More live photos of the Sony Xperia T (LT30p)

by XB on 7th August 2012

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Sony Xperia TThe leaks of the Sony Xperia T (LT30p), codenamed Mint, are now coming in thick and fast. Nixanbal have the goods this time, publishing a whole host of live pictures of the handset. This was the same site that showed us some sample pics of the handset last month. There’s nothing new from what we saw in the last leak, but these are certainly some nicer pictures than the ones that Mobile-Review managed to take.

The Sony Xperia T is expected to be formally announced at IFA 2012 on 29 August. It is expected to sport a 4.6-inch (720 x 1280) display with on-screen buttons, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset (MSM8960), 1GB RAM, 13MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 720p front facing camera, 16GB of internal memory, memory card support, MHL output, NFC and a sealed battery.

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

Via Nixanbal.

  • trowfd

    What’s in the background of the last picture?

  • It does have a little ARC design implant isnt it? Thats cool.

  • Superb :)

  • Jake554

    I wonder whats the different from GX  ?

  • lovebmw

    LG and a Sony gx maybe?

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Only one thing missing from this phone and that’s a micro HDMI port I use mine all the time in my Xperia S and I also used it on my Xperia Arc aswell other than that it looks fantastic.

  • Lewis Chiverton

    Looks like the Xperia GX to me.

  • Beautiful! This will stir up the market. And hopefully give Sony Mobile some nice revenue figures.

    Too early for me to buy another phone, but this shows a great trend for Sony.

  • Lewis Chiverton

    I wonder how the US version would look with the metallic back, if it looks have as good as this I will be getting it for sure.

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  • djabag

    Is the back in a rubbery material ?

  • goldenblls

    Lovely, we can see the evolution of the design which began with the original Arc – a unique looking and feeling handset.  Good work Sony!  This will win a few fans.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Looks beautiful

  • rafi

    Sony never failed in design and the spec are getting warmer.. Good job sony.. I can see you designer are really having fun designing smartphone

  • rafi

    Gx and mint offer same spec.. But no idea with the screen panel either mint will come with white magic or crystal led panel or same as gx nstc led backlight. Will see the true asnwers at the end of this month in berlin. ;-)

  • Well, uhm… I want it!
    As IFA is in Berlin and with the announcement of august 29. shouldn’t this be available maybe a month afterwards?(Europe)

  • Guest

    Actually I am not that much of a fan with the combined Arc and a protruding camera.  If they don’t use an Arc like back I really wonder if they can squeeze more battery in there?  Seriously, this is really becoming an issue as of late.  Granted, the S4 is great in terms of power consumption.  But can’t they just put a power efficient CPU AND a big battery in the same device?  Or is it such a taboo?

  • ugly

  • Xlash Andraid

    This is why I didn’t switch to HTC. Well done SONY, now, correct your mistakes (not updating devices, avoiding warranty with unlocked bootloader, etc.) and you’ll be a good opponent to the other brands. And of course, my 6 years loyalty will keep going.

  • Khaled

    most likely AT&T will slap its ugly logo on the front and the back, which IMO will ruin the look

  • miki69

    looking nice, but I wasn’t blown away like with GX styling. Would really like to see more Mint vs GX side by side before making final judgement.


  • ???????? ???????


  • After it’s announcement, TheRock will say.. “FINALLY!”

  • rafi

    Xperia mint in white version

  • rafi

    Hurmm.. Good point you had there. But until now i dont see any manufacture makes all in one good spec in one smartphone device. It must have a fews weekness points. i means thats not a bad things but maybe to naturalize amongs others series and flagship interm on sales and marketing stretagy.

  • It’s got MHL, a superior tech.

  • Atlas

    I wish the made the screen longer or made the bottom of the phone shorter, I mean it just looks too long at the bottom for a phone:/ Still pretty though:)

  • RamyRamzzz


  • Fiskarbert

     Looks like Xperia J to me as it has got capacitive buttons.

  • Waleed2020

    Is Mint is GX international version?

  • And

    it does!

  •  We dont know the battery capacity yet….you never know
    On the camera hump side of things….agreed not a big fan   but maybe a superior lens requires a little more space…haha again you never know
    besides its not that pronounced

  • I’d say that it’s to make the ergonomics better -you should better be able to hit the lower buttons with your thumb with a little space in the bottom…

  • jxPerience

    i like the new position of the hardware buttons (camera, volume, audio jack and power button) the only draw back is the usb port or charging port on the left side. NEXT TIME SONY put the usb port on the bottom and retain the position of the hardware buttons of xperia T. NXT TIME USB PORT SHOULD BE ON THE BOTTOM!!!

  • Guest

    The GX is 1700mAh.  Know Sony and its love for underpowered battery (the Ion is their best effort to date), it will never hit that magical 2000mAh.  Haven’t the RAZR MAXX taught the industry something by now?

  • Mathewzsz

    again sony the screen quality sucks!! as for anyone who is going to say oled burns out!! they can use lg screens that are True HD IPS lcds!! seriously i hate it when a company like sony with so much caliber sells us things like these!!

    my pick would be same specs as LT30 in Xperia XL with True HD IPS screen for better viewing angles with bravia screen!!

  • Did HTC design this phone? that back reminds me of One X.

  • No, the screen does not suck. It’s actually, to many videophiles, superior to oled, burn-in excluded.
    IPS is more expensive, with slower refresh rates and higher power consumption and/or dimmer brightness.

  • Lol, it looks nothing like it…

  • malih

    But of course, they should release this phone within this two months to keep up with other brands

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  • Starpeter78

    For me GX is Better!!))

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  • Cheng

    hmm not bad, but I dont think I like the design… Acro S is better in terms of design. but I still love Next series bettter (Xperia S, P and U)

  • Brapicoco

    nice, it has the arc design,I would love to see it side by side with GX, i hope the xperia logo lights up too..

  • I’m using a Xperia ion…. And not I want this! :x

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  • Steve BlowJobz

    Fat and ugly. Will fall apart just like X10 in 1.5 years of use. It seems Sony will never learn to use metal parts. Bad for them.

  • XYZ

    Except they have used metals (XRay and XIon and US variants of XMint)

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  • NK

    Why the boring matte black cover? It should have been a “glossy” black, just like the X10.

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  • evita

     none of you mention will be present in both GX and Xperia T, sorry to let you down pals

  • Dreamitwork


  • go wash ur eyes

  • they really fixed the white magic calibration :D i might just buy the gx cause its got removeable battery and cover..!

  • separated SD card slot FINALLY.

  • LuckyStar

    its a freakin beauty n a beast!

  • Nice looking phone! The bottom actually reminds me of my x10a minus the hardware buttons.
    As nice as this phone is though, I don’t see myself upgrading to it. I’m hoping for something big from Sony at CES 2013.

  • 15923

    how about LT29

  • good job, Sony. can’t wait to see Apple and Sony war in terms of design and innovations

  • Simao_lucio

    How do you know?

  • King-james

    exactly bro! usb port on the bottom! and hardware buttons always right side include the power button! very good position!

  • King-james

    the ion still looking better! :P

  • ankitw

    I love sony phones.. but thats one ugly looking device !!

  • naathaanS

    again people who thinks that the screen is bad before they even see it in real life

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  • Jiakushi


  • FlowXT

    Also, the Sony logo on the acro S looks better and more striking than on the Xperia T, where it’s just too small.

  • doraemonboi

    I was hopping for the Sony branding to be able to glow. Like some of their bravia tv.  It will very sexy.

  • megane198

    Great. It does not have a plastic chrome like the xperia arc. My arc looks ugly whenever I look at the faded chrome part.

  • Turu

     Indeed. It’s glad to know im not only one to feel this device’s cover has arc design on it. Now I need one by one comparison for GX and this before deciding which I gonna get.

  • Dead_dreamz

    besides the design, whats the difference between the hayabusa and this (mint)? Both has dual core s4 chips,13mp camera,1gb ram, 1080p recording..

  • I believe the position of the USB port is for the docking purpose.

  • AFAIK this is just the international version of the Hayabusa. No idea why they keep making different designs for different markets… You would think it’s a very expensive method. The same with all the different phone designs from them in general, actually.

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  • Guest

    Hayabusa is lt29i, Mint is lt30p, not likely to be the international variant if the number is different.  Usually it is just the suffix.

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  • the spec same as xperia s, prefer buy xperia s because i’m sure xperia s more cheap than this phone..well, sony just keep developing new phone in same spec just little bit change on design..why sony always has problems on their phone especially on xperia 2011 and xperia 2012..

  • Pleitti

    its kinda ugly , hayabusa is more attractive than this …. :/

  • I really don’t see the difference between Xperia T and Xperia GX only the screen size and the sealed battery … everything else had the same specs as Xperia GX …. i really wish that Sony would add a new feature to Xperia T to set the difference between them.. not only in appearance which doesn’t make that difference … and i’m really wondering when Sony will use OLED screens on their devices since they made a partnership with AU Optronics (AUO) i’m really waiting for that device from Sony and i’m putting my hope on 2013 where Sony devices will be Pure made by Sony …

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  • Pollo

    It’s not superior buddy.. It’s just more versatile…

  • Guest


  • jxPerience

     ok i got the point but where the hell is the dock for xperia s, u, sola, xperia go and neo l? nothing right? if they do not support docking for the handsets so they should put the charging and usb port on the bottom because it is very difficult to hold the phone while charging or connected to pc if it is located in the upper, lower, middle right/left side of the phone.

  • No, the chipset in the mint is S4, which is much faster than S3 which the Xperia S has. S3 is quite old actually and S4 is about par with top phones like GS3.. slower in video graphics, but faster in everything else IIRC.

  • Feanor

    I agree. This is not iconic enough or expensive looking as a real flagship should be. A bigger version of the P would be the correct design for this.

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  • snoopy85

    how can Sony assume a poor plasticky rubbery thick design like this ? Xperia S looks so sleek. are they aware iPhone 5 will come out this year ? This 2010 look belongs to a bin. hope this is a fake !!

  • yike

  • Xruu

    Its all about the grip feel, unless you don’t mind having the same drops you have with the X10 i’m just fine, tho quite rare in most cases but X10 black back is not exactly glossy, unless you are talking about the white then yes. anyways my point is they are making this design call based on hand grip and feel :) much like the x10. and if you dont like matte go for the other colours, they are glossy…

  • Xruu

    Google is your friend

  • Xruu

    GOD.. I AM STILL USING AN X10! BELIEVE ME, ITS STILL RUNNING JUST FINE, ALBIET A FEW EXTERNAL DINGS from my drops (clumsy hands). IF you think X10 is crappy, Sorry i gotta disagree with you there, a proud owner of X10 :) just wondering tho, what in the world did you use yours for anyway? hammer nails or something?

  • xruu

    Obviously not an Xperia Arc fan…. please if you hate it go back to ion or something and have your hand feel like holding the iPhone… This is ergonomics man! i don’t see any problem using either one lol

  • laci_csk

    I have Android 4.3 running now in my Xperia T and maybe kitkat, how about your Xperia S ? LOL

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