6.1.A.0.453 firmware rolls out on UK Xperia S handsets

by XB on 19th July 2012

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S FirmwareNew firmware (6.1.A.0.453) is now rolling out on UK generic Sony Xperia S handsets. Users are reporting no discernible difference versus the older 6.1.A.0.452 firmware, suggesting the update most likely brings some minor bug fixes. It is unclear whether this firmware version will see a wider release as a newer firmware version 6.1.A.0.454 was also recently certified. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Thanks Himaldon!

  • Aaron_R96

    Ahh so now it’ll come up with an update and ill be like woo ics! And it’ll most likely be this and ill feel all depressed :(

  • _Deliverer_

    I am running n O2 bought phone, and this is the first ICS update this set of phones has received

  • Justas Skau

    I hate u sony! My friends get 4.0.4 on arc s but i cant because my si is not listed! I miss ios…

  • JenH

    when will the other regions receive the updates (453/454)……

  • hey! i hope this resolve my 2 little problems with ICS!

  • rafi

    Hope sony can release statement regarding xperia jelly bean update. Cause htc already makes official statement regarding one series jellybean update.

  • bombay

    then update using flash tool

  • Talixir

    I have the Xperia S Black version on O2 – I like the interface change, sharper edges; feels a bit like winows 8 in looks but thankfully no one can copyright a square, nice move. Update bars have a funky animation not which looks like a light pulse flowing to the right. The unlock screen has reduced the node size to tiny dots and looks a bit swankier also. Music player finally replaced with a Sony Walkman mode, not really discovered the difference but it looks sharper. Everything just looks more HD; the Xperia S screen shows it off nicely. My swipe text input stopped straight after install but just reboot the phone and allow the updates to install and all is well. Feels like a new phone again. Kudos.

  • Geomac

    I cant take screenshots now

  • Jasonrace

    you can still take screen shots with the ics update….just hold the power button and the volume down button……   :-)

  • Bluboy

    I have ICS already. I’ve done it OTA. Well ics is fine, there is just a bit disapointment. When I apen some website, it wont get through anymore. It say something like this “only one pop-up is allow” :-(

  • surethom

    the update has killed the camera all i now get it Error Camera not available.

    So much for an upgrade?

  • Jon

     That just resets the phone though

  • Sholmes121

    Whats that and how do you do it im having same problem!

  • Dreamboyz616

    How can.I take screen shot

    any.one.please help me

  • Only Foru92

    Hv.u.find? Hoe to.take.screenshots?

  • rachdc

    Anyone figured out how to take screenshots yet?

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