Competition: Win a Sony Xperia U

by XB on 25th July 2012

in Xperia U

We’ve teamed up with Sony to give Xperia fans the exclusive chance to win an Xperia U to celebrate Xperia Unleashed and help the Leaderbot catch the pesky Xperiabots! The Xperia Unleashed campaign has been running since earlier this month, giving UK fans the chance to win some great prizes by spotting Xperiabots in various cities around the UK and online too.

The Sony Xperia U is the smallest member of the Xperia NXT family of smartphones and offers the same distinctive design as the Xperia S and Xperia P. It has a 3.5-inch (480 x 854) display, 1GHz dual-core NovaThor U8500 chipset, 8GB of internal storage, 5MP camera and a 1320mAh battery. The transparent strip also lights up with different colours depending on what you are viewing on the screen.

To enter the competition all you have to do is:
– Leave a comment in this forum thread
– Follow Xperia Blog on Twitter

That’s it! We will pick a winner randomly when the competition closes at 12pm (GMT) on Tuesday 31st July 2012. Good luck! For those who don’t get lucky, not to worry, just visit the Sony Mobile UK Facebook page and follow the Leaderbot @xperiaunleashed for hints on where the pesky critters are!

Rules: 1) Please register on the forum with a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you. 2) Once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another winner. 3) Only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address). 4) This competition is open to our readers in the United Kingdom only.

  • Give me one Xperia U please :)

  • hope i will be winner

  • roflmaotrolol


  • One Xperia U please! Nice competition :)

  • Xhadow15

    One of the best screen display ive ever seen … I hope i could have one :-)

  • paavo31

    I want to win Xperia U :P

  • Wisnu Hadibrata

    sadly I am not UK resident :(

  • Only in UK. :(

  • XperiaBlog

    Yep, sorry about this. When we run the competitions we normally make them available worldwide, but as this is part of the Xperia Unleashed campaign, which is UK only, we also had to restrict it to UK readers only. 

  • only in uk…. very bad !

  •  ohh only for UK well even so it’s really nice to see my favorite site to make nice competition for Sony’s fans :D

  • Abraham M

    Hope I win, positive thoughts.

  • Rizzy__1


  • Yay a UK only competition ;)

    p.s. We don’t get many.

  • Vivek Kutty

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

    oh.. damn… UK only… :(

  • Mustafa Farooq

    Entering Competition …. Now !

  • Kai Vong

    Pick and get free cookie.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    aww too bad i wasnt at uk >.<

  • Hab Rahman

    yes uk only

  • donny

    I <3 sony!!!! Sony is getting better no matter what!!!!

  • Adrianchan1981

    Pick me I’m in the uk

  • I give a free Fez if u want :)

  • Jaaanisv

    Sony rocks!

  • goldenblls

    Great, count me in too!

  • Curaw

    can i really win? i mean…

  • Scottleeforrest

    Would like this phone very much.

  • Hannad

    I want to Win.

  • donny

    Y UK only??? Not in US… 

  • I need to win.

  • domiboy7

    give me 1 plz :) lol

  • domiboy7

    awww UK only :(

  • R Pedroso

    I’m in

  • bombay

    i need a new phone, my arc is on its last legs

  • Xperia U.. i need U

  • Mpathy


  • Cheng

    nice hope to be lucky ^_^

  • heronaddict

    grrreeaat, make it mine 

  • :) 

  • oh come on! im from the philippines and i badly want one! 

  • It’s a nice kind of competition.. Wish to have an Xperia Go . But Xperia U is quite stylish..

  • Janetlouise24

    Loving these bot comps….very inventive advertising campaign!! 

  • Annepalmer48

    Yes please need a phone that works!!!

  • Richieadms

    I need this phone so badly!! 

  • Jerrydsouza67

    i want to win 

  • Rahul Ram

    Sony always has inspirational design in thier device which is why i like sonys smartphone. i would love to win a sony’s phone

  • great price, i want it.good luck to all.

  • uk only :((((((((((

  • Oscar Mark


  • ekoeberg

    I’ve always liked the design and build quality of the Xperia phones. Good luck to all!

  • V Joisa

    It is very unfortunate that release date for Xperia GX and Xperia SX are postponed in their original markets.
    Sony, Please release these phones in India ASAP!!

  • Gimme, gimme, gimme! Please

  • I’d love to win!

  • helen 12

    love to win one of the 
    Xperia  phones

  • @angeekickass

    I so need a smartphone – keeping my fingers crossed I get picked out the hat for this ;-)

  • Ruth Hedges

    Fab Prize! Following on twitter x

  • An awesome hi tech phone. Great prize.

  • would love to win xx

  • really need a new phone – I’m using my son’s cast off

  • Let me get futuristic because my phone is old now and more dinoristic!

  • Have enjoyed hunting out the bots been a brilliant competition

  • Ian Henderson

    great comp thanks for the chance

  • Ian Henderson

    tweeting also as ianh65

  • fabulous prize and tweeted @jacknutter1969:disqus 

  • I would like to win,following and tweeting @PhillipsBarrie

  • D J

    keeping fingers x’d

  • Following with fingers crossed

  • Lila B Taylor

    Following and tweeting as @glamplusforty:twitter 

  • WolfLondon

    quick, last day!

  • Would love to win!

  • Followed on twitter – @LaniNash1:twitter 

  • following you on twitter as @oki1875  Would like to win! fingers crossed

  • Woo Hoo! Finally an xperia competition that doesn’t require a smartphone…..I’m entered (I hope) Thank you.

  • Please be me, Please be me!

  • I would love to win one please.

  • Chris Ram

    The Dark Bot! You done it again #xperiaunleashed

  • Emma L Sp

    WOW! Have been looking at the Experia Pro just this wk and it looks great! Read so many reviews my eyes hurt… dont know what Id do without reviews, I look at them for everythign I buy lol – good luck to all

  • Emma L Sp

    (ps i realise this isnt the pro lol but it has great reviews, so am assuming all phones in this brand have a great standard)

  • great would love to own 1 of these phones

  • I would like to win

  • would love to win this – my kids may think I’m cool for once!

  • Coeliac8

    yay looks great

  • Awesome

  • i need a new fone mine is so poo

  • Followed & hopefully entered!

  • Wow, great competition. I hope the Xperiabots don’t run off with the prize :-)

  • Cool little prize :)

  • Would make a dream come true!

  • Wow, this would be fab to win something like this. I am keeping my fingers crossed, My Mum needs a new phone. She could have my old one and i would keep this one lol

  • Elaine Patterson

    Please enter me
    Thanks for the competition
    I’m following Xperia Blog on twitter @Eliequeen 

  • want to win

  • Corinne Faulkner

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  • im following on twitter @allreetubadger:twitter 

  • IT LOOKS AMAZING! good luck :)

  • Wow fab giveaway thanks for the chance xx

  • I would love to win this!

  • Ring Ding a Ling it….

    Count me in it……..

    Waa Waa Wooo Waaaa…….

  • steven young

    amazing prize. Thanks for the competition.

    Following on twitter – steviey

  • nice one

  • I would love to win!

  • Fantastic. I would love to win

  • dragonfly63

    Would love to own one of these.

  • Wow – what a prize.  liked

  • Great phone, would love it ! 

  • We all need this phone. some more than most. (Like ME!)

  • James

    Excellent! I signed up with Twitter (@JamesLockwood9) and the forum to have a shot. My iphone 3GS needs replacing – I’m hoping.

  • this phone looks amazing!<3
    I would love to try,
    Or I might cry
    'Cause I've heard
    From a little bird
    This is the best phone out there<3
    Twitter @SiobhanKerry:twitter

  • Maddy McLaughlin

    Those Xperiabots get everywhere! Great competition, cheers!

  • Maddy McLaughlin

    Following you on twitter too!

  • Suzy Sue

    The xperiabots are everywhere. Fingers crossed I finally get one!

  • Cherylf1978

    Brilliant competition would love to win x

  • Hilda hazel Wright

    Thanks for the competition, I’m following on twitter.  Its been really sad to miss out on alot of the competitions to win a Sony Experia because you need to have a smartphone in order to enter.  I’ve just got a ‘crap-phone’ and would love to get hold of something as fantastic as this!!!

  • i’d love to win this fab prize :)

  • Fabulous! Would love to enter for this and have tweeted @LindyHine too!

  • Rudy Roversi

    Amazing price, am following (@enderit)

  • Great comp. more please.

  • Ellen

    Phew! There is only an hour left :D Pleased I got my entry in with this comment!

  • Please enter me, this would be amazing I want it ! ! ! lol

  • Steve crows

    Well i got my fingers crossed

  • Dean Adams

    Good luck everyone, fingers crossed

  • craig

    desperado in need of a prize as good as this.. please enter me , thank yo

  • I love Xperia, had an Arc for the past two years, great phone!

  • loving my Sony products and need a new member to the family- Xperia come to mama!

  • would love to win this fab prize :o)

  • Pauline Dring

    I would love to win a Sony  Xperia U. Following on Twitter @polly58:disqus

  • VidYuva Yuva

    Fingers and toes crossed :))) would love to win this…

  • Andrew Petrie

    Great prize,fingers crossed…..

  • Andrew Petrie


  • Mickie Bull

    Awesome giveaway, please enter me into this!

  • heronaddict

    Super dee duper

  • Guest

    also already following on twitter !

  • Truth Hurts

    I will win xD

  • Only just found this?!  And I’m too late… I’ll never win anything out of this even though I’ve entered into everything I could possibly find. :(

  • Truth Hurts

    Me me me lol

  • Cherryl Thomas

    Fantastic prize!

  • I would love to win please

  • great prize

  • great prize thanks for this competition

  • melanae kenny

    I heard so much about these phones…..all good so far!

    I do think they are giving other brands a run for their money. 

    Good Luck everyone & fingers crossed 

  • melanae kenny

    following on twitter @dawnbreak2:disqus 

  • Great competition Following on twitter as @chantsbell:twitter

  • Following on twitter :) Thank you for a fantastic competition :) xxx

  • Following on Twitter as @gouldie7

  • Fingers crossed and good luck everyone xx

  • following as @emmajlowe

  • Maddalena dalton

    love to win

  • Olivia B

    I’d love to win an xperia U, they look awesome!!

  • Olivia B

    Following on twitter also :-)

  • pretty please can I have one my htc mobile has died on mee 

  • shaz.

    pls pls ps can I Ave onewant to surprise by partner with one he really really wants one….

  • It has a better model than the Apple Iphone, I want it !!

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