Sony to announce new smartphones at IFA 2012 press event in August?

by XB on 25th July 2012

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Sony is expecting to announce new Xperia smartphones at a press event just before the IFA 2012 trade show kicks off in Berlin, Germany according to GSM Arena. The event is due to take place on Wednesday 29th August from 16.15 to 17.00 (CET). The invite comes from Sony rather than Sony Mobile and we have received no such invite right now, but GSM Arena suggests that new Sony Xperia phones will be announced at the event.

The invite talks of an “exclusive booth unveiling”, however exactly which type of products that will be unveiled remain a mystery. Given that there are a number of Sony Xperia phones in the pipeline (Hayabusa, Mint being two rumoured flagships) then the timing does make sense to go live with these announcements. We’ll report back when we hear more on this.

Via GSM Arena.

Thanks Sharique!

  • something to look forward to

  • donny

    Cant wait to put my hands on Xperia mint!!!

  • Mehdi Moha

    i still have hope to show xperia play 2

    ********************************************************XPERIA PLAY 2 **********************************************************

  • Zymo

    Sonys high end devices won’t get much attention. Samsung is going to be there at least with the Note 2, rumored with a 1,6Ghz Quad Core CPU and 2 GB RAM and HTC will also have a Quad Core phone with 2 GB RAM. So in term of specs, Sony devices won’t look good. 

  • SomeBody

    The invite comes from Sony rather than Sony Mobile ” So maybe we will have some more detail not only about the upcoming Xperias, but about both the new Xperia & Walkman lineup.

  • sharique shaikh

    I think they will announce lt29i. Hayabusa only because the date falls quite close to September the time they are going to release as per Sony’s leaked roadmap! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Rafieboy05

    xperia SL might be one of the new device.. xperia gx , and maybe sony new tablet.. :)

  • Tom

    I’m sure, it would be a new tablet.

  • DragonClaw

    Mint_I they call it.
    So expect a Mint_II? 
    Sony Ericsson had always been a bit shy to be aggressive in the market. This year Sony has solely focused on the mid-range and low-range devices (hopefully they will release the Mint_I and Hayabusa to change this). Perhaps next year we will see a change of gears. Quad cores S4 will be available in the market then, and rumors have it that HTC will use it. Hopefully Sony too

  • Dreamitwork

    Weird when people keep compare sony flagship with other brands. Just like my buddys keep compare my xps with their one x n s3. i dont even are about it as long iam happy with my xps and velue for money.

  • lovebmw

    i know what poeple will reply to you, they are going to say, quad is a waste of energy and all that.  but to be honest, thats what grabs attention and thats what sells….   so i agree with you 

  • Tymodmyt

    Didn’t you fuck Sony for what they had done to your Xperia Play? :)

  • Both of those will be phablets, and therefor a bit niched for most people. Those two phones will compete against one another, while lt29 & lt30 will compete with the S3 and HOX.

  • rafi

    Asking for more or makes what we had better?

  • rafi

    Go gets yourself psp vita bro..

  • jx

     what the fuck is wrong with you? games are working awesome with GB and some games are becoming horrible with ICS. i wish i can go back to GB after upgrading my xperia pro to ICS :((

  • flash it back then?

  • Gerry

    So what about some bugs they have on their current flagship phone (XPERIA S), aren’t they going to addressed it? Some has still the gingerbread. For some who had the ICS it becomes laggy. I was wondering what could be the characteristic of the Jelly bean. Will it be rolled out to the current flagship unit of Sony? When?

  • Fraulein

    Mint_i equals LT30i, which was apparently cancelled. They always append the letter to the code name before they have the product id.

  • Fraulein

    Why is it weird? Comparing stuff is human nature.

  • Oscar Mark


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