the same phone?

  • L

    suck  flop  epicfail 

  • Wondering how this beautiful master piece would run with MIUI o some other AOSP…

    If SONY doesn’t release this phone in America or at least a variant, then I’ll have to switch to another company, after 6 years of loyalty.

  • Lost2k5

    i need this phone :((((((((((((((((((((((

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  • surethom

    Please UK release within the next 2 months so before end of September I want the international version of this phone in my hand sometime in September.

  • miki69

     I’m really interested to see how new “stacked” camera compares to 12 MP Xperia S one. Having N8 myself, I think it’s time for me to move to Andriod, and GX (or Z) seems like a perfect match.


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  • Philiphrikou

    listen guys, if u wait this phone you hang for 6-7months. go to apple5 im sure on October u hav a new phone or unless it release the xZ  so buy a sony. 

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