Xperia ion hits Rogers in Canada

by XB on 17th July 2012

in Xperia ion

The Sony Xperia ion is now available to purchase at Rogers in Canada. As previously reported, the handset will cost you $49.99 on a three-year contract, or if that’s a bit too long to be tied up you can pick up the handset outright for $549.99. Other options available include a two-year contract and upfront cost of $449.99 or a one-year contract and upfront cost of $499.99. The version on sale includes LTE compatibility. It launches on Android 2.3 Gingerbread but will be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at some point soon. You can find more details here.

Via Mobile Syrup.

  • Mehdi Moha

    so many fucken same phone …

    i don’t know why sony producing so many same phone , bbut not producte xperia play 2 ???!!!

    we need xperia play 2 , SONY , CAN YOU HEAR US ?

  • ipatz

    The reason they don’t make Xperia Play 2 is because they want you to buy Vita.

  • daniel

    Yeah.. Vita more fun .. Xperia play will more fun if it psp iso support. ;-)

  • rafi

    So many Same phone? interm of design or spec?

  • Feanor

    The ion made (somehow) sense for AT&T as the 4G version of the Xperia S. The HSPA version is way to close to the S to make sense. They just cannibalize each other on the markets where they are both offered and create confusion. E.g. the poplularity of the iPhone lies in it’s uniqueness, it’s just one pretty device that everyone can remember. Many similar models become quickly forgettable.
    I think they could create an LTE version of the S, ditch the ion altogether and focus on next flagship.

  • And what about the Sony Xperia go ? It will be also available at Rogers ?

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