Sony LT30p ‘Mint’ sample pictures surface

by XB on 12th July 2012

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We already saw some sample pictures from the upcoming Sony LT30 ‘Mint’ flagship pop up in Picasa at the end of last month. However, we now have the first full resolution sample photos from the Sony Xperia LT30p, courtesy of The EXIF data confirms that these pictures are indeed from the LT30p and were taking with the phone running firmware version 7.0.A.2.4_56_f100.

The nixanbal report suggests that the LT30p’s power/volume/camera button placement will sit to the lower end of the phone so that it is easier to reach with your thumb. It also suggests that the new software will feature widgets (such as a calculator or remote control app) that can run on top of existing apps. This sounds very similar to the “Small apps” feature currently part of Sony Android tablets.

The Sony LT30p Mint is expected to sport a 4.6-inch (720 x 1280) display with on-screen buttons, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset (MSM8960), 1GB RAM, 13MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 720p front facing camera, 16GB of internal memory, memory card support, MHL output, NFC and feature an arc design with a sealed battery.

Via [Via PhoneArena].

  • Jan

    In my opinion these photos should look like taken with SLR camera, picture should be sharp, and pure. 

  • “Should”?

  • Toman

    it’s 2012 and Sony still uses Dual Core chips in their flagship phones…

  • Foxzhang90

    free ad for costa

  • Samuniversalwalker

    dis is a new cortex A15 base processor which is more advanced technology den the quad core processor currently…so the performance of dis processor can compete with the cortex A9 base quad core processor using by S3 n one x

  • Sojvarghese

    I am planning. to buy this one

  • S4 it’s much better then quad core. 28 nm = cold and energy Efficiency

  • Toman

    graphics performance wise, the S4 chips is still somewhat way behind tegra 3… 

  • Samuniversalwalker

    actually i feel abit disappointed because of the sample photo. After i download the photo i found that with a 13MP camera the photo size of each only take the size of 1.5-2MB. Come on Sony is it the size should a 13MP camera should get? please dun too over compress the photo size until loss the detail of the photo…

  • lovebmw

    sadly who ever has this phone does not have an older xperia, instead he has an iphone, that was possibly touched before the picture as the screen is on.  

    if only Sony workers are passionate about there phones….   i know every one is free to choose what ever. “Yeah i have to test this damn LT30 ohone thingy, but email me on my iphone”?  SUCKS 

  • SaadNajmi

    See why can’t Sony release this instead of the Ion to AT&T so it can actually compete with the One X and Galaxy S3?

  • 8960 only? S4 wanted to see a quad with 2GB of ram as stated before. : (

  • that’s why i insist that SONY MOBILE HQ’s should be in JAPAN so that SONY phones are developed with more of sony love rather than apple love(japanese people are quite passionate abt their own tech).
    sony teams in sweden and england are more of apple slaves as most of the people out there have diff. thinking and amount of dedication as compared to people in japan…

  • sharique shaikh

    Can’t wait for this! But I am having a gut feeling that Sony will release it so late that it specs would sound dated and not future proof! :(

  • acc. to me this device won’t be ‘mint’… as some unofficial sources here claim that back of this device will be made of rubber while the official claims of Bluetooth SIG state the back cover to be made of metal and also 2 “SONY INSIDERS” have claimed on esato forum that mint will house a metal back cover with a chrome ring around the camera.
    So, acc to me it would be safe to say that these leaks aren’t from ‘MINT’ or the device here is a early prototype device which eventually won’t make it to the stores AS IT IS!!!

  • Feanor

    But can the Japanese deliver the same iconic designs that the Europeans managed to deliver with the NXT series? I have the suspicion that if the design goes to Japanese hands we will have some ugly surprises. At least until they find their way. This is my experience by working with Japanese designers. They always try to reinvent the wheel and they forget to build upon their past successes. I’m afraid that if Xperias start being developed entirely in Japan, we will probably see some confused designs coming up soon.

  • Feanor

    I agree that they shouldn’t let pictures like this leak. It’s bad publicity. But hey, maybe the iphone doesn’t belong to the tester of the LT30. Or they may have it only for comparison.

  • owl

     don’t forget that 8960A dual core kicks Quad-core (4+1 actually) Tegra 3’s ass in a number of benchmarks.

  • owl

     actually i really agree with you. most mobile phones nowadays are designed by asians. samsung, htc, lg, acer etc, the iphone and lumias being the only notable exceptions, neither of which runs android. S(E) phones managed to stand out from the crowd in terms of design. I’m not sure why but that could be because of the european tastes and quirkiness.

    well i’m hoping that by shifting the HQ to tokyo Sony will at least be able to catch up in terms of specifications instead of being always one year behind the competition.

  • Looking forward LT29 and LT30 international version :)

  • Feanor

    Yes, I think so. Moving development to Japan could speed up the implementation of top specs. But design is for me more important. I get already so much technology and usability from my P that I don’t envy the technology hidden inside an One X or Galaxy SIII. But their design is borderline embarrassing. If Sony follows this road of adopting top specs and producing generic designs, I will have to turn to the fruity competition. :-((

  • All we need to know now is if the phone has an OLED display and a T-series camera. Please be Xperia Z.

  • Kaostheory

    One s with msm 8260a adreno 225 graphics processor, above states (hopefully true) LT30 with S4 pro msm 8960 with adreno 320 graphics processor!

  • Kaostheory

    One s with msm 8260a adreno 225 graphics processor, above states (hopefully true) LT30 with S4 pro msm 8960 with adreno 320 graphics processor!

  • Feanor

    I guess in some attributes dual-core S4 is better and in some others worse than quad-cores. It still seems like a cracking piece of technology, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the two missing cores.

  • to give u a good idea abt sony’s prowess in designs let me tell u something-
    Sony Ericsson Japanese offices were in this building right besides Sony HQ’s in minato:
    Xperia X10, arc, acro, ray, acro HD were largely designed here.
    So…, the most iconic xperias were a result of japanese sony team not european !!!

  • Feanor

    To my knowledge the design centre of Sony Ericsson was either in London or Sweden. Are you sure of what you are saying? Development centre doesn’t always include the design offices.

  • btw… take a look at sony’s android walkman(including other walkmans), tablet s, tablet p, monolithic bravias, car speakers, cameras, handycams, home audio systems, vaio laptops or anything else that u know that sony manufactures…!!! 
    I can say very confidently that 99%  of SONY devices are sexy, cool and premium looking!!!
    So, when it’s a SONY device u need not care abt where it’s designed.

  •  I know, but anyway I hope it perfect in all respects.

  • Ramtin

    That’s where your wrong mate! They might be behind in CPU’s and GPU’s but are always one year ahead of the competition in terms of screen (720p 342 ppi) and camera (13mp). They are also one of the first to bring in new technologies such as NFC connectivity (Smart Tags) and they make the best software of any mobile phone maker (Xperia S). Don’t forget how they’re always ten generations ahead in terms of design ;)

  • lovebmw

    well you can see the screen was on, as if they touched it then snapped a picture.  whether his phone or not, its just sad to see a beautiful high end phone leaks accompanied with the word IPHONE.  its like would you like to buy a Lambo, with a Ferrari in the background… NOT COOL  

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  • KnowItAll
  • does anyone knows if Sony is going to release a phone with qwerty keybord in 2012?

  • Missingace

    Get your fact right. Best looking Arc and Ray were both designed by SE Japan,
    then you could compare hTC J and the one assigned to North American carriers.. see the difference?

  • Missingace
  • owl

    but i care about neither the screen nor the camera. i’m using a live right now, 3.2″ HVGA (180+ ppi i think) with 5mp camera. but then again yeah, i get sony after sony because their designs (both hardware and software) are pleasing and highly practical.

  • Trojan

     So true

  • Jan

    Yes is, but they are not :) 
    is right about the compression. But i think also optics must be upgraded, nokia carl zeiss was nice photos.. sony will move with cyber shot or something, Alfa? also AF is still bit disappointing im my Sony X S on ICS…

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  • Photographer

    Are you kidding? How could the miniscule optics and sensor in a phone be comparable to a SLR.

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