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by XB on 9th July 2012

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The Sony Xperia go is now starting to roll out in some regions across the world such as Hong Kong, the UK launch should commence next week. If you want to get an idea of what is inside the box than the Sony Mobile Russia team has just published an unboxing video for the Xperia go.

Interestingly they unbox all three colours (black, white and yellow). The ‘boring’ black and white SKUs will get a MH410c headset in the box along with USB cable and charger. However, the yellow version of the Xperia go is the ‘Sports Edition’. It comes in a slightly bigger retail box than the other two colours as you also get an arm strap, the MH650c headset and a lanyard. See the video below.


    When Sony brought out the Arc and the Ray I was happy, good phones with good cameras yet now they seem to be bringing out about 5 different phones and all have cameras worse than my C901 from about 6 years ago !!! 

    I love Sony but it has to be said that all their new phones have old hardware or just hardware that is unacceptable for 2012 … The fact they are still releasing handsets with Gingerbread is a disgrace really, regardless of how well it runs.

  • SRM

    It should  not be said hardware.
    It is only in the camera department that Sony is having still old 5 MP ones,and that too only in budget phones.
    From the hardware point of view,it has the new ST-Ericsson U-8500 processor and Mali 400 GPU which is best in the price range.Almost all other competitors have only 5 MP camera as well.

  • owl

    The Go isn’t available in Singapore yet. When it does, I’m not sure if I can resist splurging my hard-earned cash on it. Especially if the gorgeous yellow version here offers as generous a package as the Russian one.


    The thing with the camera is what makes Sony, or any other manufacturer for that matter, think that people only want big phones? There’s an obsession recently with huge devices that are more suited to tablets than phones and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  My point is that I love Sony from a design point but I hate to see that they make shitty phones small and the top of the line are all huge.

    I want a high end phone with a small screen and shit hot hardware, something along the lines of the Ray in terms of size and design.  If they can make that phone the size it is and the price it was even at its peak then why are the new phones so different?  I love the Ray, it is the perfect phone for me and I was hoping for a similar mid range or top end phone with upgraded specs to the Ray but yet I was offered 1 of about 5 budget phones that differ slightly in design but offer the same dismal specs as far as the camera goes.

    It just annoys me that in order to buy a top end phone with good specs and design these days, I seem to have to buy a handset the size of book (slight exaggeration …. for now lol), do the only people who want a small phone not care about specs or decent cameras etc? … <<<<<<< That last bit is aimed at Sony, incase they somehow manage to see this comment and take notice lol

  • Dreamitwork

    I think xperia sx will suited your need which is compact and high power inside with solid look. Its a bit reflected to xperia ray. Interm of hardware by having quad core processor mean nothing if no optimise attach with that technology. I can see sony taking diff point of view interm of their hardware to maintain the price by playing with the skill to optimise and it being proven with their 2011 line up. The camera itself now pack with exmor r sensor which is very very good taking picture and now have some of the setting which is good for me as photographer.

  • Excuse me sir, you don’t make the market.

  • malih

    I don’t like the low resolution, and I don’t like the 512MB RAM, but as always I ended up buying Sony’s phone anyways for the design, they’re just too beautiful, I like them more than Samsung or HTC’s phone. 

    Hopefully someday Google will release a Nexus device made by Sony.

  • yea and dont forget that the  stock ICS has nothing more than the Sony gingerbread, fast capture, panorama and stuff, the UI changes a bit only I don’t see the point of getting ICS when Sony has put so many  things in GB

  • Qdoom

    Are all yellow versions of the Xperia Go coming with the arm strap or does it depend on the country where they are sold?

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