Unlocked Xperia S, P and sola now available in the United States

by XB on 6th July 2012

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Xperia P SilverSony Mobile promised that the unlocked versions of its Xperia NXT range would be arriving in the US during the summer and they’ve stuck to their word. The Sony Xperia P is available on the official Sony Store website in all three colours (black, red and silver) for $479.99. However, it is also available for a much cheaper $388.99 at Newegg, also in all three colours.

The Sony Xperia S is also available at Newegg for $469.99 in black and white colours. If you’re looking for something lower down the range then you can also pick up the Xperia sola at Newegg for $299.99 available in black, red and white colours. The only handset missing from the party is the Xperia U but we may see this one picked up soon. All handsets are in stock right now.

  • sharique shaikh

    Competitively priced! :)

  • Guest

    I bought my Arc from an online retailer and when I needed repair, Sony was giving me fits about the only authorized dealer in the US is the Sony Store.  I had to complain that I bought my C510 from newegg and I was able to get service with that.  As long as the serial/IMEI points to an “a” batch, right?

    Anyone else has trouble getting service when buying from newegg or other etailers?

  • lovebmw

    in the U.S. no one buys unlocked phones, either its sand cheap with a contract or nothing.  sadly its a fail, why don’t they contract with t mobile if att approval process take forever?  SONY needs to focus on how to penetrate the american market the right way…. implementing what works in other countries does not work here in the U.S. 

  • nfs2010

    Newegg is the way to go. They always sell unlocked SE phones for good prices.

    By the way, they also have the Xperia Arc S available for $269 – which might be a better buy than Xperia Sola.

  • Guest

    Blanket statements don’t work.  I, for one, buy unlocked+unbranded phones for the freedom of carrier choice and the fact that I can bring them overseas without worrying about being “customer of good standing” in their books.

  • nfs2010

    True – considering those few phones released on AT&T with dated software (X10,Play,Ion) – Sony seriously needs to start afresh in the US market.  They also need to get their phones on T-mobile.

  • Guest

    The warranty status of buying from newegg now cast a doubt in me… :(

    But adding their own warranty program is still cheaper than paying MSRP from Sony Store.

  • lovebmw

    I should have said only one person buys in the us buys unlocked and he is in this room :)

  • nfs2010

    Newegg usually provides excellent after sales support. Like you said, I always try to buy those ‘a’ models (now it’s changed back to ‘i’ again on Xperia S). But I also double check if the phone is on the product list of the Sony (Ericsson) US website. If it’s not listed, then the ‘a’ model is most likely an import from South America and Sony may not provide warranty in the US .

  • nfs2010

    I’m just curious – Why do you need the extended warranty? If you’re talking about Xperia S, it already comes with one year manufacturer warranty.

  • nfs2010

     lol – count me in. I know how rare of a breed we are in the US :P

  • nfs2010

    Hey Sony, At least make your US unlocked models compatible with T-mobile 3G/4G bands (try something like Nokia did with their pentaband phones that has both ATT & Tmobile 3G bands covered).  This is important as tmobile customers are more likely to buy unlocked phones as they have very good prepaid plans.

    So keep releasing contract phones on ATT

    make your US unlocked models T-mobile 3G/4G compatible

    Or just use pentabands.

  • Guest

    Not newegg, it’s Sony.  I asked them point blank what they count as “authorized dealer” when they tried to refuse service for my Lt15a.  The guy on the phone claimed “only Sony Store”.  Then I asked them “not even newegg?” and he said no.  :(

    I think it’s BS, but that’s one from “official” sources.  OTOH when I had the C510 they just needed the IMEI for verification and no questions asked after that.

  • Guest

    Probably only people like us read and comment on these blogs. ;)

  • Guest

    Not extended, even the standard warranty Sony was trying to pull a fast one on me claiming “not bought from authorized dealer” until I raised some hell with the supervisor.  If your phone has no issues, then great, you don’t need RMA service.  But when you do…

  • nfs2010

     It is BS like you said. Newegg and many others are listed as authorized retailers on Sony website. They are required by law to provide warranty on items sold through their retailers as long as the model is a US model.


    I also had horrible experience at a Sony store in Texas. I was looking for an android walkman and the guy made a face like I was looking for moon rock.


    The one at the Sony Store actually includes “Accidental Damage Protection” where if you break your out of pocket phone, it will be replaced (toilet drops included)! Sony Store is the cheapest at these, its from Sony and u can bring it back to the store. I bought it for stuff like my NEX-7 too!

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  • lovebmw

    i agree

  • Rene

    Sony will match the price of anyone within their Retailer Network and Newegg is in their network


    Just call Sony and direct them to where the price is on Newegg’s site and they will honor that price.

  • Guest

    Tried that before?  Any links that talk about the price match?

  • ok2phone-com

     agree with you

  • The_Newtype

    I’ll wait until the P receives ICS and drops to $299. 

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