NTT DoCoMo confirms Xperia GX/SX release dates

by XB on 31st July 2012

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Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo has confirmed the release dates for the upcoming 4.6-inch Sony Xperia GX and 3.7-inch Sony Xperia SX. The dates are as speculated over the weekend, with the Xperia GX launching on Thursday 9 August and the Xperia SX launching a day later on Friday 10 August. Pre-orders for both handsets start a week before their respective launches i.e. 2 August for the Xperia GX and 3 August for the Xperia SX.

  • Coollead

    I’m #1 at the LABI in Senri-Chuo, for the GX in Black. Unfortunately, I have to work on the 9th, and can’t get the phone until the evening….Boo.

  • dereknobuyuki

    The next question:

    Case or no case?

    A case would likely be bad for the aesthetic of the device and the device does not have Gorilla Glass or anything.

    But, there are obvious merits to a case.

  • any news for global release of xperia SX? 

  • FlowXT

    Out of curiosity, are the features of One-Seg, IrDA and Oseifu Keitai still important to Japanese consumers? And do they have a preference for domestically manufactured models as opposed to ones assembled overseas?

  • Coollead

    I’m a case man… I love cases. I have like 13 different cases for my Arc. Granted, most were bought on clearance for ¥100, but yeah… I’m just trying to decide on the case and screen protector.

  • Coollead

    They still prefer the “all-in-one” phone, if sales for the newest Arrows phone are to be believed, knocking the Galaxy S3 down to second for the second week in a row. Waterproofness is apparently super important… in addition to the one-seg/IR/osaifu combo. The GX only has Osaifu-Keitai, the SX has everything but waterproofness, so I wonder how they’ll sell.

  • Nine

    still nothing Official from Sony, but i dont think there will be any, since Xperia Z “AKA Mint” is the global edition of GX.

  • Guest

    Hi! Is this true? Will the 2011 Xperia phones get Jelly Bean? 

  • dereknobuyuki

    I agree with coollead, waterproofing is really important… 
    BUT, there is STILL only one waterproof tablet and it doesn’t seem to have buttons for use in the bathtub!
    The Fujitsu Arrows waterproof tablet is way too old now and needs a refresh.

    For phones on the other hand, it’s still a key selling point.

    The Galaxy S3 has 1-seg, sony felica nfc (osaifu keitai but it’s used for more than an e-wallet) but is only missing the infrared (well and missing a quad core processor if you compare it to the Tegra3 powered Fujitsu Arrows phone)

    People do care about 1-seg for whatever reason. I used it in 2006-2007 then rarely after that. If I had the option, I’d probably make use of it from time to time but it’s not a big selling point for me (especially when I take the subway where there’s no signal as opposed to other people who take trains and get signal); However, it is an important selling point no matter whether I would use it much or not.

    Sony FeliCa NFC is really useful and most phones should have it. It allows you to bump phones together to interact, use payment services like Edy and Mobile Suica for trains (but only in the Tokyo region despite them promising Osaka would come soon about 5 years ago), interact with point of sale systems, interact with point card systems, interact with PR related systems, etc. I don’t think it’s a major selling point but people are happy to have it… especially if you ever want to get rid of Infrared!

    Infrared port…. typically ONLY used for exchanging contact information with people but also be used to transfer files between phones or even between the phone and a computer. I used to transfer files between my phones and a notebook via IR back in the day when you couldn’t really just plug it into the computer. Now that phones easily link via USB, IR is decreasingly needed. The biggest reason, however is legacy. Users are not only accustomed to exchanging contacts in a a more painful way, but the alternatives like bumping to exchange contacts are NOT mature or ubiquitous enough. Also, there are still way too many users where IR is the only quasi-automatic way they have to exchange contacts. It’s still an important point but I hope to see it die out within the next 4 years (although sooner would be better).

    Finally, domestic vs. overseas brands… I think it largely comes down to marketing for the bulk of users. Anyone who reads blogs like this are NOT the bulk of users though.

    I think people generally feel that domestic makers understand local market differences better (which is true) than overseas ones… but people also mistakenly considered the London then Lund based Sony Ericsson to be domestic.

    Maybe this is a reason why the iPhone on Softbank (the iPhone is incredibly deficient and lacking when it came adapting to the local market) has such a huge percentage of its users own 2 phones. 1 Phone (often on a different more reliable carrier) that they can trust to do everything they want to do (like deco mail, family plan, etc..) and the iPhone so they can play with apps, surf the Internet, and look fashionable.

    Waterproof = very important
    1seg = important
    Sony FeliCa NFC = important but for more than osaifu payments
    IR = still unfortunately important
    iPhone = (~__~) but fashionable
    domestic makers = better understanding of the local market
    key overseas makers (Samsung/HTC/Sony/Nokia/Apple) = better devices overall in either design or quality (but that doesn’t always translate into marketability) 

  • dereknobuyuki


    First of all, each shop may be different and shops in an area where smartphone adoption would be different as would areas with more nearby rival shops.

    I was told that when my docomo shop opened this morning there was a line-up of people who wanted to make reservations for the Xperia GX. Needless to say, multiple docomo shops I checked today were sold out. Docomo shops should probably know exactly how many devices they will get in their first shipment.

    Other retailers may not know exactly how many devices they will get in each shipment.
    They will do pre-orders/reservations anyways. But they can’t guarantee anything.

    I think Coollead should be 100% okay since he is #1 in line at his shop as long as they don’t give his device away to someone else.

    The staff also told me that Xperia devices are really popular so there are often supply shortages.
    He told me that the Xperia Acro HD, for example, also sold out quickly and some people had to wait 4 months to get their devices. (Obviously 4 months is ridiculous but before people go on their hate rants, this kind of thing is largely related to supply chains and distribution networks so you shouldn’t hate the manufacturer/maker for it)

    I hope to get mine on Thursday (from not a docomo shop) just before I head off to climb up Mt. Fuji but there is no guarantee that I’ll make it on time to get the phone before leaving town). If I do, I hope to get lots of photos to share with the device from Mt. Fuji.

    Finally, no pricing has been set and as I’ve written before, there is NO MSRP. It’s all open market pricing. Even two docomo shops could have different prices depending how much or how little competition there is (among other factors)

    Best of luck to anyone trying to get their device
    but at least @Coollead:disqus  should be able to get his!

  • Coollead

    Yeah, I’m #1 at Yamada Denki, and they told me they’ll call me the moment they get the stock in and hold it for 4 days after the official release date. :D I wanted to go to a Docomo Shop and reserve one just in case, but I figure there’s a ton of people who’re gonna want it, so I won’t be greedy. They’re up to 400 preorders at Yodobashi Camera in Umeda and 200 at Yamada Denki in Namba.

     I cannot wait until next Thursday! It’s going to be the longest day of work ever, and I can’t take time off that day!! haha. I’ll be in Tokyo on Monday/Tuesday on business and I hoped to have the phone before then, so I can tether to my iPad, but ah well.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Funny, I’ll be in Kansai (and Fuji before that) and was hoping I would have it before I left town for obon.

    I got my pre-order in at Jusco of all places (~__~) it was better that than looking for a Galaxy S3 or Arrows instead. [ since the Jusco has a docomo shop inside and so I could walk the 40 meters from the docomo shop to the jusco staff to place the pre-order. ]

    The guy said that pre-orders were about 50/50 for white vs. black but he didn’t seem to have that many preorder forms. It looked like less than 20. However, I wonder how many devices a store that is not even an electronics store would really get.

    I’m glad they will hold it for you for 4 days so you can definitely get it after work.
    I’ll be gone for a week so I might be screwed.
    If I can’t, I’ll try to hit up some country-side midori denki in kansai to see if they have any in stock, I suppose.

    Best of luck to you nonetheless.

    PS: Can you not tether your iPad already?
    I have a Galaxy Tab that I tether without any problems.

  • Coollead

    Jusco?? Random, but hey, if you get it, that’s awesome! I’d try Joshin in Kansai, since last time I went, they weren’t taking early pre-orders, and they may get more than the average Jusco store.

    Good luck! Report back on your findings, obviously!

    And yeah, I can tether now, but I’m on a FOMA plan, which means having to pay the extra ¥2500 tethering fee, instead of having it included with a Xi plan. I’m sure there’s ways around it, but I’ve been lazy, since the WiFi iPad comes with 2 years of free Softbank Wifi hotspot usage. (which isn’t necessarily a good thing… most Softbank WiFi spots are just as bad as normal Softbank service…spotty, slow, and frequently dropping)

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  • dereknobuyuki

    Officially confirmed and announced as of Aug 6th that GX launches Thursday the 9th and SX Friday the 10th.

    I won’t find out until wednesday if my shop will have a unit for me or if they won’t receive enough units.
    The staff it might be tough but seemed positive. All official carrier shops in my area quickly sold out of pre-orders but other shops sell any number of pre-orders but don’t guarantee supply or timeliness.
    I REALLY hope I can get it on Thursday before climbing mount Fuji and not have to wait 4 months to get stock in.
    Inevitably, this is all going to drive up the price of the device in addition to the carrier possibly charging over 100$ fee to change from 3G to 4G because they’ve decided that existing contracts and discount plans are totally incompatible with their 4G profit making and no grandfathering clauses

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