Xperia ion gets root for unlocked bootloaders

by XB on 9th July 2012

in Firmware, Xperia ion

Those of you with the Sony Xperia ion (LT28i) will be glad to hear that a method has been released to get root access. It involves flashing the phone with an insecure kernel and running a batch file. It’s not a complicated procedure and shouldn’t take too long either. It will only work with phones that have an unlocked bootloader, so AT&T users (LT28at) will be out of luck here. You can find all of the details here.

  • lovebmw

    who cares?  its not even ICS and perhaps only one customer inthe U.S. had gotten the phone, not that its not a good phone, but it just took forever to come out and people simply are more interested in galaxy sIII….  so really this news is nice to report but really who cares?

  • James King

    There are quite a few people that got this phone, so there are quite a few that care.  ICS is coming shortly too.

  • Fucku

    Pointless reply , I got this phone and it blows the S3 away.
    so stfu newb.

  • k1ll4

    It is 4.0.4 and my is not rooted

  • Hey I have the the xperia ion unlocked and I have the bootloadders unlocked too so that means I have it root already I just bougth it and I want to play with sixaxis and I cant help does it really still needs to be rooted or no cuz its PlayStation certified and I’m nit sure thanks

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