Xperia GX and Xperia SX get root

by XB on 14th August 2012

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As with any new phone release, there is always a clamour to get the phone rooted as quickly as possible so that users can customise it exactly how they want. Well Japanese users of the Sony Xperia GX and Xperia SX didn’t have to wait long at all, as root methods for both phones have already been posted. The root process looks a bit complex to us, but the full method can be found at the link below.

Xperia GX rooted

Xperia SX rooted

Via Xperia-Freaks.

  • Rammstone

    No word on when/if GX is hitting Europe?

  • Ambroos

    If: probably yes. When: most likely we’ll hear at IFA later this month!

  • Rammstone

    Cool. I hope it will be this fall. I love my Xperia S, but the on-screen buttons and bigger screen is very tempting on the GX

  • Tohar Lalua

    Why people have to wait for IFA to be over to get Xperia SL when its just a minor unoticable change over Xperia S…this is unwanting!!!

  • The GX will not be available in European and the US market. The Xperia T will be available in Europe. 

  • Sony im begging you, PLEASE RELEASE THE XPERIA SX WORLDWIDE!! :)

  • dereknobuyuki

    Incidentally, I’ve finally been able to upload 94 full size images from the Xperia GX but don’t think I will be rooting in the short term since I’d worry that some carrier video streaming services might suddenly stop getting DRM licenses properly

    Xperia GX early images:

    Basically, the camera is quite decent for a mobile phone and is really really fast.It will at times tell me it is “backlighting” my images.
    I doubt it’s the new stacked sensor.At times there’s a lot of noise but other times are okay.There are tons of settings but all the photos (except for 1 panorama) were taken with all default/auto settings (the most typically use scenario for users taking photos).
    Again, the camera is decent… but photo people will still want to process and touch up/tweak/adjust their photos.
    If you are unable to download the full size images, then let me know.

  • yike

  • Frank

    I live in Thailand and already owned Xperia GX – NTT docomo SO-04D (Unlocked – SIM Free) about a week. Recently, the phone has firmware as 4.0.4 / 7.0.D.1.117.
    I connected the GX with notework last night and launch SONY UPDATE SERVICE and found F/W update available.
    Is it SAFE to update F/W from where I lived (Bangkok, THAILAND) while the GX – NTT docomo belongs to solely Japanese market. Is there any conflict ?? or making my Xperia GX … BRICK !!!

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