Xperia U Android 4.0.4 update coming in August?

by XB on 21st July 2012

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Earlier this month, we reported that Sony Mobile Italia had given the first indication of when we might see the Sony Xperia P Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update on a Facebook post. Well it looks like they also responded to user questions after that post and given an indication of the Sony Xperia U ICS release date.

Whilst the Xperia P ICS update is due to land in early August according to Sony Mobile Italia, the Xperia U update will follow later in the same month. The question was also asked about the Xperia sola, but the SM Italia team hasn’t responded to that one yet.

Xperia U Android ICS



    haha funny 
    other phone companyes ready to launch 4.1JB :D

    hope less sony customer :(

  • Raja22223

    Hi Admin, Can we conform the Same as Official Statement…

  • Ambroos

    Eh, where did you read that? HTC has said that they will be bringing the 4.1 update to their top of the line devices, but they haven’t given any indication when the update might arrive. Aside them nobody has said anything.

  • sharique shaikh

    Ohhh wow can you name three of them?

  • Puneeth Bedre

    samsung has announced for s3 as well.

  • ElderOfTheInternet

    No they aren’t…

    Your Sony hate has made you blind.

  • Ambroos

    I haven’t heard that. But Sony has said before too that they’ll be bringing Jelly Bean or whatever it is to the 2012 Xperia’s. But what’s most important is that nobody announced an update date yet.

  • Fx7575

    Guys most of you not understand Sony. Its only company that gives ics update for most of 2011 models. No one provide this. Sony do not cheat customers or not to give fake comments to customers. Sony s loves will always stay with Sony because they know the company very will. Am impressed Sony. Pls give Xperia gx and sx to world wide.

  • jx

     really you’re funny too!!! For me Sony is the first and only company who brought ICS updates for most of their mobile phones.
    ok lets count how many Samsung, LG and HTC 2011 phones are now updated to ICS?
    SONY 10 out of 11 2011 devices
    HTC 3
    LG 0

  • Jake083

    Example ? you mean the atix ? Or optimus ? or lets take the newer one , galaxy s advance ?

    NONE . Stop bashing sony as your beloved samsung only upgrade note and sII . Oh ya forgot they arent even 4.0.4 .

  • WhyWai

    Agreed. Even my Xperia Ray got ICS update. Most company only brought ICS to their flagship models.. really dun understand people bashing Sony for nothing… 

  • Fx7575

    Am also having Xperia ray and am waiting for sx. Most of them not know Sony uses high standard quality materials to mfg phone

  • Killing Spree

    i doubt that 

  • Domino

  • for xperia play? they really didnt rethink it?

  • rafi

    What a joke.. Their only announce will update their new flagship with jellybean. But no official date release. You must must be htc one crap fans.. Huhuhu

  • Tonyokoro17

    You fanboys can talk all you want about updates for all the hopeless devices they released last year. What matters most is what happens to their flagship devices. Nobody cares about updates for mid range and low-end devices.
    The simple fact is they are late with ics on their new line of phones. Who cares what’s happening to phones they released last year. Do you think the reviewers are going xperia s, ion, p, etc still on gingerbread but oh well they have updated the ray from last years line up so that’s fine.
    you fanboys perfectly encapsulate all that’s wrong with Sony. Living in cloud coo coo land.
    while other manufactures will be upgrading to JB Sony would probably still be bug fixing ICS.
    flagship devices are really all that count, you fail there and you’ve failed period.
    others are talking about rolling out JB while Sonys still planning to roll out ics.
    Most consumers who buy mid and low end devices don’t care much for these sorts of things in truth so they can carry on releasing tons of stupid phones stretching themselves to breaking point and keep lagging behind where it counts with the flagship. The losses will keep rolling in as they have been.

  • sharique shaikh

    Oh that’s why when they announced they were going to update all their phones people were rejoicing just because they don’t care lol nice joke maybe you’ re just jealous because your company ditched you from providing ICS poor you!

  • EowynCarter

    When someone asked for the sola, the answer from sony was “A la rentré” That is, start September.

    I’m a bit annoyed by this. It seams a long time, hopefully jelly bean won’t be such a mess. I just hope it means they’re taking the time to make it stable.

  • Sodara_doung

     Come On jealous Guys……….. I agree with u that many company are rolling out JB …… But why don’t u open ur Blank eyes to look at the previous Post……. Like u said u no One care about mid and low rang……… But sony do…… and they also care about flagship……… JB is coming to Xperia S …….. Come Open your Eyes to see and known…. stop talking like non-educate guy………….. ( The High end phone never get their sale more than the Low end )……..Maybe u never know :

  • Bluboy

    I have ICS just today with my XPERIA S! I done it OTA. Now, I want Jelly Bean. When it is going to rollout? Please reply asap.

  • anjali Vashistha

     Do you have sola? how is it working? i wanna buy it, but little bit confused between sola and go.

  • Guest

    problem is i had updated my Z to jellybean and it made me hate my phone, 5 hours battery life?? back on ics now, 2 days battery life.

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