Xperia go manual now available

by XB on 16th July 2012

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The Sony Xperia go ruggedized smartphone is due to hit regions around the world very soon. For those considering the smartphone you’ll be glad to hear that the 141-page user manual is available to download now. See the link at the bottom of the post to download the English manual. If you are looking for the manual in a different language click here.

Xperia go manual.

  • Even though I have the Xperia S, I’m still intrigued by this little guy for my more rugged outdoor activities, like biking and running. Sadly, getting this vs. Sony’s Android based Walkman may be a better value since I can put a microSD card into that phone… 

  • George Mhanna

    what really bugged me in the manual is what sony told us in the “water resistant” section.. we can’t immerse the phone under water? really??

  • you can put a microSD card in XGO too.. 

  • don’t go for what’s written in the manual…, this is totally wrong!!
    XPERIA GO advertisements show phone being immersed in water and still coming out fine

  • it’s water resistant and you can use it underwater, but I think they stated it in the manual so that water damages won’t be covered by the warranty =/

    but that’s just my opinion XD

  • TheLoyalist

    Xperia GO is available today on 3 Sweden (In swedish though)

  • lb

    It will be available from o2 Ireland soon
    And they also have the mint in testing also :-D

  • Ken

    It’s only water-resistant, not water-proof. There is a big difference. :-)

  • Rez

    I agree with u, only dumb people cant tell different between water resistant and water proof item..

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