Google details all that’s new in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

by XB on 14th July 2012

in Android

Whilst Sony Xperia owners await the company’s official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade plans, Google has released a changelog about all of the new features that Jelly Bean brings. The comprehensive list is worth a read, even if you only have a passing interest in what to expect in the next Android iteration.

As well as what’s new in Jelly Bean, which mainly relates to ‘buttery’ performance improvements, there is a lot of detail on the “new Google experience on Android” which goes into specifics on Google Search and Google Now – two of our personal Jelly Bean highlights. Hit this link for the full skinny on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we can’t wait to see it hit Xperia devices.


    any luck for xperia 2011 ? :I

  • I hope the reason why it’s taking a long time for Sony to announce their new phones is that they are squeezing Jelly Bean inside the new devices.

  • sufy

    Will the Xperia PLAY get Jellybean officially from Sony ?

  • jx

    i agree, just like what they did in froyo, No SONY XPERIA uses froyo due unstable OS. Sony is waiting for JB because sony itself knows that ICS is still biggy and unstable compare to GB

  • Donny

    Hopefully i guess it will work on xperia arc… Cause it’s just an improvement of ICS…

  • Luisrast123

    I Wish this Will come on Xperia play

  • sampop

    I don’t have been following these news…. Is Android 4.0 coming to XPERIA PLAY? If not, hope at least this will….

  • M Usman

    I very much doubt any more updates for 2011 line. I believe it will start off with the Xperia S and then for everything released after that. 

  • jx

    i think GB will support ALL SONY XPERIA 2012 Dual Core and above mobile phones.
    (from Xperia S,P,U, Sola, Ion, Go, Acro S) So i am 88% sure that all 2011 Xperias and 2012 Xperias (Miro,Tipo,Tipo DS, Neo L) will not get official JB OS

  • M Usman

    GB? but we’re on ICS. or did you mean JB? even if the arc etc did support JB, sony does not have to provide any more software updates to the 2011 Xperia line. And I don’t see why they would. I mean minor software fixes etc I would expect but not JB and I have an Arc. However I expect my Xperia S to get it since it is only 4 months old. Sony promised updates for at least 18 months. Plus if they started updating all the 2011 line again, we’d have to wait ages for the 2012 line to get anything. So I think its bye 2011.

  • Lol

    wow, this is a nice update.. even better than ICS. this should run better than ICS. this update HAS TO be made for 2011 lineup, too.. Sony told us users that RAM wasn’t enough for ICS, but JB should have better RAM management. as far as I know, it needs 512MB instead of 1GB. this update would be perfect for 2011 phones, especially for Xperia PLAY which didn’t get an official update :/

  • I doubt it. 

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  • Robert Yuna

    Are you kidding?  I’ve been waiting for over a month since ICS was supposedly being released to Rogers Wireless for the ARC.  Nothing has happened here.  It makes me wonder how many upgrades of Google Android will be released until Sony catches up. My memory is long.  I was one of the owners of the Sony Xperia X10 that took many months to get to my phone.  Many months.  Sony apologized…..said it was embarrassed at the lousy technical support for its customers and that it would NEVER happen again. Well, here we are again, ladies and gentlemen.  I read countless numbers of complaints from customers like me, still waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich for various Sony Xperia phones while Google is doing its job, about to bring to market the Jelly Bean version of Android.  The book on Sony is excellent hardware, always-late software and abysmal technical and customer support. Are you surprised that the current edition of “Consumer Report’ magazine does not even list or review Sony phones in its “best of”category.   The once-great Sony can’t even get out of its own way.

  • Killing Spree

    well if sony ericsson phones can handle the rom then they might upgrade it

  • gilles h.

    Please SONY I want ICS on my xperia s. Dont lets us wait too long. We’re begging you. I won’t say anything negative about the product coz I like it a lot. Just give us the ICS update. Thank you

  • afzal

    I hope jelly bean os more cpu, ram and gpu friendly. No point google release new os that required high processor and ram to make it silky smooth. By the end consumer need to re-invest for new devices if.jb required high processor usage.

  • malih

    I think they would if they can release it within this 3 months, but if development time takes more than that, then 2011 phones can say goodbye to official Jelly Bean update, well, I hope Sony will update anyway.

  • anonim

    there’s new xplay ics beta on sony developer download

  • Jan

    unstable ICS? i dont know what you are talking about. 


    My Ray still hasn’t even had an ICS upgrade, Sony really do suck ass when it comes to updating devices.  I know someone’s going to spout off about how they don’t have to offer updates bla bla bla, no they don’t but they said months ago that the Ray, amongst others, would get ICS yet my device still runs GB and looks dated as fuck without a third party launcher.

  • Robertyunatv

    Sony does not NEED to update its phones.  But we don’t need to invest our hard-earned money in their products either.  At the end of the day, it is in the interest of the phone-maker to obviously stay current.  Most would agree.  But Sony always seems to be the last guy to update; now we have the embarrassing situation of Sony being 2 updates behind if things don’t improve in short order. I was hoping things would improve when Sony bought out Ericsson.  I don’t see any improvement yet.  Sony=Good hardware, so-so software and abysmal technical support when improvement and updates become available from Android.  

  • ur carriers problem not sony..

  • xperia s alredy has ics… check xda….

  • gilles h.

    I had tried to upgrade it to ICS twice. It says successful but when I checked it is stil the ginger bread.

  • Gutsy

    U r owning a 2012 Xperia model. So u want to bother abt u. Think abt the 2011 Xperia model users. This fucking ICS is killing us. We need the JB update. If it takes ages then fuck up till u get. For tat u don blame us. Of course we were the first to go to the Sony Xperia showroom to get a smartphone before u goin der.. Mind it..

  • Madajczak

    I think, that you never have ICS… It is much, much better system then GB (more stable, faster, more comfortable) 

  • M Usman

    I own an Xperia S, An Arc, and an X10. So you going before me is rubbish. and showroom? who goes to showrooms. I got mine off the net. If Ics is bothering you so much, downgrade back to GB. They did warn you beforehand. I know ICS on my arc is rubbish. That’s why I downgraded back to GB. I weren’t blaming you but you are complaining. I’ll own a 2013 model soon mind it. You’ll still be stuck with your 2011 model wanting more…..

  • Felipe Pimenta

    It didn’t even got ICS, so no official JB taste for XPlay.

  • Gutsy

    U r well enough to get a no of smartphones at a time.. But think abt budgeting ppl. They cant buy a smartphone often like u. We need a smartphone to work good for atleast an year or more. This stone age ICS is killing us. We cant use it comfortably. So oly everyone r expecting JB update for 2011 Xperia line up. And the researches hav also said tat the models upgraded to ICS can be upgraded to JB too. And u said tat if ICS is bothering u want me to downgrade to GB eh? Dont u know tat the OS cant be downgraded officially. And many phones had dead while downgrading. So oly we need a JB update . And u said tat the manufacturer already warned abt ICS eh?? Look.. the android OS is the same for all the brands. The hardware matters in choosing the brand. I trust Sony.. If u want to do something good, pls post like all the 2011 models also should get the JB update. Don think selfish. And u said tat I wud be stuck wit 2011 model while u ll get the 2013 model eh?? Don show off tat u hav a lot of money. U hav money so u r getting the next model . Wat ll the middle class ppl will do?? and u too know tat the ICS in Arc is not good but u r able to manage wit S..So jus think abt the ppl those who own oly one model. The prob is tat u wre very selfish saying that, if 2011 models r given update, then it may take ages to get update for 2012 line up.. So wat can we do.? We also hav bought it by paying oly. Not for free. And if u hav tat much in ur heart, don update ur Arc for JB if its been given. And the word wanting more said after tat u r goin to get a 2013 model isn’t good.. Don speak like a kinder garden child speaking to his/her friends showing off tat they r superior.. If u really want to do good, pls post tat all the models possessing ICS should get JB. The readers of Sony might know the urgency to give JB for the phones.

  • M Usman

    when I said wanting more, I meant  when people have moved on to a newer model and those still stuck with an older model will want more as time goes by, as in what ever comes after JB as long as the phone supports it. I only replied in that manner as you assumed you started buying Sony phones before I did and you said I’m blaming people like you. I never said that I blamed you. And you keep calling me selfish. I hope the 2011 models do get the JB update as it won’t be too much work for Sony to do. All I’m saying is Sony did warn its users before upgrading to ICS. if you do get JB, it will be some time and if ICS is such an issue, its really easy downgrading. And about peoples phones being dead. I’ve not heard that before. That’s virtually impossible. You also have to understand that each phone has its life expectancy. The Arc is coming to the end of its life so you can’t really expect much more for Sony to do apart from fix what they messed up with ICS. I should know better as I owned an X10 and that was torture. Anyways don’t worry. I doubt Sony will listen to me anyway. 

  • Vikramviscom

    Im not expecting the model to be active for 3 or 4 years. At least an year. I got my pro MK 16i by this January. And I need it to be active atleast till the next Jan. And abt the warning from Sony regarding ICS. Wen everyone r upgradingy should I compromise wit it. I got my mobile for 25 thousand rupees and so wats wrong in expecting the update. Till the next JB update I cant be using this phone peacefully. GB was awesome. I know tat I made a mistake. And u said tat u havnt heard abt the phones dead while downgrading.. I hav seen a lot. The staff’s of Sony service centres in my locality hav already warned me not to downgrade the phone. And u know wat. If the phone is dead after downgrading, they can’t replace it also eventhough if it’s on a warranty period. So der r lot of risks on downgrading. Sony should release JB for all its 2011 line up and above those which r been upgraded to ICS. Tats my opinion.

  • MrXDA

    “Don speak like a kinder garden child”

    You certainly write like one

  • MrXDA

    Debrand your phone then

  • Danialyusof1

    How bout xperia pro???coz i have one and now im stuck with lagging ics 4.0.4….i wish xperia pro can get update to jelly bean

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  • Kingbubla

    I fully agree wid U……….

  • Mehtahenit

    I have xperia arc s…n i watng for sony to release 4.1 update..plzzz releaze for arcs :-)

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  • Indar Deopersad

    me to they totally left us out of ICS :(

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