SmartDock for Xperia ion unboxed and demoed

by XB on 12th July 2012

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The SmartDock for the Xperia ion was announced at the start of the year during the CES tradeshow. It is a sleek looking docking station that fits the Xperia ion perfectly and has an HDMI output, microUSB as well as two normal sized USB ports. It was sexy enough to win a 2012 red dot design award, so it’s good to see that the dock is starting to hit retail.

RingHK managed to get hands-on with the SmartDock and has unboxed the accessory. It doesn’t look like you get much in the box, just some documentation along with the dock itself. To connect the device, you simply need to pull back the protective cover for the microUSB and HDMI ports and we assume this doesn’t get in the way of fully connecting the handset.

You can connect a variety of USB peripherals to the dock including keyboard, mouse and even a USB stick to access media content. The SmartDock looks like a great accessory if you own the Xperia ion, we just wish Sony didn’t decide to gimp the Xperia P SmartDock and replace it with the ‘Xperia P TV Dock’ that strips out the useful USB ports. The Xperia P version is due to hit retail during this quarter.

Via RingHK.

  • chickenbox

    we need this for the xperia P asap

  • Alwyn8157

    I hope there will be one for the Acro S.

  • Sevemas

    Is sad to see different dock for different phones. In some way we understand why iPod connector is so popular, they put the connector all the time in the same spot and is versatile and compatible with a lot of accessories.
    Sometimes is not a question of look, but utility.
    we need a “made for Android” connectivity compatible with most of the phones to most of the accessories. The power/usb port adapter was a great step, but… we need more.

  • Cloud_Connected

    The ION becomes more interesting to me day by day…such a docking station is a must have for my next phone. Just plug the mobile into it and it´s done.

    Does anyone know wheter the european/international version of the ion will be ugraded from Snapdragon S3 to S4 (altough I could live with the S3 if the mobile´s price tag isn´t too hefty…).

  • alterSchw3de

    It really pisses me of that again the dock is discontinued before it even arrived (like with the Asus Transformer Dock) -.-

  • wyvern

    This would be perfect to have Ubuntu on Android running hope Sony get in touch with canonical and start including it on all new models would be perfect to combine my laptop and phone.

  • Supersonic225

    It’s there a dock available for Xperia s?

  • Dreamitwork

    You must be not a sony user :-)

  • Cloud_Connected

    Don’t think so because acro s has all the flaps over it’s connectors – same as Xperia S and this is why the S has no docking station. the S the Xperia P doesnt have flaps that cover the ueb & hdmi – so there is a dock….

  • Cloud_Connected

    See my answer above… But perhaps the smartdock from the Arc S would match the Xperia S? Anybody knows that?

  • Cloud_Connected

    Sony anounced the.dock for the ion already on it’s german site…so why should it be discontinued?

  • paul4id

    2 USB ports isn’t really enough if you are spending money on a device like this.

  • dereknobuyuki

    a lot of phones and ALL waterproof phones from Japan should have contact points. (The little bit that look like exposed metal)
    The whole point of it is for docks.

    The Xperia GX has the same kind of dock as this ion where it doesn’t use those contact points however if you look at the Acro S photos, you can see the contact points.

    Picture #6

    Every Japanese market phone I’ve had except for the X10 has had those metal contacts and a dock to go with it. It also means you just drop it in the charger easily without having to worry about breaking a flimsy USB plug.

    Now it’s just waiting to see whether they will release the Acro S dock or axe it 

  • Natolv

    It doesn`t work with any kind of unix/linux/BSD , I couldn`t connect it to debian or ubuntu or SUSE or MAC…

  • alterSchw3de

    I was refering to the one for xP

  • Sevemas

    You wrong, I’m a all time sony user since Sony x2000, c1, c5, j5, z5, ericsson t28, SE t610, k750, k850, w810, w580, x10, arc and now xperia S, among other phones :-P
    I’m just sad that we have to get new accessories each time we change the phone, even Sony has lots of equipments “made for Ipod”

  • Sevemas

    Yes, the smart dock works on xperia S


    I understand your frustration, Sevemas, but you need to understand something. I’m a Sony person myself but as far as your comments about the connectivity, you cannot possibly compare Apple’s from Andriod’s since Apple has how many kinds of phones available…?? Oh yeah, one. In contrast, Andriod has a fairly long list of phone makers, such as Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc, that WILL have different phone designs and form factor. Each phone will have different locations for different kinds of ports for usb charging, headphone jacks and mini hdmi, thus, it will be pretty close to impossible to have a “made for android” dock or whatever that will work for ALL Android phones(I say ALL and not some because I know that there are a few speaker/charging station that are made for Android already but NOT compatible with ALL phones). Bottom line is, unless Android requires ALL of the hundreds of types of Android phones to have a similar some type of connector on the bottom of every phones, THEN we could have a “made for Android” ___________ (fill in the blank of what you want – dock, speaker, etc).

  • mates

    I guess that Sevemas would just prefer, if the dock could be used with any Sony Xperia android phone, not android phone of any brand… I agee that the dock could be made a bit more versatile (not to fit all of Sony Xperia phones, but at least several of them, the same generation year, etc.)

  • mates

    Two USB ports are OK, especially if you consider, that you can still connect USB hub there to get more of that.
    But for me two ports are really OK. I use the first USB port for wireless keyboard with touchpad, while the second USB for flash disk.
    MicroUSB on the dock is charging my phone then and microHDMI connects it to my Panasonic plasma TV.

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