KDDI’s Xperia acro HD (IS12S) upgraded to Android 4.0.4

by XB on 1st August 2012

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Sony has announced that the KDDI version of the Xperia acro HD (IS12S) is now receiving the Android 4.0.4 update. The update is available OTA or via PC Companion and takes place in two steps, after completing the first update (6.0.D.0.275) there will be a second notification to upgrade to ICS (6.1.D.0.170). Adobe Flash will be removed once you upgrade to ICS, but this can easily be re-installed through the Google Play Store. The update is available now.

  • Kucing

    hows about xperia u

  • FlowXT

    This is the CDMA version of the acro. 

  • Fag

    So the new James Bond movie, Skyfall trailer is out and I don’t see the Xperia Mint or any cell phone in it what so ever. Fucking rumors got my hopes up…

  • Raydemort

    There’s also the faint possibility that there is more to the movie than the trailer.

  • George Mhanna

    dude it’s a trailer for the movie not a promo for the mint.. u’ll see it in the movie :)

  • dereknobuyuki

    I kind of feel like it’s unfair to call it CDMA since people have a strong impression of what CDMA is … and that is something very different from AU’s network.
    Rather, it’s just another carrier’s network — a network that is pretty incompatible with the rest of the world. 
    The Acro HD is available on both Docomo (with their 3G “FOMA” network) and AU (with their 3G “WIN” network)

    I’ve had numerous AU phones and I’ve liked them but to anyone outside of Japan, do NOT think about trying to import them.
    They’re not worth the effort. Devices from the #1 Carrier, Docomo, and the #3 Carrier, Softbank (not really good for much other than the iPhone), would be better choices if you’re going to go through that hassle.

  • Ohred_hk

    it is still CDMA. They are only using frequency band that very few people outside japan use. Same as Docomo’s FOMA plus which uses an unique frequency band. Docomo is often described as the better network when compare to softbank. But if you like me which using a handset that do not support FOMA plus (I’ve been to Japan for many time and use roaming service by docomo and softbank), the performance is actually worst than soft bank.

  • Ashad Mamood

    I’ve got a docomo Sony Xperia Acro HD. Does anyone know when the ICS upgrade will be available?

  • dereknobuyuki

    yep, it’s CDMA2000 but as I wrote above “people have a strong impression of what CDMA is” from the 2G days of CDMA in Canada/USA. =) People’s impression of CDMA would also cause them to be surprised to find sim card like UIM cards. 

    Docomo is often described as the better network because it is a better network. But, the reason for this is specifically because of the ubiquitous reach of their network. Softbank is by far the worst. Softbank has giant gaps in their network and more importantly they didn’t enough bands to cover both the longer distance and the building penetrating frequencies. Docomo’s network is infinitely superior to Softbank’s network. Every week, I hear someone complaining how they can’t get any signal in the office building in a major financial centre of Tokyo (except for users of the nation’s most used carrier, docomo — docomo gets full reception)

    AU has a decent network aside from it’s compatibility with others.
    Softbank and Docomo are compatible with each other and with a lot of the world. 

    If you are just roaming, then it’s all irrelevent. Either roam on whatever network your home carrier has an agreement with or just use virtual network operator JCI’s services such as b-mobile, aeon sim, or amazon sim

    You get a lot more information about Japanese mobile networks and JCI’s services from the SoftbankSucks blog also known as JapanMobileTech

  • Coollead

    Should be in late August! The Xperia NX and Acro HD will probably get their updates at the same time.

  • I-me-myself

    Dud May i know where on Earth UR ??

    I have been waiting for this Set this it has been announced in Late MAy 2012 , Still Waiting :( 

    I am from india , just wanted to know if this phone is worth waiting :)
    Currently  i am using Xperia S ( ALl happies , CAMERA SUCKS ) :(

  • Ashad Mamood

    I live in the UK. I imported the handset from japan hardware unlocked. The phone is very similar to Xperia S in specs except its waterproof and has micro sd and IR. Your better off getting Xperia GX! As its got the S4 which is way better! S3 Sucks when it comes to games!

  • I-me-myself

    Thanks A Millions Bro :))

    One small info. what about Camera in Acro S .. is it good Enough ??
    I am researching on Xperia GX now,, Thnx

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  • Roney

    Where too download android 4.0 in ftf file for this
    Japonese version. I lost imei in update with flash tool…

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