Sony says Android 4.1 Jelly Bean plans for 2011 handsets were an “error”

by XB on 31st July 2012

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Last week Sony Mobile seemed to confirm on a Facebook Q&A chat that its 2011 Xperia handsets would not be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Despite some fairly specific guidance on the matter, the Sony Mobile Product Blog is now back-tracking, saying that this information was given “in error” by “a local spokeserson”.

Sony hasn’t gone as far as confirming Jelly Bean for 2011 Sony Xperia handsets but it does say that they are “actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices”. Note the ‘all’ in that sentence. Given the clarification we would imagine that the Jelly Bean update may be planned for at least a few handsets, otherwise why would Sony build up hopes just to dash them again?

Interestingly, the post also talking about bringing further news on the ICS rollout for the Xperia P and other 2012 Xperia smartphones “over the next couple of weeks”. As the Xperia P has been explicitly mentioned here, this most likely points to an ICS release for the handset in the middle of August.

Here is the statement in full:

“During a Q&A session last week on our Sony Mobile GB Facebook page, a local spokesperson gave information out in error on our Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software development and rollout for 2011 Xperia smartphones.

We are actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices, but in the meantime, our Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for Xperia S and 2011 Xperia smartphones continues as planned.

As always, feel free to drop a question below and keep your eyes fixed on the blog, as we’ll be bringing you more on our Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for Xperia P and other 2012 Xperia smartphones over the next couple of weeks.”

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

  • DragonClaw

    Hope that Sony can stand out of the crowd by giving the update to all 2011 phones. :)
    They already showed that they have one of the best support service, by giving ICS to all 2011 devices, unlike the other companies. 
    Hope they can show will prove it again. :D

  • naathaanS

    I’m waiting for the trolls that were in the last post about no JB for Xperia 2011 :)

  • sharique shaikh

    If they give JB to atleast a few I am sure they will rope on more customers quite easily and go ahead of HTC in few quarters!

  • riduanzol

    In error he said? Ya..untill now my 2011 xperia phone in error after upgrade to ICS..if sony dont want to give the JB so just fix the issues first because that more important..many consumer suffer that problem and change to new brand especially they choose the best device(samsung).

  • Sony always the best on support services from other manufacturers ! Sony all the way !

  • Carl

    We can hope, but we shouldn’t expect. Sony has already done more for us than the other OEMs have for their customers. We should be thankful already.

  • SONY you should better DUMP the whole 2011 lineup if you again exclude Xperia Play from it 


  • Rafieboy05

     same here.. waiting troll read this news.. what twist they will come next…

  • DragonClaw

    But then, Sony backing off from what they already said (they said that they will NOT give the update), raises the hopes more. I mean, if they had planned not give us the update, then why would they raise our hopes, and again shatter it?

  • Jhgjghj

    I think they should at least have the upgrade for the handsets which won’t have an successor, ie the keyboard one’s, Pro and Mini Pro. Either have a successor or upgrade them. But still good on Sony for doing the ICS upgrade, your still my number one Sony, at least you provided a decent keyboard phone :)

    Although on the other hand I hope that the no Xperia keyboard release plans was a mistake too, people can dream! :D

  • Truth Hurts

    Thats really interesting news!! Nice Sony ;)

  • Vicky

    now that sounds good

  • i hope they will make a upgrade for Xperia Play. And i think Sony now will make smartphones that are more capable of handling the 4.1 be the 2013 phones will be more awesome than 2012 release if they gain much profit this 2012 to produce one.

  • and take more time by doing so

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Does Project butter (4.1) use more or less Ram over ICS/Gingerbread

  • DragonClaw

    Project Butter is awesome. Jellybean is really a lot more better, performance, and battery wise. :)

  • DragonClaw

    This time, Xperia Play should get the update, as Jellybean doesn’t have the compaitability issues, as faced in ICS.

  • boosook

    I think that they just mean what’s written: they are investigating, so we might get it or not, or only some devices could get it. Great Sony anyway… Samsung did not update to ICS even his mid-range phones from 2011 like the galaxy S plus, so Sony has already done very much. Of course, we all hope to get JB. This would be super customer support!

  • boosook

     Who said this? This would be interesting, if it had a trusted source. Anyway, I don’t understand the disappointment of Play users: anyone who tried ICS knows that it is slower than GB and more resource hungry. Now, this is not acceptable in the Play. I don’t think that the only problem are compatibility issues: the real problem is that the system eats more ram, so you can end up with some games that were previously working and would not work anymore after the upgrade. Since I suppose that Play users are gamers and put gaming performance as their top priority, why all this fuss about the ICS update? I bet that most people complaining for the Play not being updated are just trolls that do not even have the Play…

  • boosook

    GO, SONY, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    I really hope Sony delivers on this. If so they do honor the upgrade agreement they made with Google and the goodwill will do them good! Next phone will then be a Nexus or a Sony. If they don’t it will definitively be a Nexus. 

  • Mehdi Moha

    i just want to say :  FUCK YOU SONY , for forgot our xperia play ,

    DAMN YOU , and SHAME YOU LAZY  for saying : no xperia play 2 …

  • Mehdi Moha

    FUCK YOU :
    for what you have done on our xpeia play
     DAMN YOU and SHAME YOU LAZY for saying no xperia play 2 .

    *****************there is no hope on you lazy , you are blind , can’t you see our play 2******************

  • Trixz_D

     You dont have to post twice you know we can read and no they weren’t been lazy they were actually thinking of the end user. (You) If they had released it for the play and your play games didnt work you would still be here today moaning that the phone is crap now.

  • Trixz_D

    Damn right lol I got the N7 and it runs so smoothly with Project Butter :)

  • Markphyton proved Sony Wrong 
    Gaming is possible on ICS same as gingerbread with touchpad gamepad support

  • Jellybean uses Less ram ACT  ICS

    Gaming is possible on ICS the only reason ICS sux is just because of low ram .. 512 RAM is enuff for ICS only  with empty homescreens & no games :P

  • Stop trolling..

  • TjaldidTjaldid

     they propably want to finish Playstation Mobile before they release Xperia Play 2

  • oh , not you again .. -_-‘

  • Jerry Berglund

    I told you so. Never trust Sony UK, they never really right. So Jelly Bean might still be a possible uppdate for 2011-phones.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Good to hear. Hopefully the slider devices (Pro and Mini Pro – me, my wife and our daughters all have one of those) will get JB.

    Maybe the raging mob made Sony work on updates yet again :D

    And please @ all those “anti troll” posters: Don’t call everyone a troll who’s not devotely accepting everything and shows his displeasure about feeling kicked in his double cheeked dorsal elongation.

  • daniel

    Yes its sure can with ics. But how bout the ram factor? Can it stand until its games over? Ics eating to much ram. Have you seen how many ram left inside xperia s after ics update? Even 2011 xperia accept play facing some lagging and slow respons in ics. So play will facing same issue and will lost the main key as gaming phone if its in ics. Even backstab in gingerbread always crash.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Sony never said it didnt work. They said that many gamesdevelopers didnt make their games compatible with ICS, so there for they wont upgrade it. I am sure Sony is checking this Xperia Play for jelly Bean aswell. Remember that X10 got Gingerbread despite the fact it shouldnt.

  • DragonClaw

    Jellybean has already been ported down for Play (also for Xperia HDMI, and now Arc S too). Over at xda. :)

    Latest Android version is desirable, even though you do not know “A” of Android. LOL. So never mind the trolling. :P

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    last time they redesigned their UI so it should not not take as long this time

  • smoq hydra

    Deliver a shitty JB, SONY, so we can have the drivers and let XDA to do their magic n_n

  • Its a Ram eater,I need to FC different process before playing games I play DARk KNight on it… it gives Same performance like gingerbread but when OC to 1.6   

    ICS clocked at 1ghz is like using a 600mhz phone shitt

  • Update our 2011 Sony phones or Ill switch to SAMSUNG.

  • Maff Mace

    Why are the UK phones being left behind with the ICS update?
    Luckily, I hate waiting so I bought a Galaxy Nexus, but my Wife has the Xperia Pro and a colleague has the Xperia Arc, there seems to be updates for all other countries models except UK, glad I never buy Sony any more!

  • Maff Mace

    these are both unlocked mobiles for use on any networks too, so using the networks to hide blame is useless!

  • heart


  • Digit

    So you’ll know for sure you will not be updated after a year ?

  • Hagen Sal

    Way to go Sony! You’ll gain a lot of loyal fans if you could update all your 2011 Xperias!

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  • lovebmw

    I think 2011 devices are limited. On hardware, and only negative comments will be a result

  • rafi

    Best devices ? Samsung? Really?? Maybe just galaxy s3 and notes. But the 2012 sony line up already prove can beat sammy with bare hand. ;-). But i agree with ics 2011 need to be fix either 4.1 updates or 4.0.5 .

  • Nine

    Lol , Thats what “people Power” Do .

    feel bad for who ever beleived it was actually an “error” , it’s just XPERIA X10 all over again =D

  • Fag

    iPhone had project butter 5 years ago. Playing catch up, android?

  • Erickh Sinurat

    Don’t hope too much.. I think sony has been do the good thing when accomplished their promise giving ICS to xperia 2011. But if xperia 2011 get JB, it will be the best thing forever and ever.

  • DragonClaw

    Oh no. I am talking about the Xperia Mini Pro. I have run JellyBean on it.and it’s indeed awesome. Smooth. Really smooth.


  • DragonClaw

    It isn’t true. An updated kernel will give a 60% of boost (I think), and then Jellybean is really smooth on my Xperia Mini Pro and Arc S.

  • lovebmw

    Let’s hope it’s smooth, but why risk it?

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  • Lol. Samsung not even update their mid and low end model.

  • Not you again, I think you’re the only one who want xperia play 2 here (I could be wrong)

  • Truth Hurts

    Lol!!! He even dont know what he is saying. Maybe a troll!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    Yeah, indeed. They are just clueless. >.<

  • Truth Hurts

    Lol your name title says it all haha appiboy.

  • Limeonade

    2011 devices aren’t limited. They would handle Jelly bean better than Ics since jb is more of a perfected ics and uses less ram hence better performance, the question is, will Sony give 2011 devices including Xperia play

  • Limeonade

    Who remembers the legendary xperia x10? It came with doughnut, then received ecclairs, it never got froyo, it got gingerbread before retiring. It’s the only phone which used three different android os version before resting in peace. Two major updates. Why can’t they do the same for all 2011 including play?

  • Jerry Berglund

    They didnt back off. Some stupid person at SONY UK did say more than he should have and said things that wasnt desided yet. So its no backing off so to speak. Ok, that person maybe not stupid, but this time it wasnt very smart.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

     then would you reccomend that my sister upgrades her Ray to JellyBean when it comes out?

  • Elliot Whitaker

    2011 phones don’t even run ics smoothly so how do sony expect to make jellybean work. Just put all the software engineers onto the 2012 handsets, the 2011 phones aren’t powerful enough.

  • 9squigz9

    Jb is basically a faster lighter and smoother version of ics. It would run so much better. I can’t believe people think those phones can’t run a newer OS well. And how was ics not smooth for you? I only had improvements for the most part.

  • Still sony haven’t given us xps users any dates when this so called JB will be available, I hope this time they start off with updating their 2012 models first.

  • Knkarthic

    hoping to c the update to 2011 phones (Xperia Arc)..any idea on the date on which the Jelly Bean update will be available.

  • Johnny

    Who needs Sony to provide us Jelly Bean? I have an Xperia Play and I’m already running Jelly Bean with Cyanogenmod 10

  • roeshak

    How is this for a troll reply. The Sony employee probably let the cat out of the bag too early. This ambiguous statement now is just an attempt to stave off any grumbles from users over the lack of jellybean.
    you’ll see jellybean on 2011 phones when pigs start to fly. They will probably come up with something like after our investigations, we have decided not to update after all lol.

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  • And hopefully a stable “newer kernel”

  • Its still Alpha, but a step forward towards the future releases.

  • Yogi J

    Given the kind of bugs ICS has, I think sony should release JB for all the 2011 Xperias. Im an Xperia Pro user and i have ICS installed on my device, well lets just say it looks nicer but it isnt the most pleasurable one. My temple run guy jumps when i swipe right :s ! lol!

  • Yay :D

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  • Curter

    talk about jellybean later… first fix the bugs in ICS… blue led is not flashing after receiving notifications, and also couple of more problems introduced… running xperia RAY… 

  • android donut

    all xperia 2011 got cm10>JB. so,i don’t need sony update my phone again.. lol..

  • We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
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    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..
    We want Jelly Bean…..

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  • XPlay User

    Hoping to get the JB update for Xperia Play. PLEASE!!!

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  • ffff

    Xperia play won’t get jelly bean

  • Aryan

    What about xperia play.

  • Gabriel

    plz plz plz JB for Xperia play, i beg you sony.

  • fakhfar

    They did not want to upgrade xperia play to jb or ics for performance issues.

  • Kevin Oneill

    there actually running jellybean pretty well so go get educated before judging you muppet. im running it now and its better than ics… rant over your a dipshit

  • fakfar

    xperia 2011 devices have lower battery capacity since jelly bean equipped with “PROJECT BUTTER” which using cpu and gpu at the same time. i guess xperia 2011 user would give battery life complain once jelly bean had been rollout for their devices (these are one of the reason why xperia 2011 cannot get update)

  • alllennnnn

    yup…because no other developer want to give jelly bean update to 2011 flagship devices! :)

  • xperiawarrior

    i think if they did give jelly bean update, there will be too much problem or bugs. battery life, memory limitation etc. i think its ok to give minor update to ics :) *peace

  • we hope sony xperia p will get jelly bean update……… ^_^

  • we want jelly bean for xperia P

  • Luka

    will it be an jb update for xpera pro ?

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