Xperia acro S to launch in Taiwan on 19 July?

by XB on 11th July 2012

in Xperia acro S

Xperia acro SThe water and dust resistant Sony Xperia acro S could start shipping as early as next week. ePrice is reporting that the handset will launch in Taiwan on 19 July. Pricing is an unknown right now, although details should emerge shortly. See some hands-on photos of the Xperia acro S below.

The Xperia acro S is the international version of the Japanese-only Xperia acro HD. The Xperia acro S is near enough identical to the acro HD although it is a couple of grams lighter at 147g. Apart from that the specs are the same. The Xperia acro S comes with a 1.5Ghz dual-core S3 Snapdragon MSM8260 chipset, a 4.3-inch display with 720 x 1280 resolution, a 12.1MP rear camera, 1.3MP front facing camera, 16GB of internal memory, micro SD memory card support and a 1910mAh capacity battery.

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Via ePrice.

  • Mayur

    Hope this phone hits the Indian market too. 

  • FlowXT

    This is the first phone that gives me enough reasons to finally upgrade my X10. And I like the similarities in design.

  • we need this phone in the UK because its rained for like 7 weeks and i fear answering my xperia in the rain

  • Gdas

    so fat phone,But it has resistanse to water so.. isay its okay!

  • Donny

    Do we have to open that thing to plug in our headset too??? Thats awkward… Other than that its pretty kool… Sony u r doing a great job…

  • dereknobuyuki

    You’re better off using bluetooth.
    We have tons of waterproof phones in Japan but they are often not waterproof if you plugin headphones into it. For one, the tabs can be annoying to open and yeah you need to open them to plug in a headset.

    Some models will still be waterproof when headphones are plugged in but if the headphones get pulled out then it’s all for not.

    At least you don’t have to have to open it to charge it (there are contact points for a charging dock which I would assume should come with this device). My X10 is my first device in Japan that didn’t come with a dock for me =P

    Finally, using bluetooth with this device should be pretty easy so you’ll rarely have to open up the tabs.

  • dark_chenshifei

    well actually, according to eprice, acro s will not be launched on that day. sony taiwan will just hold a press conference on 19 july and the real launch date together with the price will be revealed then.

    we might need to wait a few more weeks.

  • Aww awesome design but my country acro s not available :(

  • if you listen to music, does the flap covering the 3mm headphone jack just hang there loosely?

  • mobiousO

     use the bluetooth headsets bro. You’ll be loving it!

  • Thailand too last few week I’ve just soak my Xperia Ray in rain. And it couldn’t boot up for a while. it took few hours to power it on and bootloop at CWM and took for a week + reflashing stock for fully recover. And I don’t want that moment to happen to me again!

  • Praveen Aggarwal

    many people wish the same

  • SomeBody

    Well… If you love it, it’s not for their sound quality for sure. Also they cost 2x more compared to a wired solution with equal specs & sound quality. Thanks to the low bandwidth of BT 2.1 there can be distortions, outages and many users are reporting annoying background noises with sub 200$ models.

  • jx

    Hey guys what is the 2 gold pin on the right side of acro s? it seems like it ruined the acro s design. Pls i want to know what is the function of that two ugly gold pins.

  • jx

    im sorry i mean LEFT SIDE

  • Djabag

    But is the waterproof of this model reliable of the plugs are in place ?
    I have a hard time to see that the ports could feel good if filled with water, due to short-circuit etc…

  • steelicon

    Charging ports.

  • dereknobuyuki

    If you are asking whether the waterproofing is reliable with the regular plus in place?
      Yes; It is IPX5/IPX7 certified.  As long as the plug are properly sealed and locked if it has a lock (sometimes battery/back covers have a lock)

    >> “IPX5 is the grade at which a phone continues to function when directly subjected to 12.5 L of water per minute from all directions using a 6.3 mm inside diameter nozzle at a distance of approximately 3m for at least 3 minutes.”
     >>  “IPX7 is the grade at which a phone continues to function and no water gets inside when it is immersed in a tank filled with still tap water to a depth of 1m at room temperature and left at the bottom of the tank for approximately 30 minutes.”If you are asking whether the waterproofing is reliable with headphones plugged in? No; Some may have a o-ring type to create a good seal around a headphone pin but I don’t personally think it’s reliable and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that any Xperia device has that.There have been lots of cases where runners find their warranties voided due to moisture or water getting in. Running in the rain or even sweat caused them big problems. Waterproof phones are largely a great feature that I highly recommend but if you have to plug things in, it detracts a lot. Bluetooth and a plugless charging dock are the way to go.Finally, I don’t think it’s IPX5/IPX7 certified unless it is properly sealed (also meaning nothing is plugged into it)

  • dereknobuyuki

    Is that uncommon in other countries or something?
    Every phone except for the X10 that I’ve had in the country I currently live in has had those charging contact points (which means I’ve got a draw full of docks for each of those phones).

  • dereknobuyuki

    hangs there loosely just like when you plug many other Xperia devices into USB and the flap just hangs there

  • goldenblls

    Great looking phone, can’t wait until it is released and it should come with a charging dock.  

    At the top of the phone I can see a usb and 3.5mm connector, but what is the third one, hdmi?

  • jokowi

    For Indonesia ? 

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