Xperia GX launch slips into August; Xperia GX/SX prices leaked

by XB on 28th July 2012

in Xperia - Japan Models

The Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D) launch has slipped slightly, it was due to launch this month in Japan but will now turn up in August. This was confirmed by the NTT DoCoMo product page which lists that the handset is due to be released in August 2012. Rumours in Japan, point to the release date falling on Thursday 9 August at a 72,240 Yen (£585, €747, $920) price point.

Similar rumours surrounding the Sony Xperia SX (SO-05D) suggests that it will launch a day later on Friday 10 August for 58,800 Yen (£475, €608, $750). We would expect official details on the release date and pricing to be coming up very soon.

Thanks @dereknobuyuki!

  • Pico90

    747€?? nonsense! impossible to be higher than Galaxy S3…nothing to worth it!

  • paul4id

    fcking expensive for devices that are gimped by space-wasting and impractical non-tactile on-screen buttons (not to mention the lack of hardware QWERTY).

  • that is too expensive. I hope international version won’t be this high.

  • That’s ridiculous. Especially when you take into account that they devaluate like crazy. I bought my Arc S for €400+ a year ago, and right now I can’t even get rid of it for €150 (still in pristine condition). I love Sony, but if you want a device that keeps value then Apple is the way to go unfortunately. I won’t be switching to the GX.
    And I agree with paul4id, the lack of hardware buttons at the bottom of the screen drives me crazy on my Xperia S. No way I’d spent €747 on a device with crazy touch “buttons”.

  • €747?! hell yeah! Apple took inspiration from SONY when designing the iPhone !and looks like SONY took inspiration from Apple about price! well done SONY! well done!

  • Nine

    So, still with the delays and the ridiculous prices …

    Dam it Sony what Are you thinking !?

  • Fycugcu

    Ouch, those prices are crazy

  • gboy

    I have lot of regretst now when I choose Sony. Just last month when I bought my XPERIA S in uk it was once had great reviews from different blogs that triggers me to get on. I cant complain about the phone’s specs instead I complain its OS. Since I upgrade it to ICS my phone becomes laggy and slow in UI. Are sony doing something about this problem? I hope it will not have the same fate as other xperia’s in 2011 which cannot be upgraded or some because they have there new models which will be release.

  • FlowXT

    72,240¥ seems too high for a smartphone that doesn’t have 1-seg and infra-red and isn’t waterproof. 
    Here’s a full list of NTT Docomo’s prices:
    The MEDIAS LTE N-04D also has Xi and is only 60,480¥.

  • Tohar Lalua

    ka baat karta hai re budbak…ee hoyie nahi sakta…ita mahnga???? paisa ka ped par ugta hai???

  • Tohar Lalua

    Translation: What are you talking idiot…this just can’t happen….this costly???? Does money grows on tree???

  • rafi

    The price tag its just a rumours. The galaxy s3 price you get quad.core + 8mp + hd display + 1gb ram. Xperia gx price rumours you will get duo core s4 krait + 13mp + hd display + 1gb ram. hurmmm….. as we know xperia mint will have higher price usd700++ base on that i guess it will be lower then mint unless gx were xp mint.

  • rafi

    Paul i think motorola can fullfill your demand . why dont you try consider to swap brand. Maybe that can solve your problem.  

  • Captain Price – my favorite character in COD4 (random)

  • rafi

    Ps: i dont see any warning from sony that buying gx ( japan only ) is a MUST. If you can effort to purchase gx at the 1st day it release.. Good for you. If you got empty pocket just wait until it price drop down or purchase with contract . if you think gx still overpriced, just kept using your old phone. ” customer are always right, but sometimes they do in a wrong way. ”

  • Truth

    ouch!!!  I’ll only pay that price if its a Nexus phone, ahhh comm’on..

  • Its not our Xperia Handset, its their buggy and forced android releases.

    X8 as example: runs fine on Custom ROM – Froyo / Gingerbread by using MiniCM6/7 by nAa known as nobodyAtall, he was our hero for Xperia’s 2010 and still. If my Xperia X8 was Cypress (Dual-Touch) instead of Synaptic then i still use this phone even as daily driver.

  • donny

    Hell No!!!

  • paul4id

    No, I live in Europe, therefore Motorola does not care about me (Motorola keyboards are also crap in comparison to the SEX Pro’s btw)

  • rrw

    Japanese phone always more expensive than america counterpart. mainly because added functionality and strong yen which artificially increased the priced if you convert it to USD or other currency.

     if this sell in us. it will be under $600

  • It will be cheaper soon, I will buy SX when it’s about 300+

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Which bank should I rob?

  • DragonClaw

    What is the price of Galaxy S 3 and HTC One X in Japan?

  • $920 usd ? OMG it means + 30% (duty ) + 20 % ( other expenses ) ?? what am i buying ? a car ? 

  • Coollead

    You, and apparently EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this thread has no idea how prices work in Japan. 

  • Coollead

    You, and apparently EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this thread has no idea how prices work in Japan. 

  • Coollead

    Galaxy S 3 is ¥76,000 (much more expensive) HTC One X does not exist.

  • Coollead

    The Galaxy S3 is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive, in Japan.

    This is the price for JAPAN. This is not the price for EUROPE, because JAPAN is not EUROPE. Hell, no one even pays this price.

    I can’t believe the readers of this blog are so unbelievably stupid.

  • Coollead

    IT WON’T.

    The price people pay for the phone is about 1/5th of the listed price. 

  • Coollead

    This price is for the country of JAPAN. Japan is NOT EUROPE. Prices in EUROPE will be SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER, since that’s how ECONOMIES work.

    The stupidity on this page makes me want to kill myself.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’m not sure why more people don’t listen to coollead. He knows what he’s talking about.

    Pricing in japan is different than a lot of other countries and in the end is really irrelevant. 
    You also can’t just put a price into a currency calculator unless you plan on hopping on a plane, coming to Japan, and buying a phone (which would actually be illegal for a myriad of legal reasons involving past problems illegal activities)

    Anyways, a few years back, the government got involved in stopping carriers hiding the costs of handsets. A lot of carriers hide that in service costs but after enough complaints the government stepped in. The costs are separated so the prices look inflated.

    FURTHERMORE, prices are not official and never will be because the phones have “open market” prices.
    Docomo Shop (and other resellers) can set their own prices based on a lot of factors but there is no official MSRP.

    If you don’t like the price or the pricing scheme; That is totally fine. Don’t move to Japan and you will be completely fine!

    Instead the point should be speculation over WHY it is delayed:
    – Supply Chain issues?
    – Legal Issues? (i doubt it)
    – Software problems they need a little more time to resolve before launch?
    – Compatibility problems with some of the carrier’s new services?

  • dereknobuyuki

    HTC is barely in Japan anymore (it’s no wonder their sales are not so great… great sales numbers requires great marketing… plus it didn’t help that the EVO WiMAX was WiMAX and the battery only lasted a really short time — I get more battery life out of my X10 than people were getting with the EVO WiMAX)

    I hope HTC puts more effort and money into the Japanese market.
    The more competition there is for quality devices, the further domestic (and international for that matter) manufacturers will be pushed to improve

  • DragonClaw

    Exactly. So the Xperia is not over-priced. And will not be over-priced either, when it sees light in rest of the world.

  • if xperia gx will be under $600 , then how about xperia ‘mint’/lt30i ?

    i don’t see so much difference between those two in terms of specs ..

  • and i love my sex pro ..!
    and yet sony have no plan to release xperia with keyboard in future ..
    what a shame !

  • because they loved to … just look at the time when they released sex pro .. 8 months of delayed ? -_-‘ 
    but still i love sony and my sex pro .. never dissapointed me on their design ..

  • rrw

    possibly same priced?

  • megane198

    Oh dear. Reading comments here about expensive expensive expensive complaints. Man, this price is for Japan. It does not apply to other regions’ prices. Foreign exchange rate is not the sole basis for the pricing in other regions.

  • Abhimanyu

    Cut the people some slack, dude. Most of the people don’t know how the economies work and tend to believe that the global prices are same as the Japanese. That doesn’t necessarily make them dumb and you an intellectual. 

  • Nine

    look as far as i care, the price is $634 according to the leaked table from early this year, and thats way to exepensive for a much delayed phone.

    and i can’t remember the last phone that they released without delaying .

    i had it with this company .

    next year … same time … they will find a shitty reason why XPERIA GX won’t be upgraded to the Android version then .

    Stop defending sony, its the only reason why their Not even trying to work their ass off .

  • naathaanS

    Galaxy S 3 is ¥76,000 in Japan. 785€

  • naathaanS

    Do you live in Japan? Because the $920 is the price in Japan not the US or Europe

  • naathaanS

    Xperiablog need to fix this post. Say something like “this is the price for the Japanese market not international”

  • dereknobuyuki

    I don’t see the problem here. If you don’t like a company or a phone or waiting for a phone, that is totally fine. There are plenty of other companies developing mobile phones. If you don’t like one product or brand, then just buy a different one.

    If you like the Xperia GX and live in Japan, then wait a couple weeks and get it.
    If you don’t, then get whatever you like the best that is available in your market.

    Problem solved from the consumer’s perspective.

    Jelly Bean is interesting and all (although as a developer, it doesn’t make a difference) but since SMC will likely have 1 major upgrade, I would prefer that to be whatever comes after Jelly Bean.

    Finally, coollead isn’t even defending Sony; He’s just pointing out that pricing in the Japanese market doesn’t translate into anything in another market. Just expect pricing to be comparable with other high-end devices (particularly the GS3)

    At any rate, again, just go and get the device that you like that is available in your market. It really doesn’t have to be a Sony product. 

  • Nine

    Heres why it becomes my problem :

    i got my XPERIA P 2 months ago for $450 “Global pricing, not japan” and it took only 2 weeks to get down to $300 ..

    Now why did i had to pay the extra $150 ?

    also, to think that my phone still runs GB while some others are having JB allready, i know what your going to say, “better late and bug free than fast and crap” but care to bet that JB wont come before 2013 ?

    you see, ever since i bought my 1st phone “ericsson t28” i never switched to any other company, i used to be a loyal cunsomer, but i fed up with this … i don’t want to leave this company becouse it still offers good qualty, but at the price of bad support and more money spent.

    you have to realise that at this rate, their not getting profit, their just losing more customers .. which makes me sad to even think … that a 70 year old electronic giant would be bankrupted and their not welling to do somthing about it.

    P.s : im not attacking you nor cool or even sony, im just pissed off the way things are going with Sony.

  • rafi

    If it like that.. Iam.sure you will used xp pro for long long…. Time.

  • dan

    Go Stupid!!!!

  • J3tindustries

    I don’t even care if I know or not how prices work, it’ll be only €100 off if you compare other japanese and non-japanese version phones and I still stand by my comment. And you don’t have to be a dick and reply the same to everyone that’s commenting on the price. It only makes you look like a smug asshat.

  • At least give us LCD with IPS technology, not just plain LCD

  •  Look at HTC One X screen, really georgeus!!

  • daniel

    Omg..the price for japanese how come people outside japan making it a big fuss?? Are you guys japanese or troll that love making such a drama queen in here? I bet they are samsung fans that most of other brand user know how sammy fan re-act. lol

  • nah .. xperia mint/lt30i will be more expensive from xperia gx/lt29i/hayabusa if based on sony roadmap .. 

    *correct me if i’m wrong rather than call me stupid ..:p

  • rrw

    well then it possibly they go with that leaked priced. i am just saying that use converted JP priced to think how will it cost in US is useless.

    and i am not saying under 600 mean between 500 – 600. it possible that they go bellow 500. :P

  • Santhosh4u1

    Guys one thing what all of us agree on is SONY makes best for what previously generation chips can offer of ridiculous cheap rates with added on extra features like camera resolution or PPI
    By the way, GX is my next device no matter what. Like to have all single, dual and quad core of xperia range.
    Also waiting for INTEL powered SONY may be mid way next year!

  • Roeshak

    Are they really serious about those prizes. A joke.

  • Pruthviraju6

    Yet again, many Android fans have been betrayed. thanks to Sony.
    Team Techoie suggests them to change their Tag Line to MAKE.FORGET rather than MAKE.BELIEVE (anyday better than designed for humans).
    Getting back to the topic,

    The following phones wont receive the Android 4.1 a.k.a JellyBean update  :Xperia ArcXperia Arc SXperia NeoXperia Neo VXperia ProXperia PlayXperia MiniXperia Mini ProXperia Ray &Xperia Active.
    Now, thats a rude shock for all Sony users. Maybe, Sony must learn from apple. Apple, till date supports the 3gs and constantly keeps it updated. very intersting to know that a 1.4ghz processor enabled phone wont receive the update. if this phone cant run it, which can ?
    Anyways, It clearly shows that sony is completely into profit and doesnt care about its existing customers. how shameful ? It would be ridiculous if people still trust sony and purchase their phones, they need to be taught on how to handle customers.we call you for a Sony BOYCOTT ! Join us, as we spread this message !

  • daniel

    Just cant accept a fact that japanese price are higher. I think you should shut up causs the phone not release for international yet but you already complaint base on japan price tag? Who are you? Samsung user? Htc user? Or huawei user? Lol…

  • ohh ..

    i’m confuse ..*_*

  • chrisphillers

    Anyone know if these will work in Europe (namely the UK). I think the bands ‘fit’ the UK. What would the concerns be apart from firmware updates/Japanese language firmware? 

  • evita

     cause people today is quite lacks of readily and common-sense, that seem fine!

  • evita

     Snapdragon S4 and latest stacked camera sensor?


  • evita

     I see latest effort with HTC J with NTT, if I remember correctly

  •  I’ve been using (Sony) Ericsson’s since mobile phones started to become mainstream. I still have my T29. Yeah, google what a T29 is. I never touched a HTC or Huawei. Who the fuck are you? Am I not allowed to comment on a newspost?

  • Nine

    what’s up with the month delay ?

  • jx

    as usual SONY MOBILE is joking again. HAHAHA that is so FUNNY :DD

    hey guys remember the newly announced android walkman the F-series? They released it the day after the announcement which is really good marketing. I am hoping that SONY Mobile will do the same with the F series. If the much awaited XPERIA MINT, HABAYUSA and XPERIA J will announce on August 20, i hope those 3 handsets will also release and will be available in market on august 21 and 1 week after for global availability 

  • dereknobuyuki

    Unfortunately, HTC J is for AU, not docomo.

    AU is also contractually obligated to Apple to make the the majority of their smartphone marketing iPhone marketing; However, I would expect sales of the HTC J to be okay. AU was largely last to market with smartphones but they have a typically solid line up of android phones and an android user-base  to go with their super incompatible network.  They have started rolling out LTE so I don’t know why the HTC J is WiMAX.

    AU has the HTC J (WiMax) [ circa May 2012 ] and the old HTC EVO 3D (WiMax) [ circa Oct 2011 ]
    Softbank (predominantly sells iPhones and doesn’t care for Android) had the old HTC Desire HD [ circa early 2011 ]
    Docomo has nothing from HTC.
    Willcom has nothing from HTC.
    E-Mobile has nothing from HTC.

  • Deutsche Bank AG , Frankfurt am Main , Germany :P

  • Coollead

    I think I just got a little angry, since everyone’s just looking at this with zero criticality.  Sigh.

    The reason for the delay is supposedly a lack of S4 chips, since nearly every phone is using them this year, for LTE compatibility.

  • Coollead

    The HTC J was supposedly the best selling AU phone for a short while, may have been on sale.

    And let’s not forget the HTC Magic, Docomo’s first Android phone, the one that helped kick the Xperia X10 into the spotlight.

  • dereknobuyuki

    yeah, and the original HTC Desire in the same year as the X10, etc. HTC has had some presence in android smartphones in Japan but lately not so much. I think they are generally understaffed and underfunded for taking on the world’s 3rd largest economy. I hope to see a stronger showing from HTC in the future since HTC has been recollecting and revitalizing themselves with some solid products and increasingly solid branding (but not in Japan).

    The HTC Magic was interesting but I only ever knew 2 people who owned it in Japan (one of whom was involved in android hardware development at the time) but zero non-tech-industry people.

    The HTC J probably had marketing attention from AU but that marketing attention only lasts for a short time before shifting to the next device (~__~)

  • Pico90

     I can’t believe you are such an asshole :)

    A lot of people, including me, believed that phones in Japan were at the same level price of Europe (even less)

    give your angry answers elsewhere! try to be a nice boy ^^

    “The stupidity on this page makes me want to kill myself”  (do not hesitate dude!)

    76000Yens for Galaxy S3 (150€ more) even at 600€ the GX, it also too expensive!

  • Truth Hurts

    Dont be such a dick!!!! Ppl can and will put their opinion on anything as they want. Who are u to judge other ppl? And first of all, who are u to ask other ppl “who are u”???
    If u can then correct them, dont bitch them.
    This is to all u lot, who thinks u r smarter than other ppl commenting here. /Face palm.

  • George Mhanna

    dude all the xperia line of 2011 is single core and can’t be updated to 4.1.. these devices have trouble running on ICS and u want to run them on jelly bean ? don’t forget that the arc S has a SINGLE core.. the samsung galaxy S 1 is single core and didn’t even get the ICS update.. the galaxy SII won’t probably get the 4.1 update too, and its a dual core.

  • Coollead

    The assumption that everywhere in the world works and operates the same as your country is incredibly naive and leaves little room for critical thought. There are several people on this blog’s comments page that have little idea what they are talking about and just complaining, even though the price listed is not for them, they’ll never pay that much, and these phones will not be released in their country. This, I find, is very sad.

  • 4spam4me

    Single core is enough for ICS and JB. Processor is not an issue. Look at bunch of new Xperia models like Neo L, Miro, Tipo. For example Miro has only 800Mhz and adreno 200 and RUNS ICS.  Money and marketing strategy is an issue.

  • dereknobuyuki

    It’s official!
    After waiting a few months and before the month has even ended, docomo has finally opened official reservations.
    Xperia GX August 2nd (effectively 2 days from now) and
    Xperia SX August 3rd (effectively 3 days from now)
    You can officially reserve units (aside from all the pre-orders that electronics stores made anyways)

    Buyers will receive their units somewhere around a week after that.
    (The carriers love to give non-exact dates and even the original “july” was worded in such a way that July was only their expected/planned month without ever committing to a July sales launch… that’s just the way that business japanese [language] works)

  • dereknobuyuki

    It’s android; there’s no language trouble switching between English and Japanese (and vice versa)
    NFC is probably specifically for the Japanese market; while the Android platform has standardized NFC (sort of) to work with the 4 or 5 biggest tag types, don’t expect that it will definitely work properly in another market.

    The JDM device will carrier specific stuff (that will waste a lot of memory)

    bands should be LTE2100 + UTMS

    but I still think you’re far better off buying a device meant for europe or the UK rather than one meant for Japan.

  • lovebmw

    that’s $968 DOLLARS, PEOPLE phones in JAPAN are MOOOOORE EXPANSIVE ALMOST DOUBLE.  stop spreading rumors  

  • No, i am living in Europe but price will be higher than Japan … 

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  • oro77

    By the way, where is it better to purchase the phone ? Electronic store or Docomo shop ?
    Generally in Electronic store, we can have 10% by buying the phone at once (not in 2 years), is there any advantages by purchasing in a DS ?

  • dereknobuyuki

    Either way.

    There’s absolutely no difference anymore with paying for a handset all at once or splitting up the payments over 24 months. There’s also no longer any kind of penalty for paying early (I don’t believe there ever was).
    With Xi, things have changed slightly. For example, your basic communication allowance no longer includes any talk time. Talk time will be charged on top of your basic communication but there are various plans available to fit different users’ needs.

    They don’t have the painfully confusing basic course vs. value course anymore for their LTE network (although they still do for FOMA phones such as the Xperia NX, or Xperia Acro HD). However, one of the things that also changed is that no it makes no different how much you pay up front or how long you keep your phone. It’s all irrelevant. 

    Also, for several years now it (since we no longer have outright subsidies), contracts were based on discount plans and payment terms. It made a small difference (and was both carrier and plan dependent) which was of better value: paying 100% up front or splitting it into payments. With Xi LTE, that now makes no difference.

    I’d just buy the phone outright so in 18 months when a far better device is out, you don’t have to feel bad about just buying a new device. (Otherwise, you’d have to pay off the remaining amount owed before buying the new device)

    Electronics Shop vs. Docomo Shop doesn’t really make a big difference.
    Docomo Shop may be a little faster since they have everything in their computers in front of them while Electronics Shops often involve long waits on the phone as the shop staff have to talk to a Docomo call centre to process things.

    It might be interesting to see if there are any “points” that are more advantageous such as docomo points vs. yodobashi/bic/yamada points.

    I once bought a 330,000 yen electronics device from bic camera but because they were acting as an “authorized reseller” they gave me ZERO bic camera points for it. On a phone, they will probably give you store points but it may be limited. If they give you more than 10% points then it may be worth going to the electronics store. It’s certainly worth checking out though.

  • oro77

    Thank you for your reply.
    I read on the kakaku board that if you pay your handset all at once, you will have 10% points in Electronics Shops but I don’t know how the Docomo points work in DS, I am not a Docomo’s user yet ^^

    I have also read that in the Electronic Shops it may be longer to wait (as you said for purchasing it) but they may not have the phone on Day D if there are a lot of people who made a reservation.

  • dereknobuyuki

    for 3G networks different payment strategies along with different service “courses” and different discount plans can produce different results. 

    So, for Docomo vs. AU, one carrier was largely beneficial to pay at once while the other was more beneficial to pay in installments… but it also mattered whether you used the basic course or value course.

    A rep from docomo told me that for a Xi LTE contract, that is no longer the case.
    For Xi LTE contracts, it doesn’t really matter but also keep in mind contracts are for discount plans and not for handsets. Handsets instead just have payment terms which don’t make a difference to the overall amount. It’s possible that yodobashi camera or bic camera or yamada denki will offer their own points. 10% is the regular amount those and not especially high.

    In the end, the best thing to do is to go to the store and talk to the sales staff.
    From the morning, reservations will officially be open.

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