Xperia SX unboxing; sized up against the Xperia GX

by XB on 10th August 2012

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Following the release of the Sony Xperia SX in Japan earlier today, we didn’t have to wait too long to come across the first unboxing video. There’s nothing too exciting in the box, but we have to say this looks like a very stylish phone.

The Xperia SX is compared against the Sony Xperia GX which makes the latter look very big. The Xperia SX is the spiritual successor to the Xperia ray in our eyes with its exquisite sleek design and uncompromised specs. We just hope that Sony Mobile has some equivalent planned for western markets in the pipeline.

  • Emedex

    King and Queen of mobile phones for Sony fans !! Now we expect international versions even for SX.Go Sony !!!

  • jxPerience

    wow, i really like SX, i noticed that the built quality is using a glossy plastic similar to all 2011 series. :(

    i hope it is made by matte finish similar to XPERIA NXT Series..

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, what happend? Why do they use the Sony Ericsson type of boxes? lol 

  • Coollead

    The black phone is matte finish, the orange, pink and white phones are glossy. 

  • Coollead

    As for a bit of trivia, the SX, like the Ray, was designed exclusively by the team in Japan, which may explain why there were no leaks until it was announced.

  • roeshak

    These phones are too Sony Ericssonish for my liking. Too stylish and very effeminate. The bold nondescript design of the Xperia S especially in black strikes the right note and looks more Sonyish. On its side it looks like a mini Sony tv. Gone is the quintessential Ericsson chrome banding and thank God too. I hope Sony once they’ve got out all these Ericsson designs out of their system, use the nxt line as a template going forward.

  • J3t

    What happened to silver phones? You used to be able to get every Sony (Ericsson) phone in silver. Now all they have is black, white or some sort of pink.  A silver SX or GX would be very stylish imo.

  • More than likely just the left over from contracts with older box suppliers.

  • Jerry Berglund

    That i do not hope… To be honest. I might buy a Sony once more, if it still feels like a Sony Ericsson. If not, then I might choose something els. But I said might…  If Sony does something better, than maybe. 

  • Ohred_hk

    Consider the Arco S there is still hope. but that would be six months later. Honestly I would like to try the orange color.

  • blurb8

    I hope the strip at the bottom acts as a notification light, simmilar to the ray. One of the best features imo!

  • roeshak

    Because these are Ericsson designs. Sony got theirs out first with nxtl line, ion, and go.
    Take it from me, nxt line will give the template for Sony mobile going forward. That’s why the have the tag next generation.

  • InspectorGadget80

    I love the orange one! Sleek smalls sexy

  • Fraulein

    First of all, it’s still essentially the same company, it’s just owned by Sony instead of Sony and Ericsson together. Second, you won’t see any phones until at least the second half of 2013 that started development after the name change.

  • yike

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