Sony releases some quirky Xperia GX/Xperia SX commercials

by XB on 24th July 2012

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Sony Mobile Japan has released a few new commercials to promote the upcoming 4.6-inch Xperia GX and 3.7-inch Xperia SX handsets. The commercials involve ballet, some buffed up blokes running to the sea and a flashmob in the middle of the shopping centre. If you’re wondering what these have to do with the handset, well, we don’t know either. We’d love to hear from you if you have any idea what these are all about. See the videos below.

Thanks Coollead!

  • Nine

    as always …

    Sony advertise people not products …

  • Ambroos

    Hah. Perhaps if someone could tell us what the Japanese text is that you can see for about a second it’ll make some sense, but right now they look completely random to me.
    I do absolutely adore the new Xperia branding with the soft colors. Especially that two second thing at the end where you have the ‘bong’ sound, together with the PS3-style sparkly wave, then the XPERIA logo coming in from the left. Very sophisticated and stylish!

  • donny

    These advertisements don’t make any sense at all to me… 

  • goldenblls

    Don’t make any sense whatsoever.  Baffled!

  • Hannad

    The beatbox ballerina shizzle was kinda badass..

  • AkashPurswani

    They use to tell us in our Mass Communication class that in Japan Advertising is all about the feel good thing… the product is given least importance. They believe if you put up a good show, about whatever, then the people(in Japan) will have a certain positive feeling which they will relate to the product that is shown in the end.

    I personally was skeptical, but these advertisements have been an eye opener to me.

  • Hellen

    Hmm I came here to watch xperia phone advert but instead got something different ://
    Dont get it.

  • well, the ballerinas are for the XPERIA GX because of its ARC design, back in 2011 when sony announced the xperia arc, they also had ballerinas, to show how the phone is “flexible”,
    the second video which involves sand, well, my guess is, since the XPERIA SX is the RAY successor, back when they published videos about how they got inspired for its colors, the designers mentioned sand in the build materials, so….and for the last video i have no idea, but its cool :Dlol i guess i’ma true SONY fan :D

  • Maybe there is some slogan at the end, which says something like “enjoy entertainment” or something like that, which could be explanation of this kind of adverts, but I don’t undertand japanese … lol

  • dereknobuyuki

    They are just as weird as the Xperia Acro HD commercials with people dancing/fighting

  • dereknobuyuki

    Check out the Sony Ericsson Japan youtube channel for their odd tv spots for both docomo and AU carriers (as well as behind the scenes videos)

  • Sachin

    I sincerely hope that thing gets ported as the boot animation for all new Xperias

  • Reebe

    I’m seeing underwears, not even half of the phone was shown -_-

  • Jogar

    Fixed first all the problems with what the XPERIA S has before you launch it. >:)

  • Coollead

    They say “For this sense, Xperia”

  • weeeeee8888888888

    like the 2nd part ;D

  • jx

    i want new logo and boot animation design for xperia

  • bbbbr

    i heard a rumour that the ads were shot on the xperia gx phone

  • dereknobuyuki

    absolutely not

    watch the behind the scenes “making of …” videos

    They’re shooting TV spots not Internet videos. Many *Internet videos* from Sony Ericsson, on the other hand, were shot on their own mobile phones.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Just like at least 70% os Japanese advertisements…

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