A closer look at the Xperia P in pink

by XB on 15th July 2012

in Xperia P

Pink Xperia PThe Sony Xperia P is due to launch in a new pink colour shortly and if you want to see what the handset will look like in the wild then check out some hands on photos below. The pink Xperia P is also shown side-by-side against the red version to show the difference in colour tone. The pink Xperia P is due to launch in Taiwan, but we have not had confirmation of a launch in other regions yet. We can imagine that this already stylish handset would be a hit with the ladies in its pink version, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see wider availability soon.

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

Xperia P in pink

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    It seems this is 1 of the best in the Xperia line yet 1 of the only ones not available in white, nice one Sony, we all need Pink!! … Just look at the Rap, out of stock on the Sony site except in Gold and Pink … I wonder why they haven’t sold !!

  • jx

    i agree with you, this Xperia P should have a white version also. For the best color for mobiles are Black, White and Silver. But why the hell they did not make all phones in their respective color, it looks like all their phones are combination of black front and variety of colors from bottom to back. I hope sony will release full and plain white color for xperia P white front and white back. i dont like it to look the same as xperia S white. its not white its white and black!!!

  • PerendinateGrumpus82
  • Abe

    I don’t see white aluminum happening anytime soon…

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  • rafi

    To be honest.. Xperia ray are the true fashion.statement. hope xperia ray2 from sony.

  • Simran315

    yeah!!! why don’t they have it in white!!!! sony!!! we want white not pink :/

  • SonyMobile

    If you figure out how to anodize aluminium white then please tell the world.

  • meta96

    … docking station?

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