Sony announces Q1 results: 7m Xperia smartphones shipped in quarter

by XB on 2nd August 2012

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Sony reported its first quarter results earlier today for the three months to 30 June 2012. In terms of the headline numbers, whilst group revenues rose by 1.4% to ¥1.52tn the company reported a quarterly loss of ¥24.6bn (£202m) compared with a ¥15.5bn in the same period last year. The full-year earnings forecast was also lowered to a ¥20bn profit (from ¥30bn) due to foreign exchange rates and weak global demand.

Anyway, we’re interested in the mobile smartphone performance here and to that end the company reported Q1 sales of ¥171.1 billion for the mobile communications division. Overall, Sony Mobile sold 7.4 million Xperia smartphones over the three-month period, this compares to 3.5m Xperia shipments in the same period last year. The company specifically talked about a “the strong performance of Xperia S and Xperia acro HD”. This led Sony to upgrade the FY13 (year to March 2013) forecast of smartphones shipped from 33.3 to 34 million units. Overall a good result and it will be interesting to see how the shipments shape up over the second half of this calendar year with the number of Xperia smartphones now on sale along with new flagships to be launched.

  • Keon Fraites

    Good to know, but how about a little info on the Jelly Bean progress for 2011 and 2012 Xperia line-up? :)

  • Hannad Ahmed


  • rafi

    Not that far behind to catch up with s3…

  • rafi

    Maybe after all current xperia recieve ics update i guess.. But still nothing wrong to used ics for a while… ;-)

  • lovebmw

    If only they had a quad, my god can you imagine the numbers? For those who will say Sony makes quality not quantity, or you don’t need it…. shut up, Sony needs to make money, reduce the number of phones, and focus on hardware differentiation, faster updates.

  • lovebmw

    Yeah, your comparing 1 s3 vs all xperia line, sad

  • SONY is going down slowly if SONY don’t care about their customer and the quality of the product, looks like people don’t trust on SONY anymore after few issues especially about xperia arc s cracking body, 2011 xperia ICS, and so on..

  • Keon Fraites

    The Sony Xperia Z is planned to have Quadcore Processor.

  • smoq hydra

    SONY, what about stop releasing phones like hot cakes and thinking about delivering two or three fully-armed phones per year, so you will create a kind of cult in your fans about them?

    Well, don’t blame me for trying to propose… That strategy had worked with the ugly iphone and macfags =p

  • Keon Fraites

    Sad indeed. 

  • this is great news for sony mobile. It is sad that sony is experiencing difficult times. first it was global crisis, then earthquake/tsuname and now japanese economy.

  • InspectorGadget80

    good sales for sony. but they need to release more of their phones on multiple carriers n not just to sell them for full price if they want to surpass samsung or htc

  • George Mhanna

    well the Xperia S, acro S and the Hayabusa are 3 fully-armed phones this year.. the others are mid or low range phones

  • Xlash Andraid

    The problem is that sometimes consumers get confused thanks to the very similar models between SONY phones, for example: Xperia S and Xperia P, and the upcoming Xperia SL. 

    Apart of that, people want to have something “unique”, something that is not like other things around, that’s why iphone strategy works for Apple each time they release a new one (btw, the phone is horrible, but unique in Apple environment). The SONY 2011 strategy was better, ’cause Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo, Xperia Pro, Xperia Play and Xperia Ray were not very similar, and we had the option of choosing between different “flavors” but with the same hardware specs (except camera in Play and Neo V and processor speed in Arc S).

    But now we have Xperia S, an upcoming upgraded version of it, Xperia Ion released with a big delay, Xperia Go and Acro, the mysterious codenamed Xperia Hayabusa and Xperia Z (phones that aren’t out yet), without mentioning all those mid-ranged phones that are not catching the interest of people. Looks like SONY is releasing new phones each 2 or 3 months… 

    …And the stadistics posted in this thread are the result of this bad strategy. Way to go, SONY.

  • iliketowritearticles

    Sony’s losing money in their TV business, not their mobile division.

  • R Pedroso

    That is because their TV’s cost too much

  • Xyro

    sad for those s advance ace 2 . 

    Their ratio to s3 is probably 1:100

  • dereknobuyuki

    I agree.

    For the record, I don’t think the “Japanese economy” is a “now” thing; It’s been struggling and not the healthiest since the bubble collapsed 20 years ago. The “Lehman shock” was more or less the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    People going out there and buying products like smartphones, tablets, cosmetics, etc… (consumerism) keep things going despite a cultural disposition to save money in times of financial uncertainty.

    We’ve seen a lot of financial reports from Sony, Panasonic, etc… recently in the news and it seems clear to me that many of these companies are trying to trim down (although restructuring is pretty much a four letter word in Japan) and improve their performance.

    The obvious impact to everyone especially the half a million people displaced that day aside, the earthquake/tsunami was a crippling blow to the semi-conductor industry but something that people are working hard to overcome.

    There are still supply problems though. A staff member from a carrier told me yesterday that because the demand for Xperia devices is so high compared to the available supply that some people had to wait 4 months to get their devices!

  • dereknobuyuki

    If you get only 1 major version upgrade, 
    wouldn’t you rather be upgraded from 
    Android Level 15 (4.0.3/4.0.4) to Level 17 or 18 
    (Whatever version of Android launches next December)?
    Sure, there are lots of nice things in Android Level 16 (4.1/4.1.1 Jellybean) but it’s not really worth fretting over since in 3 or 4 months, a newer (likely more major) version of Android will be announced and released. Furthermore, with the next version of Android, hardware makers who are partnered with Google should get early previews right in time for Sony Mobile staff to take up their new offices in Tokyo.

    Android Level 3 (1.5 Cupcake) to Level 4 (1.6 Donut) or 4 to 5 (2.0 Eclair) were fairly substantial.
    However, people were far better off skipping Level 5 (2.0 Eclair) plus Level 6 (2.0.1 Eclair_0_1) and going directly to Level 7 (2.1.X Eclair MR1).

    Moreover, Level 8 (2.2 Froyo) brang nice things, but it was a good idea for many companies to focus on Level 9 (2.3/2.3.1/2.3.2 Gingerbread) instead. Level 10 (2.3.3/2.3.4 Gingerbread MR1) also brought nice things. So, phones are Level 9 could probably stay on Level 9. Phones not on Level 9 could skip Level 9 and adopt the nice things from Level 10.

    Continuing further (but skipping Honeycomb, Honycomb MR1, and Honeycomb MR2), Level 14 (4.0/4.0.1/4.02 Ice Cream Sandwich) was a great thing to launch but even better to completely quick in favour of adopting Level 15 (4.0.3/4.0.4 ICS MR1).

    My point is that there have been lots of cases, where manufacturers (and rightly so) skipped a version of android to adopt the next version. I think this would be good for Jelly bean as well.

    “But back in those days, new versions of android were being released so rapidly!” you may want to say.
    In the case of Ice Cream Sandwich, whose source wasn’t released to device makers until it was ridiculously late, has understandably had really late adoption. Moving forward, Google has committing to changing that by giving makers that 3 month early access to the next platform. So, while android no longer has rapid releases, the effective time between getting jellybean to makers and getting the next level ( Android Key lime pie? or whatever it will be called) to manufacturers is not long.

    Forget Jelly Bean, I want the next version of Android (K) that would include all the benefits from Jelly Bean and more.

  • Carl

    Sony is doing things better and better
    2010 and the X10 was bad. Missed some important things like multi touch and such, as well as being late on os version, but did things right with the x10 mini even though it too had a late version
    2011 was much better, the arc didn’t have a front facing camera, but overall was much better. They also released mid and low end phones that suited most people.
    2012 has so far been spectacular. The SXS was great in almost every way and they’ve covered the entire market and every niche. They’ve redeemed themselves on the software front and now deserve all the success that’s coming. Let’s hope this trend continues!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Nice to really hear good news because what all papers written i sweden is headlines like this: “Big loss for Sony”, “Pitch black for Sony”, “Critical numbers even for the electronics giants” and they just tells the story for the whole corporation Sony. The mobile magazine “Mobil” wich used this “Big loss for Sony” was the only one though who stated this: 

    “Unit Mobile Communications Products and showed an increase of 133 percent, and sold for more than 25 billion kronor, according to Cnet. The increase can be largely attributed to the fact that Sony this year completely took over the past half-owned company Sony Ericsson.”

    So I guess when Sony took over Sony Ericsson, SEMC actually went good again. So the other papers said that it kinda didnt. If I understand this states men that Sony showed that this overtook of Ericsson part in Sony Ericsson was not a bad move for Sony. And that means Bert Nordquist actually did quite a good job before in SEMC.

  • jxPerience

    Wow SONY Mobile is slowly going back to its glory days (sony ericsson cybershot, walkman era). I hope to see a good results this second quarter where xperia u, p, sola are just release on 2nd quarter. And i hope Sony Mobile will do the same strategy with last year xperia phones. Same processors for low – mid end devices and latest processor for the high end device.

    Low – Mid end should have the same processor starting from dual core (novathor or s3)
    High end should have the latest quad core processor.

    Low – Mid should only have 3-6 choices
    Highend – should only one each quarter or every after 6 months.

    And lastly Sony should be fast in releasing new mobile phones. Minimum of 2 weeks and Maximum of 1 month release date after announcement will be fine. because waiting 2-3 months release after announcement is too long and make announced device to be a lil bit outdated and fresh.


  • jxPerience

     what i didnt like about xperia s and xperia u is the 3 small dots on top of transparent bar. i prefer the Xperia P design and build quality.

  • jxPerience

    im using xperia P and i have no complaints that the software is a year outdated. 2.3.7 on my xperia P is very smooth, fast and stable and all applications are available compare to ICS on my xperia pro where some of my old apps are not supported. I will only move to ICS if all apps are fully optimised with this android version.

  • jxPerience

    3 fully armed phones shout target different markets

    top of the line Low end mobile
    top of the line Mid end mobile
    and the best High end mobile

  • jxPerience

     agree i thought they will only release Xperia U, P and S and make new generation for the said series.

    but in my surprised they release too many mobile phone with different names which is annoying and bad strategy for me.

    i hope next year 3 mobiles for 3 markets for ONE SONY
    make 3 devices for 2GNXT series
    Xperia S1 – low end
    Xperia T1 – mid end
    Xperia Z1 – high end

  • jxPerience

     yeah i dont know why many network operators do not offer any xperia phone on their postpaid plan.

  • jxPerience


  • jxPerience

    you got the point

  • jxPerience

    only S series are selling good for samsung mobile, but all series behind the S series are not selling well.
    do you know anyone who owned Galaxy W, Galaxy R,Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Mini, Advance, Ace 2, may be some for Galaxy Y and galaxy Ace, what about Wave series? none of them are selling well compare to Sony’s mid end devices (Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo V, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro, Xperia Ray, Xperia Active and Live with Walkman

  • paul4id

    Well said. Also would be good if they stopped REMOVING features that cost nothing for them to add (e.g. No SD support).

    A better strategy was that in 2011 where there was a clear difference in form-factor to differentiate devices.

    Also, release a QWERTY!!!

  • paul4id

    Quad makes sweet FA difference in real-world usage. Just design quality ergonomic products that put functionality, features and user experience first
    , and at a reasonable price. “Spec porn” like this is stupid as we have a battery that needs to last.

  • but will it blend?

  • I thought Sony announced Q1’s results in May… XperiaBlog already told us Sony Mobile sold 7 million of Xperia phones 3 months ago. I want to know Q2 sales, not Q1. It’s already Q3 and why are we still talking about Q1? 

  • I don’t know who my name…

    Yes, they are already announced q1 2012 results, but when sony corporation announces q1 results, sony mobile is q2 results, I know you are confused, because it’s difficult to explain …

  • RamyRamzzz

    They actually decreased the TV lose by 60% this quarter.

  • George Mhanna

    the xperia Z might just be the name of the international GX aka hayabusa

  • Roeshak

    This kind of validates Sony’s decision to lead with the nxt series. The are the devices with the most character and appeal. The ones that seem the most Sony of the line up so far. The Ion isn’t half bad either but the rest just look too sony ericssonish especially the gx. The Xperia s just looks like a miniature sony tv. Minimalist and built to showcase it’s display. I hope they carry on with the nxt framework for future phones. 
    The arc just had too much going on and was rather effeminate in my opinion but the xps is bold and masculine especially in black. Don’t forget it’s got the best display bar none and the best camera available so long as your not a point and shoot fanatic.
    However the phone could and should have done much better but bad decision making especially on the software side pretty much meant it went onto battle with one hand tied behind it’s back. ICS is still very buggy with numerous issues and Sony need to wake up on software if they are to return to the top of the game. It’s not impossible. Samsung are ahead but not out of sight. The gs3 has been a disapointment so there’s everything still to play for.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Fiscal Q1 results are announced in July/August given that their [Sony] fiscal year should start in April.

    Again, they are talking about the FISCAL Q1 and NOT the CALENDAR Q1 =)

  • lovebmw
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