Sony announces NWZ-F800 Walkman with Android 4.0

by XB on 18th July 2012

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Sony has announced a new Walkman in the form of the NWZ-F800 series. The F800 will come with Android 4.0 out of the box, a 3.5-inch multi-touch display and Bluetooth support. Other features include an S-Master MX Digital Amplifier, five Clear Audio technologies and built-in xLOUD speaker system. Three variants are on offer with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities, promising 20 hours of audio playback and 4.5 hours of video playback.

Whilst not strictly Xperia related, we are starting to cover more of Sony’s ‘smart’ mobile products including tablets and this fits that description. Given the convergence of technologies in smartphones, however, we do wonder how much of a market there is for such a device nowadays, but we suspect it will come down to price which remains a mystery right now.

Sony Walkman F800

Sony NWZ-F800 Walkman Specifications

Memory Capacity
NWZ-F804: 8GB
NWZ-F805: 16GB
NWZ-F806: 32GB

8.9cm/3.5″ Multi-touch LCD

Audio file formats

Video file formats
MPEG4; AVC(H.264/AVC); WMV9 (Non-DRM)

Full charge time (via USB)
Approx. 4 hours

Battery life
20 hours audio playback (Assuming audio playback using MP3 format 128kbps)
4.5 hours video playback (Assuming video playback using MPEG-4 format 384kbps)

Bluetooth wireless
Supplied: In-ear headphones MDR-EX0300E

Via Sony.

  • Ambroos

    There will be a market for these, since Sony’s Walkman products still have an amazing sound quality. There isn’t any smartphone out there that even comes close to the output quality of these.

  • ??

    Interesting, I was planning to buy sony walkman Z series but I’ll put that on hold. Let’s see how this little guy fare against his predecessors.

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  • Arc

    the S master MX amplifier alone separate this from iPod/iPhones

  • james

    People still need dedicated usic players. Phones don’t have enough storage space, battery life or sound quality to be good players.

  • hamboy

    Sony need to make a proper Walkman phone

  • Wow, this is the worst walkman , both by looks and design. Ffs, I used to buy walkman for its audio quality and battery life. 20 hours of audia playback and 4.5 hours of video playback is very poor. Worse than their own xperia U lol.

  • jx

    where i can find the full specifications? I hope this one will finally have rear and front camera which is missing in walkman z thats hold me buying it. i like walkman player because smartphone music player is not as good as real pmp.

  • jx

    im hoping Sony will relaunched the  P,W and C series. (during Sony Ericsson days)
    P- All in One smartphone (but instead of P this should name as Z)
    W – for smart walkman phone
    C – for smart cybershot phone

    1 flagship phone for each categories. and do not flood the market with too many phones. 3 phones per year with power pack specs will be fine for good sales.

    Sony Xperia Z as all in one smartphone
    Sony Xperia W as walkman smartphone
    Sony Xperia C as cybershot smartphone

  • ripper

    very poor battery life! just compare these numbers with ipod touch, 20 hours audio playback vs up to 40 hours(ipod)!

  • donny

    Will Sony Walkman NWZ1000 series get any update?

  • malih

    I’d buy it if this thing has more than 48 hours of battery life for audio and have wifi

  • thelastredshirt

    Finally. The Z-series was much too big and didn’t fit in recessed WM port docks. It’s a shame it doesn’t have physical controls like the X-series.

  • you don’t even have a damn idea abt battery life of sony walkmans!!!
    Sony walkmans have a history of delivering almost equal battery life as quoted by them while apple ipods fail miserably in battery department(as actual battery life is nowhere near the quoted one)

  • you don’t even have a damn idea abt battery life of sony walkmans and u call urself a walkman fan!!!Sony walkmans have a history of delivering almost equal battery life as quoted by them, while most of the smartphones(be it any company) seriously fail to deliver battery life anywhere near the quoted ones.
    btw… this walkman like others does have great audio quality. it’s just the design that some people might find extra plain

  • R Pedroso

    @jx – you are exactly right. They are releasing to many phones. A flagship Z with everything would be awesome. 

  • R Pedroso

    This is the GX

  • Well Its definitely more portable than the Z Series.
    But considering that its an Android 4.O device , these aren’t the real specs.
    For one thing there’s nothing here bout the processor or RAM.

    Although 20 Hours of Audio Playback is a step backward for the Walkman … i mean, the A series went well beyond 20 Hrs of Audio playback (on full charge, of course) and at about 256-320 Kbps. But then again the A series had a pretty basic OS.

    One more thing: Well done Sony!! Again ! an 8GB media player on which more than half of the storage will be taken by the OS itself!! Excellent!

  • FLAC!!! How could I have missed it?

  • ??

     Unfortunately they announced 20 hours for playing 128kbps mp3, wonder how long could F800 plays FLAC?

  • Bjoern

    Maybe not the right place to contact you guys, but the contact us form doesnt work so: 

  • That blog already mentions that they don’t have any kind of pic(leaked or actual) of xperia z.
    They used pic of GX just for representation!!!

  • Don’t worry abt battery life, this one won’t even be released in India like the Z series… so u will not be able to buy it!!!

  • I m getting it from America baby!!!

  • The Z series, i mean. Not this one.
    Aint no issues with Portability for me.

  • have ur parents agreed ???
    and who will get it for u ?

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  • That’s right. People use a smartphone but some use a independent MP3 player. Many Apple users have an iPhone and an iPod. I have a Xperia S and a Walkman MP3 player as well

  • Ambroos

    Same for me! Xperia S, Walkman X and old ATRAC Walkman A for files I don’t want to convert!

  • ripper

    an idiot sony fan!:)))))
    you’re right, all the numbers those companys quoted are fake!!;)


    These look good and are good but I absolutely hate having to take my mp3 player out of my pocket every single time I want to change tracks like I do if I use my iPhone, which is rare … Give me the tiny USB plug and play mp3 players any day, I much prefer the physical buttons I can feel for in my pocket and control without constantly taking it out. That’s the major drawback of touchscreens imo, the need to see it virtually everytime you want to do something on it other than change the volume.


    Tbh, most Sony smartphones have music players that, with good earphones, sound every bit as good as the standalone mp3 players.

  • Ambroos

    LOL. You obviously never listened to a proper amp or MP3 player and compared them to a smartphone while using proper IEM’s. I have the MDR-EX1000’s and I can assure you the difference is day and night between my Xperia S and Walkman X.


    Why are you so angry and being such a complete anus with people that have valid opinions that just don’t happen to be the same as yours? A life lesson for ya, sometimes people won’t like the same things as you or be brainwashed by specs and battery life so it’s best just to accept this and move on instead of crying in every post that you don’t agree with … Oh and the battery is shit and the iPod is far from shit, not everybody who posts here has no “damn idea about battery life”.

  • Abe

    I kind of agree with you on the camera phone, because it needs special hardware that maybe not everyone is interested in. But a walkman is only software, which shouldn’t be a specific phone. If not it carries a massive loudspeaker, which is for tweens anyhow.

  • Abe

    It’s just Mint but with some incorrect data.

  • gharwaalon ka toh panga nahi hai…. par koi party toh aaye pehle.
    Is diwali ka plan hai waise.dekho…..

  • jx

    Nope, walkman should have special features which are missing to other series. like
    S-Master MX Digital Amplifier, five Clear Audio technologies, long lasting music playback, dedicated walkman button etc.

  • but there’s a difference between sony quality and apple, the iPod touch has sh*tty sound quality, the sony walkman comes with 100$ earphones incuded and lots of loud sound technologies, I don’t care if I have to charge it twice more thant the iPod touch, all i Know is that it will be the same price but with far better quality

  • ??

    While I’m an apple hater, actually they have some products with good sounds. As long as you’re NOT USING THEIR iBUDS. I won’t use Sony Walkman’s provided IEM, neither am I using Xperia S’ IEM at the moment. I’m using AKG K3003i, and will upgrade to either Unique Melody or FitEar custom IEM. There is no point in comparing the 2 DAPs if you’re still bottleneck-ing their true ability with their provided IEM/earbuds

  • ick

    Any chance for Z1000 getting FLAC support? I believe this is just software issues.

  • ??

    It’s firmware issue, since android normally doesn’t support FLAC before ICS

    But you can always use 3rd party apps like poweramp, winamp or neutron

  • Isaiasjr_9

    xperia s and walkman z 32gb for me..

  • Please plz plz plz im beggin SONY plz release f800 walkman series in india.  I’ll buy it at any cost at the day of its release :)

  • Mail

    You have no idea of what you are talking about…

  • z1050 z already released in india, if u wanna buy it go to “CENTRAL DELHI sony center” n they say maybe even f series will hit indian market in future. Too bad i wasted my money on xperia s and sony xba3 in ears.

  • xarc

    Well, i may sound like an idiot, but can it make a phone call? :/

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