Sony LT30p ‘Mint’ fully unveiled and previewed [Update]

by XB on 26th July 2012

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Sony LT30p MintThe cat’s out of the bag, Mobile-Review has just posted a full preview of the upcoming H2 Sony Mobile flagship, the LT30p ‘Mint’. It is worth noting that they are previewing a prototype only, so elements of the design and software may change before official release.

The design does sit in a different place to the Sony Xperia NXT series and even to the Xperia GX (internationally rumoured to be the LT29i ‘Hayabusa’), with its arc like features. The Sony LT30p Mint may also have an arc but the pictures on show here doesn’t seem to show that. The design looks more industrial to our eyes with a gorgeous front display and matte plastic rear like that of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The chin also tapers down which reminds us of the Xperia tipo.

The author of the preview says that the phone is both smaller and lighter than the Sony Xperia S, which makes it much easier to use in one hand. Given that the power and volume buttons sit lower on the right side of the phone also suggests that one-handed use will be much easier, compared to the Xperia S whose power button on the top left made it very difficult to wake the screen if using in one hand.

We are glad to see no port cover on the microUSB (MHL) port, although there is a port for the microSD memory card and microSIM slots. We don’t have a problem with this as most users will seldom need access to this. The 3.5mm headphone jack sits at the top in a chrome ring, very similar to the Sony Xperia GX. As expected, the handset comes with no physical buttons and will rely on virtual buttons in Android 4.0.4 ICS.

The Sony LT30p has a 13MP camera with (small) LED flash. A new software feature will be ‘Small apps’ that allow you to place certain widgets (such as a calculator or remote control app) on top of existing apps.

The Sony LT30p Mint has a 4.6-inch (720 x 1280) display with on-screen buttons, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset (MSM8960), 1GB RAM, 13MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 720p front facing camera, 16GB of internal memory, memory card support, MHL output, NFC and a sealed battery.

So what do you think? Are you excited about this new handset, or does the design leave you wanting more? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: There seems to be some confusion over display size. Mobile-Review has incorrectly stated that the Sony LT30p has a 4.3-inch display. As we have mentioned above, the handset will sport a 4.6-inch display, this is verified by our own trusted sources.

Sony LT30p ‘Mint’

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint against the Samsung Galaxy S III

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

13MP camera

Sony LT30p Mint

Small Apps Widget

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Sony LT30p Mint

Via Mobile-Review.

Thanks Elm!

  • Brapi

    quite disappointed w/ the looks. hoping for the GX arc inspired design..

  • ??

    So is that Jelly bean?

    Form-wise, I don’t really like it. Xperia S, Acro S and GX looks sexier. And on top of it, I hate protruding cameras :(

  • Rahman Khan

    this is xperia z? 

  • never mind the design, look at the sales of s3 having the high end specs and ugly design it has 10million sales as of now. If this phone have s4 chipset and adreno320 and we will have a new king

  • compare with S3, of-course S3 much much better..

  •  compare with S3, of-course S3 much much better..

  • ??

     I lol’ed. joke of the day.

  • himal

    I was hoping for a true arc design :(
    will wait to see white version before making any decision.

  • ooops. after having seen the Xperia GX? very disappointed by the looks here. When everybody comes back to believe Sony understood – then bang, they produce something to hit us all on the forehead.

  • Brapi

    I hope this phone will be as slim as possible to compensate for its design.. didn’t expect this one coming from sony.. cross fingers. please let this be super slim..

  • naathaanS

    That would be the LT29

  • Katrina

    lol im not a sony fan but no matter how worst the Sony design team comes up with it’s design, it is still better than sammy. im sorry you just have to face the truth.

  • The writer of the article annoys me.
    Other than that, damn glad to see this pop up! Iwo der how far removed this pre production unit is from the final product.

  • naathaanS

    The XPERIA logo on the back looks a bit too big

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  • Devilx001

    GX iz Much better

  • ElderOfTheInternet

    Without any firm plans for if/when it will get Jellybean it’s dead in the water.

  • Mehdi Moha


    we still hope to have xperia play 2 , with high end H/W

    but we don’t know , realy don’t know why SONY NEVER HEAR OUR REQUEST , WE NEED XPERIA PLAY 2 …

  • Such a bad design and display. Bad, very bad.

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  • So that was the Mint we discovered in April. Take a look a this picture from and old post and you will understand :

    The design is less beautiful than the GX in my opinion. And incredibly low result at Quadrant : 4044 !The GS3, one X and even the One S gets approximatively 5000 ! Huge deception for me :(

  • Screw that, we need a Vita pbone!

  • BjL

    I thought Mint wil b debut without the SE logo? Could this mean this is a prototype? Hope d real phone would have a metal back for internationally:-) yet i m happy to c the matte back juz like my current x10

  • Crazy John’s.

    Hello Xperia Z.

  • I don’t think we can take one persons comments on a pre production unit as fact when it comes to screen quality. The article writer comes across as having a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Sony as well, so I wouldn’t really trust his opinion anyways.

  • sharique shaikh

    What’s the point of this and GX both will have same specs right?? If I am not wrong!

  • surethom

    The power button looks like it is way to low on the right hand side, it need to be from the middle of the phone up.

  • Katrina

    i think thats the GX man

  • You do realize this is a pre production unit, right? We have no idea how old this device is, but we can rest assured it’s not a final model.

  • Farhad K

    Disappointing :|

  • Fraulein

    Have you even seen the depth of a camera component? You have to choose between a protruding camera or a thick phone

  • evita

    A fully preview prototype unit of Sony LT30, you must write it more clearly.
    Prevent mislead.

  • evita

     Thicker phone without ugliest protruded camera is acceptable!

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  • Cjnilsson

    Beautiful! Industrial design with perfect ergonomics! Great speccs and Sony software
    Might buy it, seeing as I just bought a phone, but extremely happy! Both for Sony’s sake, releasing a great phone and for consumers getting a choice that’s better than the SGS3

  • Emwgee

    Ugly as hell, if it is going to be only a dual core chip, I certainly will dump Sony and move on to Samsung. It simply not worth the while anymore…

  • DragonClaw

    SX : GX :: LT29 : LT30

  • DragonClaw
  • ??

    I know, I just personally hates protruding cameras, besides the fact that it will damage some paintwork around it if you’re no careful enough all the time

  • ??

    Would be perfect if they fill the empty spaces with battery, extending battery life for another 5-10 hours perhaps? xD

  • Cloud_Connected

    Reminds me of the iconic Nokia N9 design… will wait for a monolithic NXT design though…

  • I like the front side cause most of it is the screen, hate the huge flap for sim and mem card. And personally i never liked the bulging camera. Sony never had that, maybe the whole upper phone thicker.

  • XperiaBlog

    We agree – we’ve made reference to this in the first paragraph. Thanks!

  • will purchase gx instead…..if the battery is good

  • Only a dual core chip? It’s pretty much the most powerful dual core chip available and it beats the pants off of current gen quad cores in synthetic benchmarks

  • DragonClaw

    The writer of the original article is a complete anti-Sony. 
    He takes the benchmarks of the Mint clocking the CPU at 1 GHz. At least for the AnTuTu. 
    Clocked at 1Ghz it does a 6000. It will be doing about 9.5K almost easily clocked at the real CPU speed. :)

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  • its design is coming too close to htc

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  • HyaeneLeipzig

    I think, Xperia S looks better than this. Bad camera construction like HTC or SIII :c
    Display with 4.6″ is also to big. Screensize like Xperia S is perfect.

    Hope there will be a CyberShot-Xperia soon.

  • Jam


  • George Mhanna

    i don’t understand what’s the difference between the LT29i (Hayabusa) and the LT30p (Mint) ? Both have the snapdragon S4 processor, the 13 MP camera, the 4.6″ screen.. since when sony releases 2 phones that have the same specs, only different design, at the same time ? Please correct me if i’m wrong

  • Leo

    Besides the screen size; almost the same hardware spec and feature set as Xperia S. 
    The design has no surprise. 
    I am not looking forward to this unless it has more special feature when it really hit the market. 

  • yes! :)

  • Cjnilsson

    Beauty is subjective. But this will undoubtedly pack as much power as the SGS3, with far less battery consumption. This being based on the 28nm A15 architecture and all.

  • wow this phone i think should have a very good processor just to run those features.

  • sharique shaikh

    Specs are the same right? S4 chipset?

  • Ranie

    I will only replace my Sony Xperia S once Sony will release its first quad-core smartphone with 2GB of RAMhopefully during first quarter of 2013. Quad-core is now the trend of smartphones.

  • sharique shaikh

    Seriously even I am wondering the same but no one is replying to such queries God knows!

  • George Mhanna

    i wouldn’t really do that… xperia S is an amazing phone.. plus quad-core phones are so overrated.. most apps don’t use the 4 cores, and are less power efficient.. btw the snapdragon s4 processor beat the hell out of the quad-core processors exynos (samsung’s) and tegra 3 (One X, Nexus 7).

  • Fiskarbert

    The UI looks wonderful.

  • I like the design, I much prefer it over SGS[n]’s or HTC One’s. It’s not perfect, but I’d rather have something more industrial than curvy rounded.

    However the initial benchmarks seem a bit of a let down.

  • It’ pre production and the CPU on the Mint seems to be underclocked, so don’t worry about benchmarks. It should be one of the most powerful phones around when it launches.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    what a beauty…

  • WTF?!?!?! Is that shitty design definitive? OMG It’s a stylistic suicide

  • dereknobuyuki

    >> no port cover on the microUSB (MHL) port, although there is a port for the microSD memory card and microSIM slots.
    Isn’t this normal, if you are selling it with a dock accessory that plugs into the USB port?
    I would think it would really strange if the SD and SIM areas were not covered in some way.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I doubt the same carrier will sell the LT29 and LT30.
    So, different devices for different carriers in different markets.
    Carriers often don’t like it when their rival carrier is offering the exact same device as them.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Different carriers and different markets

  • dereknobuyuki

    The Xperia GX has the same matte slightly rubberish feeling back as the X10 so hopefully you have more options if that’s the kind of (touch) feel you want from materials.

  • naathaanS
  • sharique shaikh

    I don’t think so because if you remember the leaked roadmap hayabusa and mint both has a huge price difference like hayabusa is for 632$ whereas mint is for 720$ and talking about carriers in India we buy phone unlocked and not through Carriers and also both will land in Indian market so I think story is something else!

  • Raydemort

    Did I misunderstand, or is Mobile-Review saying the screen size is just 4.3 inches?

  • Hansip87

    Reminds me quite much of X10 :) but then again, no hardware button means less choice for design. Really hope the NXT series got updated to S4 though, that transparent bar is unique compared to others.

  • I’m really disappointed. It looks kinda plastic-y and poor build. Flimsy looking too! 

  • I’m confused. GSMArena and Mobile-review listed Xperia Mint to have 4.3″.  It says here it’s 4.6″.  If it’s smaller than Xperia S, then it would probably have 4.3″. 

    C’mon what’s the real screen size?

    And also, I don’t think the style is something to foam at the mouth for.

  • Incredibly low result at Quadrant : 4044 !
    The GS3, One X and even the One S gets approximately 5000 !
    That’s a huge deception for me :(

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  • ?????? ???????

    Wtf… Hayabusa Lt29i looks much better than this. Mint looks cheap like chinese fake. Where is arc design? Where is metall back cover? Front side is awful, screen border at the top of the screen smartphone is very small.They should lower the screen a few mm . I’m very dissapointed

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  • I’m disappointed with the design. it’s ugly and there is a big XPERIA logo on the back. why so big? I think I will buy ion or international version of gx.

  • Afrit

    It’s a prototype!

  • doraemonboi

    I am happy that it uses the S4. However, I am hopping for at least 2GB of RAM. I will pass this and wait for 2013 flagship as I currently own the Xperia S.

  • Simao_lucio

    I see one diference:
    The Gx has a removable battery

    But now I don’t understand why the mint is considered the flagship

  • goldenblls

    I’d advise anyone not to make judgements about the design from these sub-standard, low res, grainy pictures – you won’t be able to fully appreciate it.

    Wait until the phone is shown on eprice, where they always take fantastic pictures.

  • Cjnilsson

    Did anyone see that battery usage screen in the source article? From what I read it had used 20% in 24 hours.. Can’t be right, can it??!

  • Tymodmyt

    I thought that Mint LT30 would be a real Cybershot camera phone! :(

  • Tigon8

    The real size is 4.6 trust me :-)

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    LOOOOL sony. even the ugly GS3 is more beautiful than this called “mint”. Also the specs are poor except the camera with the new sensor

    I was right when I said sony sucked this year 

    LG + HTC + Huawei rock this year with their smartphones ((((with MODERN TECHNOLOGIES LIKE BLUETOOTH v4 + QUADCORE CPU + AMOLED AND IPS SCREENS and TRUE HD SCREENS))))

    sorry sony fans if i hurt your feelings but THE TRUTH MUST BE SAID even if we are sony fans

  • Abhimanyu

    Design is a let down! Was hoping for a more elegant design for the apparently ‘Flagship’ phone. Even specifications don’t bring a new breeze since we have seen the same specifications already in many other phones.

  • darkblack

    thats the xperia “lotus” not the “min1”

  • GabenBFG

    Ugly and inferior compared to any other current flagships. Way under my expectations. I’m very disappointed.

  • Albert Octavianus

    i have just sold my xperia s and bought xperia ion, when i look at the mint prototype, i’d say ion’s design is far better.. i would rather have them to use ion’s design with lt30i spec than this one..

  • there is wrong in the specs mentioned please correct it, it is 4.3 inch not 4.6

  • Hate the looks!

  • I think Krait processor is pretty good! It does match up with the best quad core chips out there! Talking about screen: Xperia S has the best smartphone screen! :)

  • fcb

    i feel like this is baloney…seems cheap looking for sony’s “flagship”.; i would have expected arc design and some metal backing, not the cheapo plastic from the x10. if this is really the mint then sony again has dropped the ball

  • Exactly! The earlier A9 quad core architecture chips get beaten up in front of the A15 dual core chips! A15 quad core chips from Snapdragon cannot even be matched by anyone! :D

  • The difference:
    GX: Adreno 225
    Mint: Adreno 320.
    Definitely a bump in GPU! Maybe not worth the difference! But still! 

  • XperiaBlog

    Yep – 4.6-inches is true. Mobile-Review have made a mistake.

  • XperiaBlog

    No it is not. Mobile-Review have made a mistake. The real size is 4.6-inches.

  • XperiaBlog

    Mobile-Review have made a mistake. It is 4.6-inches.

  • Crappp

    Skipping Sony for this year unless it goes nexus..

  • Naz

    The Mint next to the GS3 makes the GS3 look good.  What are Sony thinking…  Been waiting for this phone but I am VERY disappointed.  What the hell are Sony thinking!

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  • HEY @XperiaBlog:disqus clear one thing for me..Is MINT “LT30” sporting an Adreno 320..or Adreno 225?
    cause i  m disposing my xperia s and may be if GX “LT29” has the same Spec i.e. Both have Adreno 225.


  • SomeBody

    You wrote such a failure post again… I feel very sorry for you…
    1. MobileReview states it DOES have BT 4.0
    2. Dual-Core Krait > Quad-Core A9 (U know nothing about computers I guess)
    3. “TRUE HD SCREEN” is just a marketing crap, it isn’t a technology
    4. $hitsung Galaxy Soup III uses Super Amoled which is a pentile crap
    5. $hitsung Galaxy Soup III uses Super Amoled which dies with age and is oversaturated (‘cos the OLED technology)

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but THE TRUTH MUST BE SAID even if you’re a retard which is not your fault.

  • If it is indeed a MINT I. and the highest reported price for Xperia models, that is, of course, a disappointment. I point out that the Xperia GX International is on the same level, and especially more interesting design. In addition, there are Xperia Acro S, Xperia S and Xperia Ion with great equipment. MINT I. is very weak to compete with the Galaxy S or HTC One X III…… “

  • erick


  • Agreed!! remember the preview of ARC from the same site. Arc was looking ugly, but when officially announced it was one of the most beautiful handset out-there. so please don’t make judgments on these pictures, rather wait for the official announcement.

  • Dreamitwork

    When sony release xperia s ,most of user said its ugly. But once xps hits retail shop most of the user said its a beauty.. this is just prototype unit afterall. Cause i heard mint will come with alluminium casing. But overall the spec very promising.

  • if this is the design that they are going too keep then its ugly!

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  • XperiaBlog

    Adreno 225.

  • So when they said it is smaller and lighter than the Xperia S is also a mistake?

  • Rojak

    This looks like a Samsung phone, if you remove the Sony labels. Boring! All the good industrial designers must have left the company.

  • erick

    OK .. I wont swear , i Loathe the Ericsson logo 
    -_-  , maybe next year will be no more , its simple the past , no need to it  , beyond dissapointed , i expected better desing , the S it’s far unique with his transparent band  

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  • Metallica

    xperia z should have the same design as Xperia P but with 4.6 screen, 32 GB internal memory, dual core s4, 2 GB ram, 13 mega pixel camera with the new sensor, and water proof .. it will be the king of phones all over the world!! 

  • FlowXT

    Wait for Nozomi, wait for Hikari, wait for Hayabusa, wait for Mint, wait for Rolling Thunder to kick in, wait for Z, wait for hell to freeze over. 

  • tyler

    i agree with the screen loosing its colors. i have read the same thing but it happens over a period of years not in a couple of months, so relax!! secondly the design sucks coming from the sony xperia line (by far the most stylish) so i was expecting more from them! they should come up with something new!! i was expecting more in the screen department at least not on screen buttons reducing the size!! i respect ur point of view though!!

  • SomeBody

    The lifespan (loosing 50% brightness) of the Blue sub-pixels are 20 000 hours, while the Red and Green sub-pixels last for a longer period, making the screen first bluish, than greenish & reddish. 20K hours is a lot, but that’s for loosing 50% brightness. Loosing only 5% brightness of the blue sub-pixels is enough, because the color reproduction will be messed up. It’s an obvious problem (no need to wait years to notice the difference), Samsung even pointed out in an interview, that this was the only reason they went with the pentile sub-pixel arrangement with the Galaxy SIII.
    Also, OLED suffers from burn-ins. While on a TV it may not be a problem, on a monitor/touchscreen it clearly is. Basically whatever you do on a phone, there must be something non-moving on it (eg: the status bar, the UI if you’re playing some games etc.).
    OLED has an undoubtedly wider color gamut than LCD, but that doesn’t mean better color reproduction, in fact, OLED tends to over-saturate colors (some sites are stating the Galaxy SII’s color saturation is at 140% compared to a CRT display). I’m actually happy Sony went with an LCD panel.
    I’m also a bit disappointed with the new Sony phone (hey it’s just a prototype!), but what that moron wrote up there was just too much for me…

    Also, sorry for my English, hope you still understand what I was trying to say ;)

  • Fraulein

    You see that it’s a hayabusa because the ear speaker is at the edge of the screen.

  • uhm .. i think i read on the top post that its still a prototype…. and it might change before the official release … i meant the design not the specs etc.

  • hopefully this is just a dummy model and the look of the phone changes 

  • Wow

    Dam this phone sexier than the Samsung s3

  • one thing more, once officially announced it will blow out the competition, take a breath for the reviews after announcement. every one will be inspired. this is an early prototype.

  • Guest

    The GX is also an Arc-like design so it has some camera protrusion, sorry.

  • ok sorry

  • paul4id

    UGLY black brick. It needs some real functional tactile hardware buttons to the bottom, and none of this form-over-function touch-only fashionista crap.

    Bring back Ericsson and stop letting the Japanese ruin this once promising company!

  • Lewis Chiverton

    If you look closely it says charging

  • Nider

    Hey.. The link.says Xperia LT30 use a snapdragon msm8960 which is same on the GX

  • Ohred_hk

    its kind of let down. I would stick with the “older” xperia arco s

  • InspectorGadget80

    THIS PHONE IS Beautiful. just glad I never bought the iON. can’t wait for this to launch

  • The impression that people are not kept in the hands of this unit.
    And if it had, it seemed to be doing the job of competitors to pour more
    dirt on the smartphone before its release. How strange it all. You tell me about the sound, about the picture quality of the application of the shell.
    And it is about the poor viewing angles. Yes, just the angles interisuet me as a last resort, because often I use a smartphone
    in public transport and other public places.

  • Apparently this phone does have an arc design, but it’s not as much of an arc. This comes from sources on the esato forum.

  • Drealar

    While most people said it’s ugly, to me it is just plain/bland but far from ugly.
    But hey, it’s just a prototype!!
    I’ve simply overlooked the design when they mentioned:

    1. Smaller(I think thinner) and lighter than my XPS.
    2. S4 Krait
    3. 13MP, well not much of the megapixel but it’s probably using the new stack lense tech.
    4. Lower positioned power button!
    5. Accessible micro SD card!
    6. Software keys instead of capacitive(well this is subjected to personal preference I guess)

    But given Sony’s culture of introducing bigger lineup before the smaller ones, I’d like to see if there’s a smaller version but with the same design, i.e. Mint’s 4.6 scaled down to 4.0~4.3.

  • Drealar

    About the camera construction, I guess it’s because Mint is thinner than XPS.
    The thickness of the bump is probably the difference between Mint’s and XPS’ thickness.

    BTW, with the new lineups I’ll porbably miss the bottom glowing bar of XPS, especially when I’m so used to the “Illumination Bar” app.

  • owl

     I thought it looks fine. The bezel around the screen is incredibly thin. Nevertheless, it looks as if they could’ve squeezed in off-screen capacitive buttons at the bottom.

  • NK

    XperiaBlog, you said the rear on this phone is matte plastic just like the X10. But the X10 rear is not matte, it’s “glossy” smooth plastic, at least the white X10 is. Matte and glossy are different. Would you please specify which is it? Thanks

  • dereknobuyuki

    white = glossy
    black = matte

    That is common combination because glossy white looks a lot better than matte white.

    The X10i/X10a/SO-01b in black has a rubbery feeling MATTE black back (and not glossy black)

    The Xperia GX has the same kind of matte rubbery feeling back in both Black and White variants.
    So, at the very least, the LT30 in black has the same matte black finish.

  • dereknobuyuki

    You may have missed my point since my comment was brief as I didn’t want to repeat myself.

    Different phones will be shopped to different carriers in different markets.
    If your carriers don’t sell (or subsidize and sell phones) doesn’t mean that other carriers in the world also do that.

    In most major markets, carriers sell phones. I DOUBT that those carriers will sell both the LT29 and LT30 unless they are being greedy. There are also typically multiple carriers in the same market. In most cases they will want to sell a different phone than their rivals if they can. Obviously this isn’t possible in all situations but with a “unique” phone to sell, they can market a device without marketing for their competitors.

    It would obviously NOT be strange for both devices to be launched in the same market but both devices being launched by the same carrier in the same season WOULD be strange.

    Carriers in various markets will choose which phones they want to carry. Giving them 2 options (or the 5 or 6 that SMC has) is generally good for those carriers. Some markets may get both devices but many markets will get only one (or none) of the devices.

    As for price, any LT## phone will be expensive. The difference in price between “expensive” and “also expensive” will matter to some people but in the end, people should just buy whatever phone is within their own personal price range and that they like the best.

    We can see from the comments that a lot of people have a preference for one device over the other.

  • nfs2010

    Bezel around the bottom needs to be smaller just like the one on the top. It’d be perfect design that way.

    Display black level is NOT looking good, Sony. You can’t compete with HOX/LG 4X with a display like this.  Display quality one of the most important metrics these days. I sincerely hope this is just a crappy prototype display.

  • Feanor

    1. The screen is definitely 4.6, you can tell from when it is placed next to the Galaxy SIII. The LT30p screen isn’t much smaller, so it must be 4.6.
    2. Is Sony right in their brains with the design of this? After presenting some of the most beautiful mobile phones and smartphones around (including flawed but beautiful Satio, Arc and NXT) they throw this? They think they can compete in the flagship segment with Tipo’s big brother??? I was right to be afraid of a Sony plunge in design after complete take over from Ericsson. If this is how next Sonys will look like, then I will move to competitors. There would be no incentive any more for a Sony Xperia. If you want killer specs, you go Samsung, if you want good design, you go to iPhone or Lumia.
    3. 6 months ago Sony was vowing to usher a new design era in smartphones with the NXT ‘monolithic’ design. And then something changed…

  • Drealar

     Lol why are commenting the same thing again n again?
    And yeah you got deceived by the Sony-hater Mobile-Review.
    The S4 in the benchmark was underclocked.

    Oh wait… damn, why am I replying to this troll.. gah…

  • sharique shaikh

    It’s a pregnant arc!!

  • Anonimus

    It’s terrible… 

  • daniel

    This remind me the iconic sola design

  • And I would traid my Xperia S for this one!

  • Akio Yeh

    Another color?

  • Gerry

    Nothing really special to this. I have the xperia s and would be very glad if they fix the bugs with ICS first.

  • Is not the Final model….

  • strange

     yes I agree. Look at the 6th picture of the back can see a slight curve.

  • strange

     I agree with you! Mr ‘The Truth Must Be Said’ always posted crap.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I hope they will continue with “Floating Touch”

  • I agree, but did you know that the iPhone 4(/S) design was inspired by Sony?

  • wyvern

    Comparing the two phones above it struck me that having the xperia logo as a wake button would be a nice feature maybe even have it illuminated. It would be easier than using a power button to wake. I must admit im a bit underwhelmed by sonys design cues here i hope they add a touch more style to the production model

  • Starpeter78

    GUYS!!!!It is NOT a LT30,murtazin from mobile review is layer!No screenshot with model number on his website!!)))I am sure that this is sucssesor for xperia P!)

  • Feanor

    So they let the good design slip out of their hands, handed it unwittingly over to their competitor and they replaced it with a generic plastic slab. Why should they be proud of that?

  • I’m just saying that I think that Sony has good taste. I have seen worse in the 2012 line, also (tipo, anyone?). However, I think they should’ve settled with their NXT line, like HTC have their One line. 4 phones maximum:

    Flagship to compete with SIII and One X
    High-end that’s a great phone, but lacks all the extra features that sound cool, but you’ll never use
    Mid-range like U/P, for younger people that needs a cheaper phone, but still wants power. Maybe even waterproof
    Low-end for starters, children or poor

  • Lizette Larsen


  • Rune Christiansen

    Is it me or does the ‘small app’ functionality resemble the SGS3 “view video while doing other tasks” and couldn’t you in theory get the same functionality with ‘small apps’? Overall it sounds really ..neat :D

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  • Oscar Mark

    Only differense is a wider screen, softkeys and the ugly design.
    If they even release the GX in Europe I must have it.
    Sony gotta release a Quad-core phone if they want to survive.
    Still my hope is on Xperia S2.
    And those floating apps are a ripoff/built on StandOut.

  • Feanor

    To this I agree.

  • W-bernt

    The Mint is a very intressting the formfactor remeans very much on athe already forgotten xperia duo maybe i will by this one when sony anouce this one i like the design of the Mint but of the specifcations are very importent the price is not so importent for me

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  • Sony’s ICS seems sexier than the rest O_O

  • H-R-K

    display type ?

  • H-R-K

    most of the brand releases 2 quad core phone this year, but Sony?

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  • Me too… I don’t really care for the smaller bezels and if this is slightly smaller than the GX I would still rather get the GX which has a more appealing design.

    I can kind of see the look Sony was going for here. It reminds me of the SE Walkman phone the W910i which was drop dead gorgeous. I don’t think anyone would be complaining if Sony had brought back that design for the Mint (replacing the physical buttons with more screen and on screen buttons of course).

  • I’m gonna put my hopes up and side with those who said this isn’t the Mint.  Isn’t that a Lotus flower on the wallpaper?  There indeed is a Lotus phone according to the leaked Xperia roadmap.  Although it is highly unlikely due to to the size and power not corresponding to the price, I just hope that this isn’t the Mint.  I expect a better looking phone and more power on a flagship that is most likely to cost 562EU.

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  • NK


  • EMkaEL

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 does NOT have a matte plastic rear!

  • Kriidz

    Sont Lt30p its not better than Xperia GX

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  • AlexBurnout

    Ridiculous right there… my God so amazing!

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